That’s right, “NO APPS”, I do not use any fokking app. I use my own IQ. I lived without them in the Flower Power era, I live without them in the current Skateboard Hoodie period.

Shit Going On

For as long as mankind has to turn the knob of the tap to the left in order to get more water, but to turn the knob of the amplifier to the right to get more sound, this whole world logically sucks!

Article of the month: Read now The lies around the Jewish Holocaust. LEES OOK DE HOLLANDSE VERSIE!: De leugens rondom de Joodse Holocaust.

Article of the year: The Error In The Photographer Rule Of Third(s). You are a photographer and you think you know all about the rule of thirds. You are being fooled! Here is the REAL “rule” . . .

I have closed my paperback account at CreateSpace/Amazon because those stigmatic assholes do not facilitate proper pseudonym management leading to their mafia style suppression of my work under pseudo without any notice.

So now I am moving all my paperbacks to another publishing and sales platform, far away from the imbecile autistic Trumpian USA. This will take all year 2018 because everything needs to be redone, such as physical dimensions, cover, content layout, ISBN, categorizing, catalog, central bookstores, sales channels, libraries, taxes, admin, website, media, and what have you WTF.

Therefore all paperback sales links to idiot CreateSpace/Amazon have been removed from this website. As Kindle is related with CreateSpace/Amazon, I will also remove this year all my Kindle ebooks from them and reproduce my ebooks into epub format for sales through EU channels for the mobile device market and not for the Kindle.

Thank you for understanding.