00 – Introducing The Book


For those of you who are not familiar with my writings, I am a reformer within the Church of Scientology who is dedicated to making the technology broadly available and further extending the research into the human mind and spirit.

Since this puts me at odds with current management and CofS operating policies, and since they like to excommunicate and attack those who disagree with them, I post materials anonymously to the internet both to encourage reform and to work towards the aforementioned

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00 – Warnings And Advice


This is a “beta” release. It is based on a great deal of knowledge and experience and is expected to produce good results, but it is probably not perfect.

Read it, understand it, and try it, but don’t worship it.

And write up your experiences for others.

People are different. What is easy for one can be hard for another and vise versa. On the first pass through this book, some things will be too difficult and can be skipped. Other things may not run deeply enough to produce

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01 – Beginning Steps



Rather than beginning with a lot of theory, we will start with some practical drills.

The ones given here are very easy, but they should be learned well because they are useful all the way up and they may be lifesavers at times when you are in trouble because they can help you throw off mental fogginess and overwhelm.

These are “processes” which means that they are actions that are to be repeated to a specified result.

There will be more theory on the subject of “processing”

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02 – Reach And Withdraw



Now we will move on to reaching and withdrawing from things rather than simply spotting them.

But first, this seems like a good time to introduce some more of the basics of processing.

One of the biggest problems with running a process is knowing how long to continue it.

If you do not run a process long enough, you not only miss out on the gains that could have been made, you can also get your attention stuck on something that is half complete. And some processes can stir up things

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03 – Thoughts, Emotions And Attitudes



Your thoughts, emotions, and attitudes are yours to command.

We often give control of these over to other people. It can be quite interesting and is a part of living life. But it is always within your power to take back control of these and think and feel what you wish regardless of the dictates of life, society, or physics.

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04 – Subjective Processes



Up to this point, we have mainly worked with techniques that kept your attention focused externally. Even when dealing with “subjective” things such as emotions, we have used the trick of projecting them into external objects.

There is also a need to deal with subjective things directly. However, this tends to place one’s attention inward instead of outward. This presents no problem when working with a skilled practitioner. But you need to be aware of some things

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05 – Study



Studying this book does, of course, require that you have some ability to study and learn things. If your abilities in this area can be improved, then you will have an easier time of it.

5.1 Misunderstood Words

If you are confused about what the words mean, then you will get confused about what is being said and have trouble understanding it. This is very simple.

So get some good dictionaries and learn to use them if you haven’t already done so.

You don’t have to get fanatical about

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06 – Confronting The Past



Here we are going to be doing some more subjective processes and it seems like an appropriate time to mention some useful rules to follow.

Your processing will go much better if you have enough food and rest and can do the processes in a quiet and safe space with no distractions.

Avoid running subjective techniques when you are upset or disturbed unless the process is addressed directly to the upset itself. Objective techniques, such as those given in the first few chapters, can

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07 – Willingness And Accessibility



It would be too much to take all the buried reaches of the mind and open them up all at once. It would just be too overwhelming. And for this reason, the person keeps himself blocked because he knows that he would be smashed if he opened up the flood gates.

But people foolishly keep adding more and more layers of non-confronted things without ever retrieving anything from these hidden areas.

The simple solution is to release one thing at a time and gradually open up what

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08 – Communication Barriers



Any flow which has any power or potential can build up pressure or mass or charge if it is blocked and bottled up.

One of the most intimate and important flows to a spiritual being is the free flow of communication.

When it is inhibited or enforced, it can lead to protests, upsets, problems, compulsive behavior, and other ills.

But at basic the communication barriers seem to be made by choice. In other words, the person himself decides to go out of communication.

This means that

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09 – More On Communications



Now that we have knocked down some barriers to communicating freely, its time to look at the mechanics involved in communication.

In its simplest form, communication is a projection of something from a source point to a receipt point. In some respects, we could even think of all particle motion or flows of energy as being communications from one location to another.

But here we are interested in communications originated by a living being, and this has the special aspect of being

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10 – The Duplication Factor



There are two categories of duplication which we are interested in at this point.

First is being able to duplicate an action, in other words, to be able to do the same thing over again or have the same thing happen again. And second is the ability to duplicate what is being communicated or to duplicate another’s viewpoint on things.

Both of these are important, and both commonly suffer from similar ailments.

The person, having suffered from undesirable incidents, becomes

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11 – Exteriorization



This chapter might be too advanced for some beginners. It needs to be presented as early as possible because some students will bump into this area after a small amount of processing. Also, an increase in spiritual awareness at this level can rekindle hope and wash away despair. But if it is too difficult, feel free to skip it for the time being and go on to the next chapter. In that case, you should come back to this one and do it after you have done a few more chapters and feel

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12 – Help



To be helped, you need to be willing to give and receive help. But help is often abused, being used as a control mechanism and a means of dominating others.

Even when help is given freely without strings attached, it sometimes fails and the usual foolish tendency is to accumulate the weight of the failures without balancing them with the successes.

Because of the altruistic nature of true help, it is also a useful way to push through the barriers that you build up as you engage in conflicts with

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13 – Change And No Change



To get better and to become more able, you have to be willing to change.

But when things are going badly, and especially when the body is or might be hurt, a person tends to clamp down and resist changing to avoid getting worse. In other words, he tries to hold things in place. This may be appropriate to the circumstances at the time, but the person often keeps doing it afterwards, which makes it difficult for him to get better.

13.1 Objective Change

Each command is done 5 times

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14 – Protest



In the beginning, the free spirit goes out of communication on a selective basis as a matter of free choice. This is the establishment of identity. He imposes some distance and delays and barriers to his communication and perception so that he will not simply be a reflection of everybody else all at once.

Initially, these barriers are selective and he shifts them around at will. But they are barriers and as a result, he can be surprised and be presented with things that he was not aware of

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14A – Invalidation



At basic, a person can only be weakened or loose abilities by his own decision.

But he can be encouraged to make less of himself by the disparagement and criticism of others. This is invalidation. It is making less of something.

And once a person has agreed with an invalidation, it becomes to some degree a self fulfilling prophesy. Since he now believes that he is incapable, he will indeed be incapable unless something raises his confidence immensely.

To develop abilities, one must validate

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15 – Problems



When we talk about problems in processing, we are not talking about things that one solves, as in a math problem, but about persistent difficulties which remain fixed and which one can’t seem to solve.

For example, we are not talking about solving the “problem” of how to pour the concrete foundation for adding a new room to a house. That is something you handle by studying construction or hiring an engineer. Instead, we are talking about problems such as needing to add an

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16 – Must Have And Can’t Have



When you want something too much, it tends to run away from you. When you want to avoid something too strongly, it tends to seek you out.

Think of being in the water and reaching too hard for something so that you make a wave which pushes it away. And then think of pulling back from something so hard that it creates a suction which draws it to you.

It is not that you can’t like something and get it and have it, it is that you can’t crave something and cling

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17 – Must Avoid And Can’t Get Rid Of



This is the flip side of the MUST HAVE / CAN’T HAVE difficulty discussed in the previous chapter. These are the things that many people feel they MUST AVOID but can’t seem to get rid of.

When we were handling something that a person Must Have, we had to begin by wasting it to reverse the stuck flow on trying to get it. Once that is knocked out, then we run general processes of accepting and rejecting it to stabilize the person so that he doesn’t

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18 – Cause



Early on, the being can act and be at cause over things. But sometimes he regrets what he has done and inhibits himself from further action. And sometimes he becomes guilty or ashamed over what he has done and begins to withhold both his communications and himself from others. Eventually the being ends up in a state where he can’t act and cannot communicate and is holding himself tightly under control.

In this chapter we are not worried about ethics or morality or responsibility or justifications.

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19 – Overts, Motivators, And Withholds



In this late stage of our existence, we often see patterns of behavior where one person tries to harm another.

We have been playing games of conflict and domination for a long time. Even those who embrace high moral codes are often in nothing more than a temporary period of repentance rather than any true abandonment of strife as can be seen from the vigor with which they pursue the punishment of others.

A truly high sense of ethics would include the acceptance and

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20 – A Step Further Out



Here we are going to try and take a step further out of the struggle and conflict that is often the anatomy of life.

But the idea here is not to disconnect and turn your back on things but instead to move up out of the mud into higher levels of beauty and interest.

20.1 Places Where You Are Not

The process is to close your eyes and spot places where you are not. Spot many many places.

This is to some degree a trick question because in checking that you are not somewhere, you tend to

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21 – Affinity, Reality, And Communication



Affinity (or liking), Reality (or agreement), and Communication form an inter-related triangle that tends to increase or decrease as a unit. The effect is so common that Scientology refers to this as the ARC triangle.

As the ARC for something is increased, you will also find that one comes to a greater understanding of it, therefore you will also see the equation ARC = Understanding. A useful technique for teachers is to raise the student’s ARC for the subject

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23 – Trickery And False Data



– From the very beginning, we have worked very hard at tricking each other. That is really all that you can do to somebody who is in a godlike state.

In the early period, this was done mostly for fun or for the sake of a game. Later it became more serious, with trickery being used to entrap and enslave.

It was not one sided. We all did this and had it done to us and watched others tricking others as well.

This is not an easy area to handle because we have gotten very good

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24 – Suppression



There will be the occasional individual who tries to make your life miserable.

If you are in good shape, you simply handle the person and / or the situation that they are creating. Sometimes you can win enemies over or you drive them off or you just hold your own and they drop the matter eventually.

But sometimes it happens that a person is overwhelmed by an attacker, whether the attack is overt or covert. In that case your best course is often to retreat and gather your resources in a

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25 – Justifications And Responsibility



Here we are going to address various things that are concerned with compulsive action or the avoidance of action.

Especially important at this stage is to address the willingness to be responsible. This does not mean being to blame for things. It means being at cause over things.

25.1 Justification Process

When someone does things that he considers to be wrong, whether intentionally or by mistake, there is a tendency to try and justify these actions both to oneself

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26 – Repression



Sometimes a person has things that they don’t want to look at, things that they keep hidden from themselves and are afraid to find out about.

We have already approached this from the positive side by running processes to increase one’s willingness to look at things. But eventually one also has to address the action of repressing things directly.

Here we are not talking about things which you are withholding from others but things which you are trying to hide from yourself.


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27 – Keeping Yourself Moving



By this point you should have mastered quite a few techniques and have a better understanding of how to get through areas of difficulty.

As you work through various areas, some of them will come apart at such a deep level that they cease affecting you and others will simply be “cooled down” so that they are easier to handle but still come up in everyday life.

Let us take the area of problems for example. At basic, one is creating one’s own problems. The reasons

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28 – Incident Running



The being often flinches from painful incidents. Because he cannot face the contents of an incident, he will develop unpleasant and even irrational associations between factors within it. Because he is unwilling to confront things connected with the incident, there will be things which he is no longer willing to be, do, or have. And because he is unwilling to have it happen again, he will set up automatic and reactive mental machinery to protect himself and, as is often the case,

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29 – Handling Loss



According to early Dianetic theory, incidents of loss rest on incidents of pain because one first has to learn that one can be hurt before one becomes concerned that others can be hurt.

But from the perspective of an immortal spirit, the sequence has to be the exact opposite.

A godlike being who is immune to pain and force could begin to suffer loss as soon as he had decayed to the point where he could not recreate anything at will.

This might include things that he created when he was

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30 – Locations



At basic, the being is not truly located in space. But he thinks that he is and he thinks that he must only operate from the place where he believes himself to be located.

Operating in a position, and placing matter and energy in that position to identify himself and establish his ownership, he can now be hit in that position. Eventually the position is smashed and he sets up a new position to operate from.

Eventually his history consists of abandoning locations and leaving stuff behind.

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31 – Advanced Incident Running



These are more difficult areas in which is incident running is quite useful. A professional might prefer to run these things earlier, but they are a bit too difficult for self clearing until after you have had success with handling simple incidents of pain and loss.

If you are already doing very well with handling incidents and the technique seems to be in the way and unnecessary, go ahead and shift over to simple recall on the area being handled rather than holding yourself

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32 – Increasing Perception And Orientation



Once incidents of interiorization have been run out, it is safe to push harder on exteriorization drills.

As with the earlier drills of this kind, you will probably get a mixture of real perception and imagination. Don’t compare your perception to what you see with the body’s eyes and start invalidating yourself because of inaccuracies. Developing good perception happens gradually. These processes should take you a bit further along that road.


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33 – Sources And Other Advanced Mechancis



Now we are going to look a bit more at the creation of reality and other mechanics of existence.

33.1 Spotting Sources

Pick a condition or situation that you are interested in and run the following alternately:

a) spot something that might be a source for ___

b) spot something that is probably not a source for ___

Then pick another condition or situation and repeat.

Continue running this on various conditions and situations until you have a major realization.

33.2 Sources

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34 – Implants



In our long history as spiritual beings, we have frequently wanted to control each other. There have often been efforts to stop people from doing various things or to enslave people and put them to work.

Some of the advanced civilizations that have existed in the past have used very high powered conditioning to try and do these things. Sometimes it was to make people good or loyal and sometimes it was simply to make slaves.

In this universe, it is commonly done with electronic waves used to

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35 – Entry Points



Spotting the point at which you entered into a game can take some weight off of the subsequent incidents that took place within that game. Especially if you spot your own interest and desires or whatever aesthetic or interesting hook drew you into playing.

This is not actually a cure for what happened subsequently, but it gives you a way to unstick your attention from the later incidents and get a bit more exterior to the entire sequence of events.

35.1 Relationships

As a starting point,

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36 – Entry Into This Universe



You might want to consider this section to be highly speculative. Take it as a suggestion of something to be looked at rather than absolute truth.

The entry point into a universe is of importance because it undercuts the game that took place in that universe.

The entry point into the current physical universe in which we are living is especially important on this basis.

The previous universe was one of Magic, much like the fantasy and horror stories which are so popular.


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37 – Universes



This universe was founded on games of force and conflict. These can be fun, as evidenced by the popularity of various video and arcade games. But it is not fun for real living beings to be at the receiving end of these forces. And if it hurts others, it hurts the being who causes it as well because these things do kickback.

We have had these kind of games for a long time. They go back long before this universe. And they predate the time when we became the effect of our own creations and

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38 – Entities And Spiritual Fragments



This is another advanced chapter. You should not do it before working through the earlier chapters unless you have already been fooling around with these kind of things. And if this area doesn’t seem real to you, then don’t push it but leave it for later.

You, as a spirit, are capable of being in many places at once. You are capable of operating from many places at once.

In truth you are not located anywhere nor have you ever been.

We have already drilled

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39 – Energy



Now we are going to do some work on the subject of handling energy.

This universe is built on principles which involve the use of force and you need to be able to confront and handle and even create energy both to operate here and to get free of this place. As a spirit, you wouldn’t let go of it until you can recreate it at will.

You don’t want to concentrate too much on force because it can get you into too much agreement with the current universe. So do a bit of work with it here

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40 – Machinery



Now that we’ve taken a look at energy, let’s examine matter in the form of objects and also consider the combination of energy and objects which forms machinery.

40.1 Duplication

Pick an object in the room that you like at least reasonably well and which has a bit of complexity to it.

With your eyes open, mockup (visualize) a perfect duplicate of the object along side of it.

Now spot differences between the two objects, back and forth, and keep adjusting the mockup so that it comes

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41 – Bodies



At basic, a body is a symbol that the spirit uses as their playing token in a game. It is a terminal used for relaying communication and perception and action.

In the early stages of our existence, we simply wished these things in and out of existence, or left them in known positions where others could find them when they wished to contact us. We did not initially confuse ourselves with these tokens or have any limitations on projecting them as needed.

But, out of our desires to have more interesting

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42 – Objects And Infinity



Now we are going to work a bit more with objects, introducing exotic concepts like infinite mockups and so forth.

42.1 Must Not Touch

Go around the room and touch things, and as you touch each one, have the walls yell “Mustn’t Touch” at you and you let go very fast.

Then do the same thing mentally, spotting an object, reaching out and connecting to it, having the walls yell “mustn’t touch” and letting go of it rapidly.

Then repeat both of these

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43 – Advanced Concepts



43.1 Courage and Beauty

Courage was messed up very early in our history by convincing people how beautiful and glorious it was to be courageous and fight against overwhelming odds and loose.

So one tends to postulate one’s opponents as stronger when one is being courageous.

The following process should clean this up.

a) get the beauty of being courageous and losing

b) get the beauty of another being courageous and losing

c) get the beauty of being courageous and winning

d) get the

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44 – Ethics, Morality, And The Dynamics



Morality consists of trying to do what is good or right by obeying the rules of society or a particular group or a particular code of behavior and conduct.

Ethics, on the other hand, consists of attempting to do what is truly good or right in the absolute sense.

These two often come into conflict.

In the beginning, the being’s ethical sense is very high. He desires to associate with other beings and he desires to operate in an optimum manner.

But the being is

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45 – Aesthetics



Aesthetics could be described as that which differentiates art from more mundane creations.

Hubbard’s working definition was “Art is the quality of communication”.

If we are indeed balancing nothingness with a richness of creation, then making the creations more interesting and desirable is of great importance.

We might even define art as something which can sustain interest after repeated examination. As such, these would be things that one would continue to mockup by choice

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46 – The Upper Dynamics



These were mentioned in the chapter on Ethics. They are extremely important to your spiritual health as a being.

Here is the list again.

Dynamic 1 (9) : Ethics

Dynamic 2 (10): Aesthetics

Dynamic 3 (11): Construction (building things)

Dynamic 4 (12): Reason (mathematics and so forth)

Dynamic 5 (13): Variety (change)

Dynamic 6 (14): Games

Dynamic 7 (15): Understanding

Dynamic 8 (16): Creation

We have already done some work on ethics and aesthetics.

This chapter

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47 – Postulates



The being’s senior ability is to have things exist simply by postulating that they exist, or to have things happen simply by postulating that they are happening.

This is almost like wishing things into existence. But it is external rather than internal. It is not hoping for something or desiring it very very strongly. It is the actual and active projection of thought so that it becomes manifest.

To work it must be done without considerations or counter intentions and it requires responsibility

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48 – Next Steps



Even a shallow first pass through this book should have given you a firm base to stand on in your further pursuit of truth, enlightenment, and ability.

At a minimum, you should now know enough to experiment with anything safely and should be capable of evaluating various metaphysical schools and practices with some degree of judgment.

A thorough second pass through this book is highly recommended.

Scraping one layer off of the darker regions of the subconscious exposes the next layer and

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Appendix A: Notes For Professionals



Those who have trained in professional courses at the Church of Scientology (the CofS) will notice that a number of things here are contrary to what is known as “standard tech”.

The most notable is the very idea of self processing, which is contrary to the modern rules.

But this book derives primarily from the Scientology of the 1950s when self processing was not only considered acceptable but actually encouraged among people who were trained in processing. Even

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Appendix B: Correction List



This is a general correction list for use in self clearing to find errors for correction or for use as a general cleanup.

The instructions for using this are in Chapter 27.

1. Is there an ARC Break (upset)

2. Is there a Present Time Problem

3. Has a Withhold Been Missed

4. Was a process overrun

5. Was a process left incomplete

6. Was the process misunderstood

7. Was processing in an area continued past a major release point

8. Was the process un-runable or not yet ready to be run

9. Did you

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Appendix C: CofS Equivalents



There is a vague correspondence, at least as far as the topics addressed, between some chapters of the book and the current bridge used in orthodox Scientology.

If you examine these in detail, the analogy breaks down. Even chapter one uses advanced OT drills and the specific steps do not correspond.

There is no CofS equivallent for many of the processes in this book. But this list of corresponding levels will aid in relating the theory materials used in professional training.

The underlying

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Dictionary A B C D

A, affinity. (5904C08) AA, attempted abortion. (DMSMH, p. 245)

A=A=A1 . anything equals anything equals anything. This is the way the reactive mind thinks, irrationally identifying thoughts, people, objects, experiences, statements, etc., with one another where little or no similarity actually exists. (Scn AD) 2 . all differences are probably identities and all identities are different and all similarities are imaginary. We have a broad dissertation on this in Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health

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Dictionary E F G H

EARLIER SIMILAR, 1 . whenever an auditor gets a read on an item from rudiments or a prepared list it must be carried to an F/N. If you know bank structure you know it is necessary to find an earlier item if something does not release. What has been found as a read on a prepared list would F/N if it were the basic lock. So if it doesn’t F/N, then there is an earlier (or an earlier or an earlier) lock which is preventing it from F/Ning. Example: auditor asks for an earlier similar ARC Break. (HCOB 14 Mar

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Dictionary I J K L

IATROGENIC, means illness generated by doctors. An operation during which the doctor’s knife slipped, and accidentally harmed the patient might cause an iatrogenic illness or injury since the fault would have been with the surgeons. (DMSMN, p. 172)

ICDS, International Congress of Dianeticists and Scientologists. (HCOB 29 Sept 66)

IDEAL STATE, what do we mean by an ideal state. A state somebody wanted to be in over which he had full power of choice. That would be an ideal state. (SH Spec 273, 6306C12)


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Dictionary M N O P

MACHINE , 1 . an actual machine in the mind, (like ordinary machinery) constructed out of mental mass and energy, that has been made by the individual to do work for him, usually having been set up so as to come into operation automatically under certain predetermined circumstances. (Scn AD) 2 . a very special kind of circuit, and they have wheels and cogwheels and belts and barrels and steam boilers and electronic electrodes and dials and switches and meters, almost anything you can think of as a machine,

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Dictionary Q R S T

QUACK, is anyone who pretends to be something which he is not, or one who is not able to do what he claims to do, especially if he takes money for this pretense. (HCO Info Ltr 22 Sept 63) QUAD, quadruple. (HCOB 4 Apr 71-lR)

QUAD DIANETICS, Quadruple Dianetics is four flow items, Dianetic items into four flows. F-1 is flow one, something happening to self. F-2 is flow two, doing something to another. F-3 is flow three, others doing things to others. F-0 is flow zero, self doing something to self. Standard

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Dictionary U V W X Y Z

U C , Unification Congress. (HCOB 29 Sept 66) UGLINESS, 1. a disharmony of wave motion, no matter how high the wave length, is ugliness. But ugliness is also a wave, a disharmony with the wave-length of beauty but very close to it. (Scn 8-80, p. 26) 2 . u g l i n e s s is a disharmony in wave discord with theta. (Scn 8-80, p. 26)

UNBURDENING, 1. as a basic is not at once available on any chain, one usually unburdens it by running later engrams, secondaries and locks. The act of unburdening would be digging

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Updates And Notes

FreeZone America presents: ‘The Pilot’

Ref: post19.txt

Date: 9 Jan 98

subj : Super Scio Tech – Working the Self Clearing Book


I have been working through the self clearing book myself.

As I have said elsewhere, I myself could be thought of as somebody who has done a light and sloppy pass on the entire book and who is ready to do a second run through and make a thorough job of it.

Some beginners might actually need two times through the book to reach the point

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