Photography: Tallenge Scam Fraud

Since I was an active member on YouPic, a platform/medium for photographers, I repeatedly received spam messages from fake profiles (entities with false profile pic and no photos in the portfolio) who urge me to participate with Tallenge with the chance to win 500 fucking bucks.

I also received messages from legit members who warn me about the fraudulent scam that Tallenge seems to base their cyber operations on.

So then I took the investigation by myself.

Tallange’s T & C states:

“… irrevocably

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Photography: The Error In The Photographer Rule Of Third(s)

In general, photographers agree on the common idea that the rule of thirds is an essential part of photocomposition.

Well, it is, however, almost. In fact, this rule is wrong.

So let me limit the scope of this article to landscape orientation, rather than portrait orientation.

The idea is initially based on the “Golden Rule Of Proportions”, and the original formula is

x : y = y : ( x + y )

In numeric values, that translates like

5 : 8 = 8 : ( 5 + 8 )

Which means

5 : 8 = 8 : 13

Now, 5 is NOT one-third of

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Photography: Title vs Content

Most photographers simply fail with titles to their photos. They just put a description of the content into the title area. That is in my unhumble opinion just not the way to promote the photo.

It is – or should be – absolutely useless to describe the content if the content does not actually show it. It should be obvious what the photo is talking about, what is the message, what is the effect to be caused upon the viewer. If the descriptive title needs to tell what the photo is about, then the

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