Social: Action Or Inaction

Action is a powerful antidote to the stagnation of inactivity. Being creatively alive involves abandoning a position of inaction in circumstances which have traditionally immobilized you. The name of the game is action. Doing. Overcoming your inertia and acting will give you a whole new lease on being creatively alive.

Action is the single most effective antidote to depression, anxiety, stress, fear, worry, guilt, and of course, immobility. It is virtually impossible to be depressed and active at the same

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Social: Alpha Body Language

Alpha Body Language: What It Is And How To Get It

Perhaps you have been wondering why other men get more attracted glances from the opposite sexes than you when you thought that there’s nothing really that much difference between them and you especially if you’d talk about physical appearances. And because you worry too much about this concern, you probably have splurged and treat yourself to gigantic makeovers just to make sure you won’t be left behind in terms of alpha male visual appearance or even

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Social: Alpha Male

Alpha Male And Nurturing love

As alpha male if you let a woman nurture you what will happen is that it will destroy her sexual desire towards you and also her respect towards you will die sooner or later.

A woman can love basically in two ways:

– Adult Love
– Nurturing Love

Nurturing love is an instinct. As such it is stronger than her will. In a word: women are hardwired to nurture. This instinct is meant to have children grow up safely.

Nature is sometimes a bitch. Instincts are very primitive

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Social: Art Of Flirting

The Art of Flirting

Make the Right Moves

The art of flirting is not only the preserve of the rich, beautiful and exceptionally confident, nor do you have to be a wanton women or lecherous Casanova to participate. With a little bit of practice and some sound advise, flirting is available to everyone – best of all, it can be a powerful social weapon when used for good instead of evil. Did we mention it’s great fun, builds confidence, can win you lots of friends and is a playful yet sure-fire way to test

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Social: Black Magic Curse Text For African Money Scammers

We all receive scam spams by email, in particular from fraudulent assholes from Africa. They have one common denominator: They try live at the expense of someone elses wallet, by stealing money.

Those fucktards deserve to be punished. But how? Which scammer ends up in prison? No one. Which scammer faces any punishment? None. Now I have been looking into some African culture, and lo behold, I found out that they are quite sensitive to black magic.

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Social: Body Language You Should Know

Even when you don’t say a word, other people can still learn a lot about what kind of person you are and what you are thinking and feeling.

How do other people do this? By studying your body language.

The term body language refers to the messages you send out with your body gestures and facial expressions.

Some body language experts claim that only about 7% of our messages to other people are communicated through the words we speak. The rest of our messages are conveyed through our body language, tone

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Social: Can’t We All Just Get Along

Couple that with the way that many view life as a chess game, where they must out maneuver their opponent and one can see where problems creep in. Mistrust, greed, selfishness and paranoia are like weeds in our minds that we must exert conscious and constant effort to remove or risk unnecessary conflict, hurt and disappointment.

It seems that there must be some fundamental problem with human communication. Wherever you turn it is not hard to find people having an argument, a conflict or one person angry or

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Social: Child Discipline

Actively Listening to your Child

Communicating with our children can be a difficult task at times. We feel like they’re not listening to us; they feel like we’re not listening to them. Good listening and communications skills are essential to successful parenting. Your child’s feelings, views and opinions have worth, and you should make sure you take the time to sit down and listen openly and discuss them honestly.

It seems to be a natural tendency to react rather than to respond. We

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Social: Children / Divorce

How To Help Children Through Divorce

Divorce is a very hard time for everyone to deal with. It can be very hard on a person emotionally and physically as well. This is especially true for children. They have to have the proper help during this difficult time. They need to know and understand that it is not their fault and that both parents still love them very much.

Parents are going to have to work hard at putting aside their anger and hard feelings toward each other. They have to sit down and make an arrangement

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Social: Dangerous Children In A Dangerous World

Juvenile violent crime rates increased 62% from 1988 to 1993, and then declined by just 6% from 1993 through 1997, according to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). However, the rates for juvenile drug and curfew violations, sex offenses, and simple assaults have continued to increase. The greater the number of risk factors and the fewer the resiliency factors the greater the risk that a youth will commit a violent act. To prevent dangerousness in youth, we need to understand

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Social: Disease Of Your Child

How To Early Detect Disease Of Your Child

It is highly important that a mother should possess such information as will enable her to detect disease at its first appearance, and thus insure for her child timely medical assistance. This knowledge it will not be difficult for her to obtain. She has only to bear in mind what are the indications which constitute health, and she will at once see that all deviations from it must denote the presence of disorder, if not of actual disease. With these changes she must

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Social: Emotions Associated With Being Dumped

Unhealthy Emotions Associated with Being Dumped

Being dumped can be a traumatic experience for anyone. Relationships are complex and difficult at times. While some people who are dumped seem to find a way to move on without much damage, most people who are dumped have serious emotional issues. Some of the negative reactions to the difficult emotions that come out of the break up can seriously affect the way a person functions and the person’s ability to function in life. Finding a positive way to deal with

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Social: Friends Or Enemies

How to Lose Friends and Make Enemies

Over the past few years an epidemic of rudeness has swept America. Here’s how to perpetuate the disease.

1) Ignore people. Don’t return phone calls. Never answer the phone. Don’t listen when people talk to you. Talk on your cell phone when with others, especially in restaurants or other public places. Don’t acknowledge that others exist. The greatest insult that you can give someone is to ignore the person. If you excel at this skill you can skip

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Social: Generation vs Boomers

Top 7 Differences Between Generation X and Boomers

No, they’re not from Mars, but Generation Xers are dramatically different from the Boomers. Here are the top 7 difference you’re likely to see between Boomers and Xers in the workplace.

1. Their approach to authority is casual. It’s not that Xers don’t respect authority; it’s that they are unimpressed by authority. Xers grew up watching many “authority” figures fall from grace. Think Nixon, Jim Baker, and Jimmy Swaggart. Many also saw their

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Social: How To Be Nice To Your Girlfriend

It is not true that girls only like jerks.

There are many different resources available to you to tell you how to be nice to your girlfriend. Books, movies, television, the internet. But all you really need to know is…do not ever take her for granted. Always show your appreciation for having her in your life and tell her frequently that you love her.

Keep in mind that it is the little things that count the most. A foot rub for tired feet, a neck rub after a particularly stressful day, supper on the table

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Social: How to Deal With No

How to Deal With “No”

Sometimes the answer is “no.” Here’s what to do next.

No one likes rejection. And yet it happens. Here’s how to make the most of it.

> Accept It

Recognize that it is impossible for everyone to say “yes” to everything. Thus, rejection is an expected byproduct of making an offer or asking for something.

Some people make rejection part of their sales strategy. That is, they deliberately send out a flood of requests, knowing that most of them

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Social: How To Get What You Want

People communicate with each other in various ways for a lot of reasons. And one of these reasons is when you need something from someone. For people in business, this can either be in the form of products or services. You may want to sell a product while the other party must find your product useful for his intention. You may want to offer your services while the other party must be satisfied with the services you render according to his needs. In short, the way to get somebody or anybody to do what you

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Social: Human Relations

Empathy 101: Ten Commandments Of Human Relations

These ten commandments of human relations aren’t original to me, and I don’t know the source. At the same time, they don’t go out of style or out of date if you are in business. Everyone in your business must imbue their efforts with these commandments. They are required in every type of relationship be it marketing or selling to clients, providing customer support before or after the sale, working with and negotiating with vendors or your

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Social: Making Others Liking You

How To Make Others Like You

One of the basic needs of man is to feel accepted. Knowing this is the secret to establishing and maintaining great relationships with various types of people.

A number of books, articles and seminars have taken the role of educating people like you on the different ways of associating with people and building lasting relationships with them. There are several things that you can do when associating with other people.

One of these is to make them feel accepted. According to Maslow’s

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Social: Mistakes Trying A Woman’s Sexual Motor

Are You Inadvertently Making One Of These 3 Mistakes Trying To Start A Woman’s Sexual Motor?

It’s Not In Your Looks

You can have a perfect forehead, chin, smile, and even a perfect pair of dimples but none of these will start a woman’s sexual motor. You can work out at the gym all week long, week after week and look like Mr. Atlas, but you aren’t going to start a woman’s sexual motor with your muscles.

Granted, you might get her attention for a brief moment – just like any other kind of abnormality

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Social: Narcissism In The Boardroom

Narcissism in the Boardroom

The perpetrators of the recent spate of financial frauds in the USA acted with callous disregard for both their employees and shareholders – not to mention other stakeholders. Psychologists have often remote-diagnosed them as “malignant, pathological narcissists”.

Narcissists are driven by the need to uphold and maintain a false self – a concocted, grandiose, and demanding psychological construct typical of the narcissistic personality disorder. The false

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Social: Overcome Resistance To Change

The Secret To Overcoming Resistance to Change

Mahatma Gandhi stated that no one can oppress you more than you oppress yourself.

I believe this to be true, especially when it comes to change. I have witnessed people, putting up with horrible conditions rather than change. And so, it is no wonder it is considered one of the most difficult things to deal with for a business.

For many people, there is nothing more fearful. They like the comfort zone of knowing exactly how everything works and knowing where they

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Social: Parenthood And Long Hair

If they don’t cut their hair in pregnancy, many women cut their hair shorter after the baby is born. The reason, as always, is that it’s easier to deal with.

If you think about it, though, long hair may not require that much extra effort when compared to short hair. You’ll spend less time getting it cut at the salon, which can be nice when you have to fit that in around your children’s schedules. Brushing your hair only takes a little longer for well-maintaned long hair than it does

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Social: Pedophile

The Roots of Pedophilia

Pedophiles are attracted to prepubescent children and act on their sexual fantasies. It is a startling fact that the etiology of this paraphilia is unknown. Pedophiles comes from all walks of life and have no common socio-economic background. Contrary to media-propagated myths, most of them had not been sexually abused in childhood and the vast majority of pedophiles are also drawn to adults of the opposite sex (are heterosexuals).

Only a few belong to the Exclusive Type – the

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Social: Phobia

The Social Killer

Social anxiety disorder, also known as social phobia, is a kind of mental disorder where the sufferer experiences a severe or unreasonable fear of social gatherings where there is a possibility that one may get embarrassed or ridiculed. Most of the time, these anxieties arise from an intense fear of being closely watched or scrutinized. This kind of phobia gives sufferers a feeling of being trapped or shut away from the world.

Scared to go out to a meeting to speak to a client? Need to

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Social: Positive During Divorce

How To Keep Positive During A Divorce

If you are someone that is facing a divorce, you may be feeling very depressed or emotionally in distress. These feelings are very normal. You cannot predict what is going to happen when you get married. Some marriages work and others do not. It is important to understand that this is not the end of the world and things like this happen all the time.

You are not a bad person because you are getting a divorce. If you and your spouse cannot longer get along, there is no reason

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Social: Prevent Your Teenager From Becoming A Statistic

Did you know that here in Great Britain we have the highest rate of teenage pregnancy, in the Western World. It is a growing concern for parents as the British Government is obviously failing our children by not educating them better in school! Parents we have to intervene now, before our teenagers become another statistic.

Parents please don’t be naive in thinking that your teenager is not having sex, the majority of teenagers are. We have to better educate our children on the risks of unprotected sex.

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Social: Problems

How To Learn To Solve Your Problems

How much percentage in a class of 30 students would agree to you that Mathematics is a great subject? You might answer “around 10 to 35%” and that is all. True, most kids today are not thrilled to solve Mathematical equations not because they do not know the processes involved, but because of the lack of interest in it.

In a similar way, our daily activities do not mean 100% joy and 0% problems. At times, we have more problems than joy. Fortunately, some individual are

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Social: Professional Ethics

Professional Ethics

You have always dreamed of a good career, but when it comes to vital decision that needs to be made we start thinking over every step. This article will help you to realize how much a professional you are.

There are many professions in the world that require strong will, stamina and courage to get occupied. Thousands of policemen, doctors, firemen, rescue teams save people every minute. Graduating form the University and mastering one of the professions mentioned above you think only about

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Social: Racism

There is a lot of hatred in this world. On the morning of September 11, 2001, the world witnessed the terrible repercussions of such hatred. By preaching sheer hatred you are only adding fuel to the fires that burn in a world already filled with hatred and violence.

Most of us are waiting for the world to come together in peace. We may never reach that and it may seem like a farfetched dream, but together we must find the means. We must create a safe and secure environment for our children and our children’s

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Social: Smile Power

Have you ever noticed how the word smile assumes the position of a smile on your face right after it has been pronounced?

The same is true with a grin or a grouch.

Much of the words in the English language or perhaps in other languages of the world assume the facial expressions of the person pronouncing them. Perhaps this is how words came into existence.

What kind of difference can a smile make? In spite of its simplicity and spontaneity, a smile can make all the difference. It creates an atmosphere.


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Social: Teenage Relationship Abuse

Teenage Relationship Abuse – Dont Let It Happen To Your Teen

When it comes to an abusive relationship, the abuse can be manifested in many ways. We often think only of physical or sexual abuse, but in reality things such as ‘teasing’ and mocking someone and constantly undermining a persons worth can also be classified as abusive. When it comes to identifying signs of teenage relationship abuse it’s even more important, as a parent, that we know what to be on the lookout for.


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Social: The Word “Love” Overused

The Word “Love” is Overused in Todays Society.

The word “love” is used in many different situations. The word is defined as an extreme affection towards someone or something; however this is not the case in which it is used by most.

People tend to use the word just the same as any other. No actual meaning to it — it seems that whenever someone says “I love you” they don’t actually mean it. The meaning I LOVE YOU has now shrunk to a simple I love you. It has lost

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Social: Turning Strangers Into Friends

Do you find it easy to make conversation with new people you’ve just met? Or does the thought of trying to make conversation with someone new make you break out in a cold sweat?

If you don’t feel comfortable making casual conversation with new people you have just met, you will find it harder to make new friends. You will also find it more difficult to fit in at your work place.

One of the most common reasons that people have difficulty making conversation with someone they don’t know very

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Social: Use Affirmation Properly

How To Use Affirmation Properly

“I am, therefore I exist,” is a phrase affirming one’s existence as a being. It may be a simple phrase, but it says everything about the being saying them. It indicates a confidence not commonly found among other beings.

But why do people need affirmation? Why do beings need to be affirmed? Is existence relative to one’s affirmation?

Affirmation is a very powerful technique to empower one’s subconscious. Once the subconscious is disciplined to believe one’s affirmation,

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Social: Using A Private Tutor With Your Child

Your child’s school activity is falling behind other classmates, his/her grades aren’t high anymore, or your child is just not coping with teachers’ requirements. All these represent valid reasons for you to get a private tutor for the child. The private tutor will help your child with difficult homework assignments, will explain him/her different concepts or ideas, and will teach him how to study efficiently for tests.

If you hadn’t had a private tutor for your child before, it would

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Social: Why Men Dump Women

Why Do Men Dump Women Here Are The Top Three Reasons Why

It is such a sad moment when a relationship ends and when a woman is dumped she will feel sad, angry and rejected. It is a very discouraging time in a woman’s life to be dumped by the person she so deeply loves. Being dumped will leave behind a feeling of pain and confusion, especially if it was unexpected.

At one time it seemed that it was always the woman that dumped the man, but I think the tables have turned and now men are doing their fair

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Social: Workplace Violence

The Point Of No Return: The Roots Of Workplace Violence

Social anxiety is an ever-increasing problem, especially with Internet technology making it easier and easier to talk to someone that you’ll likely never, ever see face-to-face. This has resulted in people that are better adjusted to social situations where they will not be hindered by their social anxiety. While social anxiety is a major problem, particularly because quite a bit of professional success in today’s world requires a bit of

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Social: You Too Busy for Friendship

If you currently feel that you don’t have enough friends in your life, one reason may be that you have let yourself become too busy to make time for the relationships you already have.

Nurturing and maintaining friendships requires effort and commitment. Many of us let our lives become so busy with work and other commitments that we don’t get around to scheduling time for pleasure and renewal with the friends, relatives and acquaintances we already have.

Making the effort to call your friends

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