Management: Statement Of Work – Guidelines

Insert COMPANY’s resources needed for this project, if known, (e.g., MySQL programmers).
Insert Customer’s resources needed for this project, if known, (e.g., Subject Matter Experts).

Define specifically and clearly what is being delivered. This should mirror what is stated in Section 1.0 Project Scope but should provide more details about only the deliverables. If this SOW is for a defined Solution, use the appropriate Solution SOW template to define the Deliverables.
This section must include not only a description of the Deliverables, but milestones for completion, acceptance testing, and payment. Use – and reference – all need to be complete and consistent with one another. If services are to be performed on a time and material basis, state the hourly rates and any other pertinent details.
You must identify any specific items of the Deliverables in which the customer will retain ownership of copyrights as “Custom Deliverables.” Identify these items in detail, indicating module names and version numbers if applicable, and stating whether the ownership extends to source and object code, or to object code only. If the Customer has the right to sublicense or distribute the Deliverables to third parties (which should be the exception, not the rule), state so here. If there are no Custom Deliverables, include the following line: “Custom Deliverables: None.”
Insert the total price. Different payment schedule if appropriate, but be aware of the revenue recognition implications of any changed payment structure. In lieu of stating the amount due, you can attach a Sales and Order record to this Statement of Work and fill in this blank. In any event, it is necessary to have a detailed schedule of when billings will occur – it is acceptable to refer to payment milestones identified.
Note: It will not be possible to recognize revenue for the project until the expiration of this two week period, unless the Customer waives the evaluation period in writing.
Your Name
Project Name
The following constitutes the Statement of Work between COMPANY Corporation (” COMPANY”) and You (“Your name in shortened format”) for contractual services provided to You for the Project Name, and supplements (a) the Master (or “Universal”) Agreement between the parties dated “Master Agreement”), and (b) the Professional Services Addendum between the parties dated (“Addendum”). Neither COMPANY, nor those acting on its behalf, will be liable for any decisions made by You or those acting on your behalf in the development of any systems, products, or software solutions, unless COMPANY accepts such decision in writing.
This document contains details of the plan
2.0 TERM
Service delivery will begin on , 20__, (“Start Date”) and is currently estimated to be completed by , 20__, (“End Date”). The Start Date and/or End Date may be delayed due to delays in executing this Statement of Work, availability of required hardware and software, availability of your personnel, or changes to the Project Scope or functional specification. In addition to schedule changes, changes in the Project Scope or functional specification may result in additional charges.
3.1 COMPANY Project Manager – COMPANY will appoint a Project Manager who will be responsible for overall management of COMPANY’s (and COMPANY’s contractors, if any) portion of the project. The Project Manager will work with COMPANY and your personnel to perform project reviews, work with representatives of COMPANY and You to accomplish the tasks outlined in this Statement of Work, manage day-to-day project activities, and serve as COMPANY’s single point of contact with respect to interfacing with You.
3.2 Your Project Manager – You will designate a Project Manager who will be regularly available to meet with You and COMPANY personnel on matters pertaining to this project. This individual will procure, manage and direct your resources as requested by the COMPANY Project Manager and as defined in this Statement of Work. Your Project Manager will serve as your single point of contact when interfacing with COMPANY regarding the project described by this Statement of Work.
3.3 COMPANY Resources – COMPANY will, in its sole discretion, determine the number of personnel, and the appropriate skill sets, necessary to complete this project. COMPANY has identified the following initial resource levels for this project, such levels are subject to change by COMPANY:
3.4 Your Resources – You agrees to appoint the following resources to this Project. You acknowledge that these resources are necessary if the project is to be completed in the time, and for the price, established in this Statement of Work.
4.1 COMPANY will perform the services as described in this Statement of Work and its attachments, if any.
4.2 COMPANY will conduct Project Updates with You as defined in Exhibit A, “Project Update/Communications.”
4.3 COMPANY will assign a Project Manager, allocate appropriate resources, and use all commercially reasonable efforts to avoid delay in the schedule.
5.1 You will provide COMPANY personnel and third party vendors with safe and reasonable access, working space and facilities, including heat, light, ventilation, electric current and outlets, and local telephone extensions.
5.2 You will provide access to your network(s) and system(s), as necessary, to allow COMPANY to perform the contracted Services.
5.3 You will assign a Project Manager, allocate appropriate resources, and use all commercially reasonable efforts to avoid delay in the schedule.
The following item(s) will be delivered to You under this Statement of Work:
7.1 The price for products and services to be provided by COMPANY under this Statement of Work will be .
7.2 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, COMPANY will invoice you at the completion of each milestone identified. Charges for services performed on a time and material basis will be invoiced monthly. You will pay all invoices in accordance with the Master Agreement.
8.1 The Change Control Process governs changes to the project scope during the life of the project. The purpose of this process is to standardize and optimize the evaluation, testing, and installation of new features and functionality during the project. The process will apply to new components and to enhancements of existing components. The Change Control Process will commence at the start of the project and will continue throughout the project’s duration. Additional procedures and responsibilities may be outlined by the Project Manager, mutually accepted by both the COMPANY and your Project Manager, and included in the baseline project plan.
8.2 A Change Request will be the vehicle for communicating any desired changes to the project. It will describe the change, the reason for the change, and the effect the change may have on the project. The Project Manager of the requesting party will submit a written Change Request to the Project Manager for the other party. The other party will formulate an initial response substantially in the form of Exhibit B-2.
8.3 Both COMPANY and You will review the proposed Change Request and approve it for further study or reject it. The costs for the study, if any, will be agreed upon by both COMPANY and You. If the study is agreed to, both COMPANY and You will sign the Change Request as defined in Exhibit B attached hereto. This approves only the study and its related costs. The results of the study will be used to determine the effect that the implementation of the Change Request will have on the cost and schedule of the project.
8.4 Both COMPANY and You must sign the approval portion of the Change Request to authorize the implementation of any change that affects the Project’s scope, schedule, or price.
9.1 Prior to COMPANY delivering services under this Statement of Work, your Project Manager must approve acceptance criteria and testing procedures (“Acceptance Criteria”) which will govern both parties. If payment is to be made as agreed-upon milestones are reached, the Acceptance Criteria will include criteria and procedures applicable to each milestone. If services are being provided on a time and material basis, no Acceptance Criteria shall apply, and the services shall be deemed accepted when performed.
9.2 Deliverables will be considered accepted when each of the objectives in the Acceptance Criteria has been met. Your Project Manager will complete an acceptance form for either interim Milestones or project completion, as appropriate.
9.3 An evaluation period of up to two (2) weeks may be utilized for review and final acceptance of the Deliverables. Deliverables will be considered accepted if You do not reject them prior to the expiration of this period.
This Statement of Work, together with its exhibits, the Addendum, and the Master Agreement, states all of the rights and responsibilities of, and supersedes all prior oral and written communications, between COMPANY and You regarding this project. In the event of any conflict, the order of precedence shall be (a) exhibits to this Statement of Work; (b) this Statement of Work; (c) the Addendum, and (d) the Master Agreement.
Agreed and Accepted:
You COMPANY Corporation
By: By:
Printed: Printed:
Title: Title:
Date: Date:
COMPANY and You acknowledge that regular communication among and between the Parties is essential to the Project’s successful completion. The Parties agree that, in addition to normal, day-to-day communication, Project Updates will be held:
twice weekly (insert days of week meetings will be held on
weekly, every (insert day of week for regular update)
bi-weekly, every other (insert day of week for regular update)
at: insert start time of regular update
via: on-site meeting held at (insert location)
teleconference, which will be initiated by
Expected duration is hours/minutes. Both COMPANY’s and your Project Managers will determine who will participate in regular project updates.
The COMPANY Project Manager will issue minutes of the Project Updates. The minutes will include: attendee list, status of previously opened items, list of new items including person(s) responsible for resolution, and summary of the project’s overall status. Other items will be added as appropriate.
Other meetings, correspondence, etc., will occur as necessary. The regular Project Update is not intended to eliminate or replace any other forms of communication between the Parties.