Prosperity: 06 Conclusion

This book is written with the view to allow you to discern the innate latent powers that lie dormant within each and everyone of us.

Opportunity seekers cannot really afford to ‘chose and pick’, but rather they should learn to capitalize on every bit of chance that is afforded to them.

As a seeker avail yourself to opportunities that have the potential to become indispensable gateway to success – it is all about taking calculated, controlled, measured and an informed risk.

Wealthy individuals have created their own career because they are true believers of success.

These are individuals who cannot stop until they achieve success. They become rebellious fighters only to earn their unflinching goal – they are disciplined warriors wielding their weapons of truth, honesty, sincerity, compassion, determination, power, principles, righteousness, wisdom, faith, self-belief, creativity, fortitude and prowess to reach heights par excellence.

Life functions strictly according to the natures incorrigible laws. The reason for this is to establish efficiency, and within the ambit of law, the rational intellect in man can be developed to a greater efficiency.

You are wealthy already, however due to the lack of understanding your powerful innate qualities, these attributes lying in abundance have not found the dynamism to express and manifest.

Finally do not take life too seriously. Life is a journey made possible for us all, and if we are willing to give ourselves the opportunity to grow, then life can be so wonderful an experience. It is most entertaining, especially when one follows its governing principles religiously.

Be happy at all times, when difficulties arise, laugh at them, and employ the dynamic willpower within you to fight them off. As mentioned elsewhere, the body and especially the mind is truly an amazing instrument we have.

State of complete tranquility is possible and there is mounting proof to establish the greatness achieved by common people throughout history – it is time that you employ the powers of your mind to achieve your desire(s).