01 – In The Beginning

This is no fiction. The following 26 files are real and unaltered. Whether the story may seem unbelievable is not the point. Point is that there are things going on that you’d normally close your eyes for, even though they appear right in your face.

Now, follow me in this short journey that has in fact a long track record.

The OpMan Files is the complete series of messages that I received from an Operative, alias OpMan, of a faction that is nicknamed OpMen. undercover at the FTB in California. I left out the questions that I asked to OpMan, just leaving the answers.

The reason of this publication, without OpMan’s express permission, is because I want you to know why your life may not be safe. And OpMan’s original words explain that in a better way than I would ever interpret. After, OpMan disappeared for a while, and to this day I haven’t heard from him ever since.

It started in Fall 1998. I got contacted by OpMan, initially with the idea that I was offered some more insight in the subject of Aliens and UFOs. One year later it became clear that the contact was setup in order to find out whether or not I would be a direct threat to the OpMen. And if so, I would have to be killed.

A bit odd, as I only filmed some UFOs 5 years back in 1993 which does not make me an expert in alien technologies or secret operations.

Again a year later, end of 2001, I got contacted once more by OpMan, who assured me that instead of me another man got killed.

It is not for that reason that I consider OpMan as a good friend. I value him in particular for having opened my eyes in a way other than I viewed the world before.

I did not hear from OpMan anymore. I never knew exactly who he was, but since the WTC crash, a lot of things became clear. I hope he has found the time and space to enjoy the more wonderful things in life.

Hello George you dont know me but I am a current employee of the state of california as is evident by my email address. I have some information about the “UFOs” you have seen and somehow managed to capture on film. If you are intrested reply promtly and I will grant you a brief glimpse of information about the the said subject. You must realize that there will be a price for this information and I am not talking money. If you reply your life will no longer mean what you think it does and you will see and hear things that will answer every question you have ever asked. Dont show or speak of this to anybody.

Well George all the answers lie within the “blue water” which this nation has in its possession however it is indeed foreign in one way or another. Most of the people who look at these phenomena and ask questions look erroneously into places like Area 51 and NASA for answers. While Area 51 and even Area 76 here in California are testing grounds for top secret and super secret aircraft, they are far from what you would call extraterrestrial. Most of these aircraft, I believe, are kept somewhere in Alaska or Colorado where I believe they are launched although I have only heard rumors about this. What I do know is that pieces of these crafts are regularly brought to and from the Jet Propulsion laboratories which has unlocked most of their secrets including the main material used in building them. I have never seen an extraterrestrial I have seen a lot more then that. I am tired of writing if you have any questions as there are certainly many send me a list and I will answer as many as possible.

The “blue water” is not really water George but the name given to the material that allows these craft to travel in the manner that they do and is the reason they have the appearance that they do.The “blue water” is a grouping of tachyons held together by the nuclear strong force that is one of the four basic forces that exist in our universe the ship itself contains a series of modified nuclear reactors which when initiated create the tachyon shell this shell protects the ship with in which is not a saucer but a sphere and only when it is in motion and the shell is flattened into a saucer shape does it look like a disk the shell allows the ship to pass through the light barrier which it can attain by regulating its own mass and seemingly pulling space to it instead of pushing its way through space how you drive it I’m not sure I have never seen the controls however humans can pilot them more effectively, I am told, then the extraterrestrials. I don’t believe the ETs are here for the water and I am almost positive they have nothing to do with the pyramids now however at one time they may have had a hand in their creation but I would seriously doubt that also. The primary materials used in creating these ships is just basic plutonium ionized and most of the circuitry is composed of gold making it almost impossible to mass produce these on Earth even the ETs have serious trouble in creating new ships I have heard that the ships we see today are the same ones they have been using since what we would refer to as 20000 BCE at least. “Conventional” energy and transportation industries have no stake in any of this and are truly un aware of it all. There is a government that is a worldly government how much power it actually has I am beginning to wonder myself as a result of some of the horrors I have witnessed recently. There is no weapon that can affect the weather in any way and we in no way can control the planet. That is one lesson we both have learned over the years both them and us; they more then us. About the communication; they cant speak in the way we do however they are aware of every language spoken on Earth as they have been watching for a long time. They communicate to us through what’s basically a keyboard that can convert words into speech if necessary or we can just read what they had to say. We cant communicate their language in the way they do because of the bizarre way they communicate with a mixture of high amp sounds and olfactory stimulus. We all work for that “other” government by the way we just have to realize this and ask ourselves how and wonder what our role is. The time and space thing bores me and I don’t really have an answer to that but I’m pretty sure Einstein got it right. I seriously doubt the aliens saw you and they definitely were not recording it I am under the impression that they have objectives and they never go for joy rides or sight seeing. You say you want to know what questions to ask. well you’ve already asked them; what price will you have to pay and why did I come to you? those are the most important questions we will all ask.