02 – Extra Terrestials

Hello George first and foremost I am not at this time inclined to tell you of the horrors that I have seen. Now about what I am willing to talk about. Why they are here and why they have been coming here for so long. In the “culture” that I have grown up in it is common knowledge why the ETs keep coming. The Ets believe in a omnipotent being similar to the Judeo Christian God almost unbelievably similar. They come here for what are in effect religious rituals that they do with human beings. They are strongly influenced by this “religion” and we are a large part of it. As far as Jesus is concerned, he was definitely not an ET. The ETs actually believe he was the son of their God which they believe is the same as the God that created us and in fact in their recorded history some of them have claimed to have met him however I seriously doubt that fact. They also come here to perform genetic tests to try and understand why we are so similar to them (two arms, two legs,two eyes, etc) well when you break us down into chromosomes we begin to see within the first chromosome we see no difference in fact even the ACF7 (actin-crosslinking protein is intact) it is not until we move on to the second chromosome that we begin to notice a difference in our genetic make-up first off they have no AHHR (aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase regulator) gene or the AOX1 (aldehyde oxidase 1) gene and while they do have the AUP1 (ancient ubiquitous protein1) located within us at 2p13-2p13 and the PI7 (protein inhibitor) gene they are slightly modified and the RPS7 (ribismol protein S7) is there but it is almost unrecognizable at first glance because it is so different. there are many differences within our genes and if you would like a more detailed list I could make one up for you however I’m only telling you this as a little background information that helps explain why we are so similar. The tests they do on these people are truly horrendous and is the main reason we aren’t more friendly also the religious rituals are not exactly what we would like to see are people do. They also perform tests on our animal and plant life. On their planet I have been told that they have no other species that could be considered an animal. It is odd that they would be the only ones on that planet however a very good theory on why this is has been postulated that everyone in “the culture” believe to be true. They have these ships that are far superior to anything they have since created; the actual technology that they have attained is somewhat pathetic. They believe they are outcasts put onto that planet a long time ago long before they began to record their history. Put their by whom is what they are in constant search of and why. They are very lonely beings they have extreme emotions as far as fear and anxiety are concerned they have never been known to have any kind of courage they do have a high sense of joy and it is that which probably is the reason why they keep searching because they find each new revelation so exiting. The “other” government really only wants one thing, a one government world; a goal they have had for over a thousand years. They do most of the communication between us and the ETs however some world governments such as the United States, Britain, Russia, and Japan are aware of them. All the craft that have been confiscated by humans have been as a result not from crashes but as military hits by fed up governments as the ETs continue to break pacts that they have made; they don’t understand the idea of treaties. The only possible crash may have been the famous Roswell incident as we did not have the technology then to shoot one down however as the craft are highly stable and almost perfect creations I highly doubt that it happened. I am unsure whether the type of engine their ship uses denies free energy. The technology we have attained is all human ingenuity; we have taken nothing from them in fact they have very little that we would want other then of course the crafts that they probably didn’t build in
the first place and due to a sever lack of resources on their planet could not today build properly. Give humans some credit in all actuality we are superior being to them; we are younger then them therefore we are the new model. They are not able to take human form in any way. They can clone humans but so can we so its no revelation. They are hermaphrodites in effect. At a certain age they just get pregnant its just a part of aging to them. They have babies in a way similar to human women and most of them have two offspring. They don’t have sex however they force humans to perform such acts for observation. The moon is exactly as it appears; a lifeless rock orbiting our planet. Americans have landed there and the Russians were commanded not to and they obeyed. Why? I’m not sure of I think they were plotting a voyage to mars but that too was killed by the “culture”. Our planet is made up of a molten core with magma and all surrounded by a crust. Sorry no tiny stars. The tunnel system has some bearing though. Over the years I have heard rumors that their is a tunnel society made up of some kind of beings however no-one I know knows anything about that. So its probably false. Their are some humans that live a suprisingly long time due to certain genetic engineering done on them by the aliens. Most of these people are employed by the ETs as spies, murderers, MIB, etc. All I will say is that the ET home planet is not in our solar system. Crop circles are all made by humans. I never said they invaded us. They have only observed and used us for rituals. The seeing of the craft has always happened however it was usually dismissed by the “other” government which is older then you may think. Before that though they were probably called dragons or griffins, something like that. I’m really not sure why else. The reason there are different races here on earth I believe is pure evolution nothing more. We have never found anything to contradict that fact.