03 – Vatican Virus

Well George the diseases you have mentioned were not created by anyone except nature AIDS and Ebola are just evolutionary diseases that came out of the jungles of Africa. However it is widely believed by both “the culture” and the aliens that leprosy and rubella were brought here long ago by the aliens and in turn a massive plague of measles killed a very large portion of their population at around the year 650 AD. They rarely share any advances they make in this field however they do learn alot from our scientists as far as bio-medicine is concerned. The other government has indeed used biological disasters to try and yield more power within this world however they have met with mixed results. The black death was a virus not created by the Others however they were responsible for the spreading of it. That was when the “other ” government was located primarily within the Vatican and had hopes of controlling at least Europe. It wasn’t until this century that they have begun creating viruses one being a flesh eating bacteria. there is one that they have created that kills thousands of people daily but is yet to be recognized; its still in the testing phase and it looks as it wont stand up once it is diagnosed. The goal however of the “other” government is not to eradicate peoples of this earth in any way. It is a very vain group who believes strongly that it is on the verge of controlling it all. Mutilations as described in magazines are done by human beings. ETs do in fact perform mutilations on human beings and cattle and every organism that exists on this planet but they dont just dump them back when they are done. The humans they use in their experiments are all provided by “the culture” from which I belong. They are usually criminals, idiots, unstable individuals, or vagrants. All the individuals who claim to be taken as an “abduction” are all victims of religious rituals and the small metal objects are tokens of the ritual;they are not tracking or monitoring devices. What is exchanged between the “other” government is just what I said the other government exchanges human beings mainly for precious medals and diamonds which come from the aliens home. They trade other things however these are the main things traded. The “other government has huge stockpiles of gold,silver,diamonds,etc although to release them onto the market would crash the worlds economy in an instant. By allowing it to trickle out this gives them an unlimited warchest which they have been building since just after the first world war. Other things that are traded is mostly just information about governments and things they have seen in space which is little to nothing. They have never explained what the use is of their MIB and because MIB would rather die then talk the only humans who know the function of the MIB are the MIB themselves. However we know they are extremely efficient as far as military operations are concerned and are all extremely intelligent. We can travel very easily to the moon with the craft but we never have the ships are unable to carry any sort of weapons because of the tachyon shell. They are really quite harmless; most are very small so they cant even carry many ETs at once. they are believed to have just been transports that held just enough room for the amount that were sent to the planet on which they now reside. They believe they were exiled from somewhere else although their is no real evidence to support this. They also believe that somewhere out there is a civilization with a highly advanced society. We refer to it here as “Deep Atlantis” we are in agreement that once they are found many things will be answered for both of us. The ETs are deeply traditional and dont seem to want to vary from they way they practice their faith. They have very strong ties to our Catholic church here on earth and indeed every pope for a hundred years has known of the existance of ETs. No Jesus was indeed real as it is widly held by both them and us. I’m not a christian but I dont doubt his existance
either. Yes it may someday be possible for us all to meet the ETs but I’m not really clear on this fact. Although maybe they might use you for one of their rituals someday.