04 – Alien Cloning

Happy New Year to you too. Lets hope its not the last one though. All factions are closing ranks and it seems like we are on the verge of war but not the kind of war we usually think of. By the way the aliens are once again suffering from chicken pox and are starting to fear coming here; in the last few months their trips have been made only for religious purposes. Take care George, sorry I didn’t have time to elaborate but I will soon.

Good to hear from you. I don’t have much time to write today but in the next few days I will be able to answer the questions you have submitted to me. The genetic map is a very sensitive piece of information, however I trust you and will get that for you within the next week. I fear dark days ahead my friend.

I have been unable to attain the information regarding the maps of the alien chromosomes however I have something that may interest you; information on an alien cloning process. well honestly I dont have a clue to what the cloning information means at all or if the experiments are even succesful or not. I happened by it while scanning through some files posted on my workplaces intranet. I am still searching for the complete gene map I have promised you however that is a little more elusive then I expected and all I can relate to you is what I have in my memory. As for whether the aliens are currently trying to cross human and alien DNA you are half right. While they are not trying to make a half species they are in fact trying to integrate genetic information that our bodies hold into their own. They do this to make themselves a stronger species for example I have heard that at the present they are conducting skin cell mitosis experiments in order to make their thin weak bond skin cells more tough like our own. About the flight of the Blue Water craft it is true that humans are superior pilots in that human hand-eye coordination is much more advanced then the ETs also the ability to communicate verbally istead of having to rely on some olfactory allows humans to fly in a more organized manner with better results. Im not sure exactly what government you are talking about but no wide known government has any aliens working for it. The factions such as the one that employs me do have minute amounts of Et/terran interaction. I do believe, however, that I know to whom you are refeering and that would be the entity group we call the Alpha Illiminatus. They are the most powerful and most influential of all the factions and they are heavy into the human for precious materials trade. I do share your fears of what may be on the horizon as far as virus outbrakes and diesease go. The games the scientists are beginning to play is very freightening to me.

unfortunately I don’t have much time but I can adress your questions about the ET evolution and also the ET cloning by humans pretty briefly. There are no other species of animalia on their planet; they have no rivals, there is no compitition therefore yielding very little evolutionary changes and also allowing for many weaknesses as opposed to humans who had to compete for tens of thousands of years. The answer to your cloning question is simple. There is no benefit to cloning the ETs, human nature makes men do things out of curiosity. Basically they clone them because they can.