05 – Blue Book

I have no knowledge of where their planet is it’s somewhere out there I guess. There are those who know however. They communicate with us by typing. They know all of our languages and have equipment that acts as a keyboard to allow them to talk to us. They use no kind of keyboard to voice translators as I believe they feel it is not to their liking to have a human voice. We speak back to them in our language and they have those among them that can interpret. We will never be able to understand their language in the way they do ours because of the way they use partial olfactory communication meaning smell. It is a consensus between us and them that they are the only animalia on their planet due to the fact that they have not evolved on that planet but on some other planet. This is what they search for out their; home. Man is brilliant thinker and problem solver if his environment is not so much about survival and warring then man begins to discover great things. When you ask yourself why man has only begun creating great things in the past two hundred years you must look to the past. How long did it take man to discover physics and after that how quick has he moved.

I think you have gotten mixed up a little bit in the information you have received. Project Blue Book was an American government investigation into the existence of extraterrestrial life. The project was basically a white wash of what the government already had known. The final report by the project gave no indications that aliens from outer space existed even though the government of the United States had known of their existence for at least 30 years. There are records of all meetings between the ET emissaries and US, British, Russian, and Japanese governments. The faction in which I am associated also keeps documented records of their meetings with the Emissaries and also the Alpha Illuminatus has kept extensive records of their interaction with them dating back to around 400 of the common era. Here’s something I think you might find interesting. Around this time is one of their religious holidays which is roughly translated into the time of looking back. It is no coincidence that this coincides with the Popes trip abroad; this will take alot of attention from the Vatican and give the ETs an easier time for their rituals they perform at ST Peters Basilica. So if you happen to be in Italy in the next week or so don’t forget to look up.