06 – Alpha Illuminatis

Regarding the Alpha Illuminatus; indeed they are the premier political power in the world, in fact they are the strongest of all the known entities in the universe. They have a fleet of blue water craft that rivals that of the ETs and there is information coming in from multiple sources that they are in the process of testing the first ever human built replicas of the blue water craft. This is very disturbing within the community as it will destroy the balance of power that has existed for the past two centuries. Everything has a balance right now. The ETs are balanced by their lack of human characteristics such as greed and courage. The smaller factions, such as the one I am a part of, are balanced by the Alpha Illuminatus and each other. The Alpha Illuminatus is balanced by the NATO alliance. NATO is balanced by organizations such as mine that have infested their governments. If the Alpha Illuminatus are able to create blue water craft which are able to carry weapons they will almost certainly begin an invasion of the alien world to rob it of its resources. I have no knowledge of whether or not the Council, which is the leaders of the AI, is immortal beings or not. I can say however that I have never heard of an immortal being. I have heard though the High Regent of the council has been the same man for centuries. Whether it has been many men who have just passed on a title I am unaware but that’s what id bet on. Some of the titles are Alpha Osiris, Alpha Templar, and Alpha Regent. As far as the Pope goes all major political powers have sworn to protect the papacy including the ETs. Although due to the decrease in religious belief in the western world the Vatican’s power is also decreasing. Some confirmed members of the AI from history: George Washington-US 1st President Jacques De Molay-Grand Master of the Templars Richard I-King of England Charlemagne-1st Holy Roman Emperor Winston Chrurchill-British Prime Minister Fredrick the Great of Prussia