07 – Dollar Bill

Regarding the dollar bill you are half right. That is indeed the all seeing eye of Osiris the same symbol used by the Illuminatus however the designers of the bill only placed it there as a mimicry of the AI; in fact they thought the Illuminatus was just a legend. The US dollar is only controlled by the AI in that, the amount of gold, silver, diamonds, etc… causes the world economy as a whole to fluctuate; I mean look what they did to Russia. They do have immense economical power due to the fact that they have a truly substantial amount of precious materials stashed away. Many have tried to find this wealth but no one has been able to locate it at all. It is a wide belief that they store it on the actual ET homeworld and transport it when necessary, although the US government has led many covert operations to the home planet and came up with nothing. The AI has a tremendous amount of power in the world however they, at least for now, are in check. About Tesla coils and scalar waves I believe the only two factions that may posses this technology is the US and the China based faction known as the Ming Tientsin. I can assure you no one has the power to create earthquakes. I have heard of a US project in Alaska using a large energy grid to cause rain but even that is nothing near being used as a weapon. If they could perfect scalar waves then yes I do believe it could be used as a shield against projectile weapons. Ok well I believe I mentioned the men in black to you before, well no one is sure of who these humans are but let me tell you a little bit about what they really do. They are sent out from time to time to quiet people down about UFOs for whatever reason the aliens have. However their true role in alien society is that of enforcer. These are raw human beings bred for killing. They are highly intelligent, fast, strong; basically genetic engineered humans that the et have created into superhuman after thousands of years of breeding for top human qualities. They have a role on the ET homeworld similar to that of the Janassiares of the old ottoman empire; foreign elite soldiers. Well let me tell you how they operate against rival forces such as the AI, US gvt, my faction, etc… They ambush/raid bases killing everyone they come into contact with. All this is done for various strategic reasons, such as gaining information or elimination of important life. Ok I know in the past I have been a little vague on some points playing down my knowledge but I feel I can trust you George so here goes. I have seen first hand what the MIB are capable of. They mutilate bodies, they tear heads from children, they torture with the crudest of instruments. They are no longer men but beasts and the message they send is very clear. They are to be feared. I remember an incident in Utah about a year and a half ago where we had an infiltration group within area 99, a super secret base. I was coming to the rendezvous site a little after 100 hrs when I noticed part of the wall had been collapsed upon the security van outside of the structure. I pulled my firearm and proceeded into the building whereupon I would find all six of my compatriots decapitated with railroad spikes through there foreheads. There bodies were drawn and quartered and the arms and legs had been rearranged so none had their correct parts near their body. All information we had gathered over the past 6 months had been taken and the mission is still one of my factions biggest disgraces and that’s why I’m positioned here now. It is incidences such as the one I have just described that allow me to know that the war is very real, that no one is safe and that we will all have to fight some day or be thrashed upon the shores of time.