Don’t feel embarrassed about having nothing to give me in return because I have no intentions of asking you for anything, although I may just show up at your place someday looking for somewhere to hide out. Know this George: almost everything has a reason in this world; very little of life is circumstance. The HAARP project is exactly what I was referring to. I know very little about it though and in fact my faction has very little reach into Alaska as the US government has employed only its best men to head all research out there. My faction is a mole group. We infest all others with hundreds of thousands of operatives born for this reason only. We are a race of people in a way rather then an organization. We gather information from around the world; the deepest information of all world powers. We sell information, we keep the balance of power alive. I cannot tell the name of my group and I never will. After the incident in Utah I had to be repositioned so they moved me here to California and my integration has started here within the state tax collection agency located within the most powerful state in the country’s capital. My ultimate destination is the Jet Propulsion Laboratories down state. My integration will take roughly 3 yrs and it is the way we get inside highly secretive areas. About the papers you were working on Id love to see them and would graciously give you any feedback I have about what you have compiled.

I wanted to address a few things that I failed to mention regarding your last letter. The thing about NASA and the shuttle launches. This is slightly complex but I think I can explain it. There are two parallel worlds we live in. Not actually but in metaphorically. The first world which is the real world, the one in which I was raised, is the one with ETs, secret societies, and nothing is what it seems. The second world is that which most people experience. The 9-5 job, a wife 2 kids and a dog, the mortgage on the house, the flat tire. The 1st world must keep the second world at bay for the 1st world knows that it is the 2nd world which truly has the power and if the 2nd world realized the existence of the 1st world it would destroy the 1st world in an instant. In the culture we all know this so there are safeguards against everything. Even as I tell you some of the greatest information of the day I know that if any of my information came out it would be white washed and blown off by the public and me and the identity I have now would simply stop being. Its a mad mad mad mad world George but God damn it someone’s gotta live in it. Be careful out there George as the nights begin their search for prey it is but the feline which can see what comes next.

Oh by the way I think my integration is moving to the next stage. I may finally be going on to a research laboratory that does work for the US govt. After that if everything goes as planned Ill be working within the JPL by 2001. Also I forgot to tell you about why I had asked you if you had ever heard of the corp. Telematics for Research. Actually my mother had just been stationed there and I was curious of what kind of work they did. I have very little knowledge of the European theater as I have only been used for North American projects. In my culture we seldom see our parents after we are 18 because that’s about the time we get our first position in a unit.