09 – Move Again

regarding the laboratory I may be moving to within the next two weeks, I am pretty sure I wont be seeing any top secret anything while I’m there. The place is involved in minor theoretical physics testing and I will just be there until I finally get moved to the JPL where I will once again be able to see first hand the mechanics of the Blue Water crafts. I really can’t wait to be back where I belong; at the forefront of the war. I’ve been in this damned exile for too long now and if it wasn’t for the foolish actions of my team back in Utah I’d have probably made the CIA by now. Well anyway I’m finally moving again. I do get vacation but it usually coincides with any kind of vacation they give at the current place I am employed. I have certain goals I have to attain and if I complete one I have free time to do what I want pretty much. Right now I have very few goals and except for the week where I have to make my report I have alot of free time here. I hate it though because I love to be on the inside and in there getting the stuff to pay those bastards back. I wish they’d give me a shot at an MIB infiltration but I have a feeling I’ll meet up with them again. Sure their are AI ops in the UK, they are everywhere mostly in Europe, South America and the US but also in the Mid East in some countries, Africa, and some Asian nations. They are almost entirely all Christians; that explains the geographical preference. The committee of 300 is a joke. The AI wouldn’t waste valuable time even listening to those jokers. We don’t even waste an op on them. The whole committee is a pretender. I have never heard of any galactic federation but if something like that was observed by either Terran or Alien eyes I assure you I would have knowledge of something that important. I would not rule out the possibility, that somewhere out there, one exists however. The rain just won’t stop over here. Have a good one.

I’m getting to go home so I guess ill talk to you tomorrow but before I go ill explain a little more about the MIB and the way in which the aliens think. They don’t think like us at all they are totally different. In fact we don’t really get how they think. Its erratic, incongruent, they don’t operate the same way twice. Its hard for even me to understand and I’ve been dealing with it for my whole life. They definitely don’t come with any kind of message, although their priests follow a liturgy close to Christianity so they speak alot of peace and things along that line. For the most part I believe the aliens are a good species who just want to know where they come from and I admire their constant quest to do so, but they have their terrible individuals just like we do. They aren’t innocent beings by any stretch they can be cruel without even understanding that they are so, they are foolish creatures caught in a universe that has abandoned them and though they have found a friend out their in us, we have are heartless to that has exacted terror upon their people as they have ours. The universe is like a yo-yo the harder you throw it down the harder it comes back. It is therefore logical to just let the yo-yo fall and let it dangle so as to live without pain and retribution.