10 – Distance

I read your book of distance and found your theory to actually not be that far from the actuality of it. The tachyon shell is similar to what your calling an electromagnetic field. The things you say about time and distance strongly resemble black hole singularity measurements of the units for time and distance; where T becomes a measurement for distance and D a measure of time. The blue water craft use a system similar to that in that the tachyon shell creates such a massive gravitational force that time and distance almost become one unit. Your boat on water metaphor was a little off base however in that space doesn’t exist. You can be in water and then out of it, where as you can not get out of space unless you go into something that is actually there such as atmosphere. Space is not there; its just a distance between whats there. That’s what makes the blue water craft so well made, they pull the thing they are going o towards them in a way that all space moves at the same time in relation to itself towards the craft. Of course it doesn’t appear that way to anyone who sees it because space is so massive but in reality that is what’s happening. The ability to move space with a unit of time allows relativity to not be a factor as far as aging is concerned. If I left for the ET world now and say it takes me one earth day and I arrive on home on Friday I will only have aged 2 days slower then everyone else; an irrelevant amount of time as opposed to relativity’s theory of what would amount to centuries.

I looked over your book of space. When I say space is not there I mean it is not there to us, it doesn’t appeal to our senses therefore it is unnecessary to discuss. It’s distance is the only thing that affects us but we have the ability to transcend that so we don’t dwell on it. The universe as a whole still captivates us however asking questions like where are we from why did this all start. No one knew that the universe was expanding, I mean no on not even the ETs, until Edwin Hubbell’s research into light rays. The aliens never could account for the reason they would have to reset there coordinates after every decade or so. He realized that the universe was moving apart; so the big bang makes sense. We all wonder why though. What was before that? Does anyone know? Hopefully we will find out. As far as the gravity pull from the tachyon shells in theory that same type of shell could be made small enough to move just a planet but you’d have to make nuclear reactions small enough to power it. The moon however is not known to have been dropped off here and even if it was there is no logical reason to leave a big hunk of rock here. Asteroids are probably chunks of planets destroyed by some sort of collisions but if you mean sentient beings destroyed planets with some kind of gun then id say no.The BW craft can crash into debris if the debris is in the ships pull-path it’ll pull itself right into it. When such collisions occur the craft is destroyed; these are rare occurrences as the path is well plotted. I have never heard of such a collision in modern times. I may be gone from here as of today, I am unaware of what my work environment will be like there. I will attend integration class throughout next week therefore I will be incommunicado for at least that long. I will do my best to contact you but if I am no longer able to then remember there is a reason why I have come to you and that reason will play out in the future. You must promise me that when the time presents itself you will use the knowledge given to you. I will tell you a quick story; it’s about what happened to me a few months back when I had to stop talking to you for a while. Within the faction to which I belong there is a school of boys brought up to be leaders of the infiltration teams. I am one of those boys. In this environment we are brought up to be the most highly trained, most disciplined, most knowledgeable of all are culture. We have to know so much information by the time we are 18 that it would boggle your mind if you knew how much I actually know about any subject. Our group is built on tradition and brotherhood; we go by the name OpMen, meaning for eternal life. We are the most feared of all operatives of all factions in that we can get into anywhere, we are perfect chameleons, we are bound by tradition to obtain 100% success. No one in the brotherhood fails every birth year is trained together so the children selected with me are the ones who I would grow up with and spend every single day for 12 years with. After that sort of upbringing the only person you love more then those men are your own mother. So it is very traumatic when one of the men you have shared your life with decides to go to turn over information to another faction in this case the AI. Tradition says that it is the responsibility of the birth group to take care of the situation once it is established that a member has turned on his culture. We had to find him and take his life. We would finally catch him about a month after the news that he was a turncoat. There is a ceremony for his death that we must carry out. The ceremony is strange to the outsider but it is tradition and part of our mystique. We don’t play around with our rituals so be careful of the way you talk of this in the future because we don’t take it lightly. The ceremony begins with all of us nude in the room and the one who is to die stands alone inside a small tub. We each take turns approaching him to kiss him. After the kiss he will take the left arm of the one who has kissed him with his
right arm; then the with his right arm the brother will take a small blade and make a precise cut on the body of our friend who will die. Everyone does this until the last one finally takes his blade to the jugular and he dies with his blood leaking into the tub. We all then must take a symbolic bath in his blood by stepping into the tub and kind of rubbing his blood on us. When all this is completed we spend the evening laying together in a room all on separate mats just as we had done when we were just children. Let me tell you one thing space and aliens and rival factions be damned, it is our relationship with each other that makes us strong and when one of us dies we all lose something. Though he may have given secrets away that compromised the lives of some of our ops he was still a part of us he was us and we miss him. Maybe you should not look so much into my world and look for someone to share in your world and I don’t mean a wife or something like that but a friend someone who will be there when life starts to slip away because at that time there will be no need to know about anything ive told you and I assure you you will want someone to just hold your hand and tell you everything will be alright. Well take care of yourself while I’m away and remember “fata viam invenient.”