11 – Wars In Wars

I have to finish off the tax season here so I won’t be leaving until sometime near the end of the summer but the research lab is going to be a very good position. I had a week of training and compiled what was to be my final report but I guess that has to be amended. Oh well no big deal I’ll kick back for the next few months I guess and I have met someone here that has caught my attention. (that’s a strict breaking of the rules but who cares I’m having a good time and there is no position they can put me that is more lightweight then this) I hope you’re doing good and thanks for the piece on Telematics even though I have heard about it already. Well regarding the attachment on the mj 12 thing I would first like to express my admiration of this guy. The research he must have put in to create this piece must have been tremendous. Obviously it is nothing more then a hodgepodge from different theory books on ETs but nonetheless it was a good work as far as sci-fi goes. Of course I know that most of it is non sense although some of the things he mentioned are near true. The first thing that should catch ones eye is his mistakes he makes in talking about the aliens themselves. Lets pretend for a minute that me and you know nothing of the information I have given you and we want to believe this mans account. We start with his descriptions of the ETs. We get insect like then they create energy through photosynthesis kind of like plants and also they are gray with bignoses and then near the end they eat any bio material especially blood and also they can talk. Are they photosynthesizing blood sucking insect plants with an affinity for Cyrano de Bergerac. A creature would not need a nose if it used photosynthesis but it may need one if it had to feed on blood as these do towards the end of the document. He says they can talk but don’t you find it kind of strange that they have vocal chords and then ones that are strong enough to be able to make speech. Picture if you can an insect trying to open its mouth and talk I mean do they have tongues? Do they have pliable faces? Impossible. All that comes to mind is Jimminy Cricket and I’m pretty sure he’s no alien. Another question is this second alien race that is more hominoid. They swing down all the sudden just as the damn grasshoppers are parked outside of our planet and try and make a deal with us so we can avert an alien invasion or something along these lines. The deal as I understand it is this: we get rid of nuclear weapons and become peaceful and stop destroying our world and they will save us from the aliens. Now our bombs are useless against the insects right? Well then logic leads me to ask just how were the second aliens going to save us from the first. Chanting? Peace marches? Sit-ins? No he meat they were going to stop the insects through the use of some force or another; ok so we have man sized roaches and now hypocrites. Great universe. I think the world is tired of hearing the old cliche of the aliens coming here to tell us to save our planet, I wish they came here and that’s all they wanted then my life wouldn’t be so damned complicated. Here’s a few questions I would ask. If US planes weren’t any good against alien craft why would they continue to build warplanes along the same lines since then? Common sense would tell one that a change is needed. We are human beings maters of the earth we did not get to where we are today because we are fools; that’s another sci-fi cliche, that we are inferior beings. Why in the hell would aliens who are so advanced just drop mutilated animals and humans down on the ground even though they knew they were violating some treaty? Even without the treaty why would you bother flying back to earth just to dump useless bodies? If US weapons were so inferior why not just take the planet and use the human occupants for your experiments and save yourself the trouble of all the sneaking around, why allow the human weaklings to start research on weapons that may be able to stop you from the research that
will save your species? He knows so much info dealing with every facet of this starting from the beginning, he even has statements made at the first meetings from the 50’s. He paints a picture of himself as being an insider a man who has seen it all because he was there. Well it seems funny that 20 years later in the 1970’s he’s still asking questions of his commanding officer. I mean by now it seems like he should be one of the main players and yet he’s running around asking jackass questions. Another stupid thing he mentioned was the beam weapons. What is this star wars? Where’s Yoda when you need him? I bet if you asked the guy he’d say that when you shot the beam weapons they’d make a noise like “cheeew cheeew” I mean come on. He says if you want to start looking for the money trail “look to” and he gives certain financial institutions names . I mean what does he mean look at those banks? What is a person supposed to do go sit outside and watch who comes in and out or does he want the reader to break in to the computer files and find the documents like on television or movies? He has no real evidence. Although he likes to throw around document names like there going out of style. He has no pictures even though he says he has seen some; that’s always how it is with these guys. I wish an MIB would pay a visit to a few of the guys and show them what’s really going on. It sickened me when he spoke of how any govt. would create men who would gun down children. That is the most powerful rule we have in my world never purposefully harm the children even the MIB adhere to that rule. Another thing that got me upset was when he tried to excuse Hitler by saying that period of our history had some alien influence. Well no it did not. We have to take on the blame as human beings that we did that. There are no excuses from it W.W.II was a human war. I like the part where he says “We have been lied to.” well if what he says is true then he’s been the one lying to the rest of the Americans because he knew of everything 40 years ago. Obviously this was written during the early 90’s, probably around the time of the gulf war. He makes lame attempts at telling the future by making references to an anti christ that bears a strong resemblance to Saadam Hussein. Strange how no one has walked into Israel the way he mentioned don’t you think? He talks about an American crime wave that has since subsided and was never really anything more then the media dwelling on the bad. He makes the president at the time, George Bush, an evil man who has brought on the plague of drugs to the American people while he makes President Kennedy out to be a martyr in the name of freedom. Bush was a republican Kennedy was a democrat which do you think our author is? Kennedy was a good American however and it was indeed his idea to set foot on the moon. He indeed built the US space program into what it is today; the premiere space exploratory organization out there. He wanted to create something that the American people could say they made; he wanted them to do it for themselves as did the Russians. The ETs don’t have space suits so if the area where they are searching doesn’t have the correct atmosphere then they will not leave the BW craft. So Americans were probably the first on the moon and the ability to stop and venture out of the shuttles allows them to be better observers of space. What the aliens have contributed is a larger map of the galaxy and universe and that is invaluable to space exploration. Well I got a kick out of that and I wish I knew where that guy was so I could give him a glimpse into how things really are. Have a good one George and in a way its good to be back.