12 – Sens & Orion

I hope this letter finds you well. I had a pleasant weekend I saw a movie with a nice young lady and cleaned up this apartment I am now staying at. My injured arm is acting up again it has been almost a month now and the pain is still there. The doctors all say that the bacteria is gone but it seems like more tissue is gone everyday instead of the other way around. The Sens have become tight lipped about the “heaven” planet but they give information to the Illuminatus and we are able to intercept that. Russia is looking evermore unstable to everyone within the community and some are even meeting to allow an AI takeover and restructuring of the government although it does not seem the US govt. is on board with that idea. The AI probably have enough consent from other areas to do so however. When I said the aliens found the “heaven” planet containing souls I meant exactly that. The Sens got a weak radio wave signal coming from a gas giant orbiting a star in the region outlined by the Orion constellation. Upon researching the star they found on the planets iron surface a civalization that at first seemed to have disappered. When the blue water craft entered the atmosphere they no longer existed. Upon further research and observation including the use of American made planet mapping devices the Sens dicovered there were beings living in the cities on the planet but these beings were only visible to ultraviolet light which they cannot see either. The beings all resemble humans and there are no other species there. The mix of different period dress and style of building structures suggest a hodgepodge of human culture and it is a hypothesis of the Sens and their Vatican supporters that this planet surrounded by 3 rings with 3 moons and whose mathmatical absolute is 3 is the biblical heaven. 333 being the number of the holy trinity I believe from apocalypse. anyway whatever it is all we want to know in OpMen is whether or not Gaius Julius Caeser is there and is there a way to summon him. In my opinion its all a bunch of bullshit and I need to see some pictures before I get too excited about it but those in the know seem to feel it is legitimate. Take care George