13 – Faction And Beyond

We are information gatherers. We take the info we collect from say the AI and sell it to the US or to the aliens or whoever will buy the info at the highest price. Information is our weapon; we are responsible for the balance of power in that we reveal a groups secret to its rival. Other factions use weapons to hold their place among the world we use our knowledge. We have no true allies like other factions may have. We play all sides and no sides at once. We are the keepers of the worlds safety and yet we may also be the instruments of its destruction. Everyone knows of our existence but they can do nothing really to stop us because we don’t have to recruit members they are born and raised into us. We could be growing up anywhere going to school as regular children do (unless you are selected as I was). We go to highschool then on to the University all with the goal of getting that position at the correct facility. It is impossible to find us because we are everyone else. The ETs are the hardest to infiltrate because we don’t look like them and we have no transportation to their planets so we mostly gather info on them through other factions.

My personal feelings want for the ETs to move on from here to search for their origins elsewhere and do their rituals somewhere else. I would hope mankind could rid itself of these madmen that think this is fun and we could all start building a dream society something that we could be proud of; something that the universe could be proud of. Sometimes I think that I could go out and tell the world of all I know and try and end all this but I’m not strong enough … yet. Oh yeah we have no dealings with the JPL on the surface we infiltrate them though. I’m going to steal American info so my faction can sell it to the highest bidder. Not exactly admirable.