14 – Committee

I see that guy included a chart with his work. I didn’t know you meant that when you mentioned The committee of 300 I got it mixed up with a small group called 300 nations. (I was wondering how you knew of them). Well the committee that he outlines doesn’t exist. Here’s the real deal At the top there is NATO and the AI those are the most powerful 50% of NATO power is American the rest of the members make up the other 50% The AI is mostly rich individuals in high places. These are mostly old wealth families. The amount of money they possess is immeasurable. The strength of its forces if it had to go to war is unknown but believed to be far inferior to even the US alone. However the kind of army they could raise if necessary is a hot question. under these two is my faction our name is Latin of course. I have told you pretty much about what we do. China, Japan, Russia, GBR, Germany are all powerful players. probably unknown to you are other factions with smaller strength but are important are : From China- there is the white lotus (I don’t remember the name in Chinese) The middle eastern Muslim group with a name like jarey than ( something like that) The aliens of course play a major role in everything and the Vatican has strong allies especially with the many European smaller orders I’m a North American OP so my entire training has been directed towards this continent so my knowledge of other far off factions is not as strong. A good faction here in the US is the Followers of Franklin, a highly patriotic group whose entire operations depend on science. They develop chemicals to use as weapons. They have never unleashed these though as they are not terrorists but if they ever decide to use some of the things they have created someone is going to be in trouble. There are many small groups that are ineffective and negligible such as the 300 Nations group that has some powerful individuals within its organization but they don’t make up for its weaknesses. Sorry I didn’t have some fancy chart to explain everything but I’m too lazy to make something like that up. It’s not that important anyway for now at least all you need to know is the top two and the aliens. That thing in Kosovo could have been engineered by the AI. It probably isn’t but that’s the kinds of things they do to each other. That’s how the war is fought; under the surface where most eyes don’t see. Everything is a blanket that must be removed. Someday, if they let me, I hope I get a chance to go out there and see some of the better things on this planet like Stone Henge or the pyramids or some of the great temples in China or I would love to see Paris or St. Petersburg or Vienna. I would love to even see the grand canyon here in the states. You see for all I have seen I still am not free to see what people like you are allowed to see. I am bound to my bloodline to go where they want me to go and to know what they want me to know. Well for the most part I have done as they asked but I have found an escape from them. Books. American literature is amazing. Works like Walden by HD Thoreau and Moby Dick by Herman Melville, The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald have all helped me cope with the world I am bound to.