15 – Web Or Not

Regarding your questions: No I would never publish what I know on the web because the web isn’t the proper forum for it. The web is filled with disinformation and no one would believe anything I would say and furthermore I don’t have anything that could be construed as proof, however if I had some solid proof then I would be tempted to blow the lid off of everything (I hope I don’t get into any trouble for saying this). Proof in this dreamworld is all to hard to come by and also going against my people may be too hard to do even if it is to save mankind. One thing though, if I really wanted to get some proof I could get some. (not in this place though) I am one of the best ops on the West coast so if I really want something I can get it. I am reluctant to move drastically yet as I am not yet totally aware of how every player is moving. I am only a few years in the field and I don’t have the feeling of everything and how it all flows. My age group however had the best trainer in our culture and ours is the highest ranking origin in the OpMen of the decade; with the exception of my teams blunder in Utah we have a 100% success rate in information obtained which is kind of upsetting to me because when we have “reunion” every July I get teased by the brothers but I am probably the best in the group except I take too many chances but I also bring in the most expensive information. I don’t think it’s necessary to take you web site down I am pretty sure they probably haven’t even seen it and if they did wouldn’t mind it but you never know with them because we don’t get why they approach some and yet not others.