16 – Greys & Blues

About the BW craft I think you may have gotten confused. There is no actual substance called blue water it is a description of the tachyon shell’s color as seen up close; it looks like swirling blue water. I have never seen a whole craft so I have no idea about allot of this stuff that you’re asking but the 3 reactors are macrofission reactors that are somehow antimatter/matter simultaneous engines. The shell from what I know is created then changed to antimatter faster then light therefore I believe allowing it to be there and then not there at the same time. The shell does indeed surround the whole craft as it travels distances but the shell may be shut down for normal speed through atmosphere. I think the lights that you and other people refer too are just atmospheric reflections off the shell. The motion plots on an xyz vertices basis. If black helicopters do exist they are no more then Helicopters with their lights turned off like the ones MIB use to get around. I’m sure many of these “black helicopter” sightings in the US are just American Commanche helicopters flying training missions. I think what you are saying is correct to a point about the olfactory communication however keep in mind they also use sounds in conjunction with the smells. About the flowers etc. I don’t think it has a large affect upon them as there sense is to high and just as we can listen to a single voice in a crowded room no doubt they can do the same with scent. The greys are the ETs that’s how they look pretty much. The eyes are indeed because of the low light on their planet. The star by which they live is about twice that of ours but their planet is farther away from their sun. They have found fossils of their people and their fossil record shows they have always had those eyes so if they were indeed brought their then they came from a similar low light planet. As for the Swiss, I’m not really into Europe so I cant be certain but I do believe there is a strong possibility for that. Well It’s about time to go home so I am going to stop until tomorrow. I meet my new team in about 2 weeks so that’s something to look forward to.