17 – Hollow Earth

Now regarding your inquiry into a hollow Earth I don’t really think it’s true I have heard nothing about it from anyone and I’m pretty sure they would have told us about that in the academy. However I happened across an article not to long ago that talked about what Admiral Byrd had written in his journal and I found it pretty intersesting. He said there was land there with trees and life of all sorts. The article claimed that there was a hole at the top of the planet and you could just go in there or something like this. Now thats something I think would be worth checking out. The only way you can be certain of anything I have found , is to see it for yourself. So basically me and you will probably never know. These past few days have been rough since I’ve had to go back into training as this job here has allowed me to get a little out of shape. I am sore everywhere; they got me this guy at a local gym and his whole thing is to act like a boot camp drill sgt. he’s doing a good job though and I am supposed to be in top form by months end, I think ill make it. Well hope everything is going good for you.