18 – What About Real

I have been really well versed in all science and a hollow Earth conflicts with every thing I have been taught. Not to say that my teachers haven’t misinformed me however but as a free thinker I don’t believe it is possible however I have been surprised by many things in my life. Now a hollow Earth is one thing but a whole civilization within the Earth is impossible it won’t fit. I have all knowledge that is necessary to keep balance throughout the known universe and if there was indeed any entities inside the earth I would absolutely know about them. One thing I forgot to mention the other day was that yes they are indeed monitoring our communication. I found this out when my I was reprimanded for what I said about leaving the culture and telling everyone what I know. It’s nothing to worry about though but know that anything you say to me is indeed being looked at by about 15 other people and reviewed. They wont do anything though because they know me and you have nothing that anyone else would believe and also I’m OpMen so they tend not to put pressure on me.

I guess you could do something like that with tachyon shells, like digging. But I still dont think there is an underground tunnel system. At lest not on the grand scale youre talking about. There is no communication between the craft while in flight because its so fast you dont need to communicate. There is also no visual while the shell is up but when in atmosphere and the shell is lowered you can communicate and see out a window made from some kind of super strong synthetic garbage its kind of dusty looking though.

I hope you don’t think I said anything about the crafts being able to dig holes. I said it seems possible to create a tachyon shell that could dig dirt . After taking a look at the maps you sent me a few questions come up immediately. Who created the maps? How do they know this information to be true? With the exception of the alien base map, why do all the maps look like they’ve been drawn on a table napkin during lunch at McDonalds? I mean they are so damn vague it makes me sick. George listen to me; to find the truth you must believe nothing unless you can prove it yourself. You must be a skeptic or the false information will drown the truth. Your theories are good but you take them as truth at the same moment you hypothesize them. Right now you know nothing of the truth. You have what I have told you and what countless others have told you but it all could be lies. You must ask the hard questions, the ones people are uncomfortable answering. What you have right now is the starting line; the video. Even the video though is nothing more then dots in the sky; it proves that something was seen by you that day. But what was it? You know for a fact that something was in the sky that day and it resembles what others have taped around the world. No one has a positive film of anything that is anything more then a flying silvery dot, why? In a world where the difference between dreams and reality is nothing more then a quick blink of ones eyes everything could be a lie. I was raised to be a detective I know how to find things. You need to stop worrying about tunnels and holes in the Earth and even factions. Start with the one thing you know to be true. Start asking the tough questions. Stop believing anything that appeals to your imagination and start analyzing things sensibly. Some things you should have asked me but never have: where was I born? what year? what’s my mothers family name? there are a few variations in my story such as when I first approached you I had talked of great horror but yet nothing I have told you about the world is too terrible compared to what has already happened and is well known, why is that? why would my faction allow me to talk to you about almost anything? how come a man by the name of OpMan died two years ago in a strange unsolved homicide in Utah and yet he continues to generate a current credit report although now listed as 15 years younger then the age of his death? Who am I really? Why would an ace leader of OpMen be stuck at a damn tax board with no team and no clear goals during the beginnings of major world changes? Ask the tough questions believe nothing except what you have seen with your own eyes or have proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Most of your maps represent the US well you have someone who could check some of these things out for you especially in Nor-Cal. I am who I say I am but you don’t know that and if you don’t know that about me then how can you believe anyone else you have met on here with claims that are hard to believe. You have to collect information. If you want to find the truth you have to look for it, you cant just get it off the damn net, find real evidence. I’m sure you have people that claim to be abductees there in Holland, well pay them a visit and see if they will show you something solid. Do you have regular contact with anyone else on the net? Do they have any worthwhile info? I have time in the evenings some nights and I have access to an IRC so lets see if we can’t get some people to talk about what they know and then lets see who’s information gets crushed and whose sounds reasonable and then move on from there. Well the sun just came out. Think about what I said and then ask yourself, do you want the truth or do you want a fantasy to take the dull gray out of your life?