19 – Underground

Well my only goal in writing to you last Friday was to make you ask harder questions. I guess because I have to get information and quickly that I get a little impatient. I guess I was looking for you to ask questions in the way I was brought up to. The ting about the maps is, there are underground bases doing all types of research but for someone to suggest that there is a map on the internet of these bases and they haven’t been destroyed completely is absurd and to top it off whoever created these maps did grade school work in the drawing. The only person who could have such info of these bases would have to be someone that has super secret knowledge, correct? Then if I was someone who wanted to get my info out into the open why wouldn’t I make my information as clear as possible? Why would I create my maps on something similar to ms paint? I have knowledge of 2 underground research laboratories that I have been to in the US. These are not very special however; one of them dealt with studying the effects of the sub terranean life of plants and the other was a weapons manufacturing and testing facility focusing on the invention of hand held chemical weapons. Not everything secret has to be extraordinary, remember that. The “15” people I mentioned that monitored my outgoing and incoming email was just a figure its actually more like a team of 7 but that is unimportant. The reason they are watching what I’m sending out is because they want to make sure I’m not revealing names or addresses of other members; which of course I would never do. I can not tell you why I have come to you but I assure you that it will become very clear within the next few years. I don’t want anything in return except that you search for the answers you seek but at the same time don’t let it control your life. My life is predestined. My role is set and I have the benefit of being a major player on the stage but I will never be the star and for that I will always be haunted. Caesar said the die is cast and it has but this time for you and all the world and the game will be played to the end within the next 20 yrs. Who will be left standing? Who has the knowledge to escape the tyranny that surrounds everyone. I know more then most people on this planet but still I am only to read within the first act and we are moments away from Act 2 Scene 1. A puzzle for you: Rome still stands, in the shadows of time an empire has hidden and all that have not forgotten its strength may be spared its sword. Caesar rules but still for the daggers have no meaning to gods and generals. Look to the hill where a man gives a sermon it is him that is known to be the God. The Emmanuel was slain and the empire was slain but how is it that both still exist if only under the dark sky? This is what was left to me by an old man in his will. It’s supposed to mean something but not just what it seems to say but there is a code in it of some kind but I was never to good at codes so I never really bothered with it but there is supposed to be some kind of key within it. If you feel like playing with it then go for it.