21 – Poles

Starting off with the astral projections, I have no idea what’s going on with that except I know if I did some astral projections and saw some things I wouldn’t take it as fact. Then again my life depends so much on the true senses that I don’t know any other way so I’m not saying my way is right. About the hole in the Earth. I actually said that the theory of a hollow Earth goes against my scientific background, my background is in no way conventional. I never really denied the existence of a hollow Earth, I simply said I have never been informed of it’s existence and that I don’t think a hollow Earth is possible. I don’t believe the Earth is hollow and I don’t believe the Earth has holes at the top and bottom. Quick questions. Where does lOpMen come from? Why is Antarctica there if there is a hole? If the hole is only at the North and not the south why can’t gravity correct this abnormality within surface area and crush the Earth in on itself? Is there water in the hole? and if there is why would gravity have an opposite affect on these seas? Why hasn’t anyone told me of this area and for that matter why doesn’t everyone know except a couple of sci-fi conspiracy writers who have never been close to the North pole and all they have to base their theories on is the journal of an old explorer who had been in the deep frost for far too long? You waste your time believing these useless things meanwhile the drummers approach and the gates to the city have been raised. I said you must know your role meaning you have to know your objective on the stage when the curtain rises. You must know what you have to do to win, to survive, to move on. I have not informed you of that role but I am laying the foundation so when the time comes and the die is cast you will realize what must be done. We still have time George, at least until I leave to go on to the lab.