22 – Gammas

Well seems my troubles have found themselves buried. Sorry to tell you but Ovid did’nt make it and neither did half of his team. I was in the hospital down in Monterrey for the past two weeks due to some poisoning that occured too late for my opponents. It seems as though I may be here to see this whole thing unfold after all. No one knows I’m still alive except for you now so I think I’m going to keep it that way for awhile. I’m hoping to make it to Egypt in time to see if it’s really going to happen there. How are you by the way? I hope everything is fine there. I had some trouble remembering how to find the damn site this email acct. was on or I would have emailed you a few days earlier. I’ve lost a bit of weight in the hospital thanks to the poison but my strength is still up even though I am down to 126 lbs.

Well George I think I started to indent when I began using this email account because I had more time to type as I was in no way being monitored. Lets get down to business. The possible finding of “Deep Atlantis” turned out to be a truly intriguing find. The grays explored the area and came upon a planet that at one time harbored a civilization. It was not “Deep Atlantis” but instead a ghost planet where no thinking forms of life remained living. Details are sketchy but the aliens and the United States government are showing strong intrest in the place. NASA’s Chandra observatory is far more then a telescope that views X-rays. The last I heard of the place the aliens had located strange towers within the vast cities of this planet that emitted lights at certain times of that planets days. Another thing that began happening is the main force of MIB sent in which is the elite “Bra di San” corps has disappeard and is presumed lost. It’s a bizarre scenario but the technology does’nt seem to be anywhere near that which was able to construct the Blue Water craft. I’m hoping to get in touch with a few of my closest friends in OpMen and try and get more info on this story. Now about the Gammas. I can’t speak of them now it would be a mistake to discuss them with you and it could actually cost our lives depending on how resourceful we are. Tell me something George, do you talk to anyone else who may give you info true or false on any of this type of thing. I would be interested in hearing what they have to say especially if they have some info on other countries as I know very little world info. Who knows maybe someone else out there really knows whats happening.