23 – See Ya

I guess no real info is out on the web. No one really talks about this stuff and if they do they are easily shut down if what they say is too important. They must know I am still talking to you and yet no one has come for me. I never told you about my true faction have I? I believe I have only told you about the branch I have been trained in, OpMen. Well my true faction has a name that translates into “Knowledge, Light of Breath” it loses alot in the translation. Anyway we are what can be considered a race in that we are brought up in a certain society distanced from all others. We are knowledge gatherers. We keep the balance of power from shifting too greatly to one side or another. Our history begins in late 18th century Florence. A group of Freemasons attempted to break off from what is referred to as the Illuminati. They ended up stopping in Ireland and then the Americas. What eventually evolved was a worldwide intelligence gathering corporation. The true structure of my society is far too immense to get into detail about at this late hour but perhaps someday you and I may get a chance to sit down and discuss it. I meant to write more but im getting tired and I still need to go run for about 2 miles so hopefully Ill say a bit more tomorrow.