24 – By The Way

Actually my first contact with you was when I told you I had info that you may be interested in. The subject was flying blue water so thats why i answered it in that way. Now down to the business at hand. I can’t believe they have Ovid after me. I hate that guy and how hes always quoting that damn book of love or whatever the hell it is. Hey do you still have contact with him because maybe I could use that to my advantage. Don’t worry George I would never cut your throat; its not too smart to tell someone all your secrets and then murder them. Come on George, he got you. I wish you wouldnt have told him I was OpMen because now he pretty much knows all my options in escaping this. Background: my email address is not really what it appeared to be. It was a cover, what we would refer to as leech-mail. Im not going to tell you where I was really but he accessed my account in the same way. Ovid works for a counter-intelligence corp that specializes in “mole-patrol” or the erradication of spies. I cant believe he thought I told you about the Gammas. Oh well Ill show that lightweight what I can really do. About a month and a half ago they were waiting for me at my apartment. However I had the best kind of security money cant buy (heres a quick tip for you just in case you ever need it: old asian woman see everything and if you can befriend them you will never walk into the unkown) So Mrs. Kyo told me that men had enetered my apartment and she had heard nothing since then. I left, rounded the corner, they followed, but by the time they realized that i had lost them I had already cleaned out the apartment of all necessaries. Now they have to finish the job. I cannot contact anyone with in my faction for fear of chain reaction losses. Im not sure quite what to do but if I eliminate the hunter then I may have a shot.