25 – Deep Atlantis

Hello George, well I dont know what to tell you but it really is me. I’m in the Napa Valley right now running through the vinyards from hotel to hotel and working off this old laptop I have. I guess you cant really help me at all. Dont worry about telling them who I am affiliated with its no big deal. I told you before that I wouldnt make it to act 2 and I guess I was right. Im sorry George that I couldnt tell you all you need to know and forgive me for wasting some time on some of the more radical things you talked about because i realize now there wasnt as much time as i thought. The people that I said were monitoring our conversations were my people. We had no idea Galan corp. was also following me and collecting intelligence on my operation. The girl I met I hope is safe but i cant be sure even though I told her nothing. I should have told you about the Gamma’s. That is whats going to shape the world in the coming millenium. That and one more thing. The aliens found something. About a month ago in far space an exploratory squadron picked up signals from a solar system yet unvisited. These signals I have been told are not just any signal but ones that were able to interface with the Blue water craft. The aliens are hoping and believing that these signals may be the link. Deep Atlantis may have been found, finally and with it alot may be explained. I really dont know what this will bring but its gotten me excited. I only hope that I am still here to learn the truth.