26 – Last Message

The one who called himself Orpheus has the graduation name of “Aquinas” because he is Christian. He used Orpheu because he was dealing with us Greco/Romans such as myself and Ovid. that part is a little bit too complex to go into but my true graduation name is OpMan. I figured since it was revealed to you I might as well use it when I address you. OpMan was just a name that was close to mine that I could get a piggyback lock on and use it. Regarding the questions of New Years and the women. I have had no contact with you since the summer of 1999. It is really me George and I have some interesting things to tell you. Right now though I’m going to lay down for a little nap. Oh and I want to apologize to you for the way Aquinas spoke to you. He doesnt understand who you are and what youre going to become. Take care old friend.

I did’nt just come to talk to you out of nowhere. I was sent to see what you know. I do believe you know what an oracle is. In my culture we still believe and honor them and somehow somewhere a decree was sent out from an oracle in Europe that a man who could determine the fate of us all was alive and certain partys would like for this man to be destroyed. It was said that you were the man and my faction was contracted out to research and destroy this man once found. Through conversations with me my superiors determined that you were not the man. They had some reservations about letting you remain living due to some of the information I gave you but I reasoned with them and they realized you were more an asset of disinformation rather then a martyr so they let you be. Sorry I have’nt told you this before but I did’nt want you to be upset. Oh well we are all puppets at some point or another, it’s just a matter if we are strong enough to cut the strings.

I’m sure you’ll figure out who this is. I’ve found myself to be in the company of some spare time and felt I’d write to you. How are you old friend? Everything going good I hope? I’ve had a few tight spots over the past couple of years but with the exception of a toe lost to gangrene I’ve done pretty good. My troubles have now been reduced to 6 if you understand what I’m trying to get across. I see you’ve expanded your site and have put some of the things I’ve discussed with you up for anyone to see. This is fine but what dissapoints me is it seems you’ve misinterpreted some of the things I’ve told you and have been listening to others who have no idea what they are talking about. If anything it renders your site ineffective. Oh well no matter It’s good to see you’re still questioning. You know a month or so ago I heard they got the guy who I mistook you for. His name was Herman Weingardt and he was German. I guess I wasn’t as good as I thought I was back then huh? Anyway OpMen ops led by the one you knew as Ovid met up with him outside a pub in London while he was on holiday and escorted him back to his hotel room. There they interrogated him before performing the ten cuts (a series of cuts where the genetalia is removed first and the outcome is a slow death). Poor bastard. Oh well I’m hoping this finds you in much better circumstances than our friend Herman. Remember the best questions are those whose answers yield revelations not of the fantastic unknown but rather of why it is beautiful to simply be alive. True meaning lies amongst the fields of what others misinterpret as ordinary, they being fools and leading lives of hopeless wanting.