00 – The Secrets of the Mojave

(Source : unkown)
The Secrets of the Mojave

Note from the Editor : The Mojave Files have come my way through an anonymous source. I realize that these originally have been intended to be received, and possible owned, by another person than me. If I violate any copyright, even though under each page a Copyright statement is included, then I would appreciate the righteous owner of said Files get in touch with me and disclose his/her identity. Thank you for your attention.

Letter From Unknown Source
(September 1995)

Dear Mr. xxxxxxxxxxxx

While broswing through the WWW Page “AREA 51 RESEARCH CENTER” recently (you may want to check it out if you have not already done so), I came across your UFO Theories and Cover-Up page, and noticed some of the early writings form the writer/researcher “Branton” therein.

In that I am a personal aquaintance of “Branton”, I thought that you might be interested in the NEW files that he has released (enclosed find one disk and a backup). Some of these files you may have already seen, but others I am certain will be new to you.

Branton states that he is a “sleeper” agent for the CIA who was (possibly after stumbling on some information that he wasn’t supposed to know) electronically induced with an alternative personality which was “programmed” to serve the CIA Black Projects and the Bavarian-Gray collective. In this alternate or “double life” he had access to several underground bases, and has apparently encountered several alien groups as well.

When his “conscious” self began to awaken to the facts of this alternate existance (facts that were confirmed by others whom he knew), he began to investigate deeper and to expose the conspiracy against this planet in the best way that he knew how. He is not yet certain whether or ot his “alternate self” presently shares his conscious values.

I have since learned that a great many people are involved in such “double” lives and have been programmed with alternate nocturnal personalities which “kick in” once they are in the presence of the aliens … these inclue contactees who work with human “Federation” personnel, others who work with the “Ashtar” collective, and still others who are beingused by the “Gray” Empire in their continued efforts to infiltrate our society. Several of the “Montauk” crowd such as Preston Nichols, Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron also claim that they had been programmed with alternate personalities during their work with the space-time and mind-control projects being carried out at Montauk Point, Long Island in the mid 1980’s.

Branton himself has a strong feeling that he was also involved with this project in some fashion. In 1985 when the Montauk Project was sabotaged and had ceased for a time, he was 25 years of age. This project is once again in full swing at Montauk, but everything has now been taken underground down into the 8-leveled subterranean facility there, which is being operatted jointly by the CIA, the (Nazi) Thule Scoeity, and the alien Grays and is to be a key operational base for the implementation of their “New World Order”. This base has some connection with another base under the Archuleta mesa near Dulce, New Mexico where the Grays themselves have their underground headquarters.

I hope that you find the encolsed information interesting. Unfortunately, due to my present position, I cannot reveal my onw name at this time.

I wish you the best of success in your continual search for the TRUTH …