X-Files: Media Apes Shut Up About Iran

I have real news for you: There will NOT be any war on Iran in 2012. Period.

People on the street yell “bomb Iran”, yet most of them cannot even point to Iran on an un-annotated world map. They do not know a single word of Farsi, let alone knowing what that is, have no clue about the colors of the flag or how to spell the name of its president, have never heard of all the Jews living there, and of course never watched the TV series J.A.G. Yes, Colonel Mac is Iranian.

Ten years ago, the media were not so eager as the US Govt in their noise towards the regime of Saddam. Now, in 2012, the same media behave like war-hungry bloodhounds compared to the somewhat conservative position of the US Govt. Interesting difference. Regardless, the media is off-scale once again. And the Govt. It now seems the world upside down. The media keep discussing the options, and the politicians keep weighing these options.

An increasing number of threatening messages – videos and news stories – as propaganda is being fabricated and broadcasted by the media, as to put some gas on the public opinion fire. So the media shows Iranian missiles being launched, Ahmedinejad looking not cheerful, images of nuclear power plants, and many more clips. Along with contextual charge related with Islam, Al-Quran, regime, WMD, democracy, freedom, and terms like that.

It is amazing to see the American media depict Iran as the threatening, aggressive party. Literally on a daily basis, political and media figures in both the US and Israel openly threaten to attack Iran and debate how the attack should happen with an indifference and ease that most people use to think of in their kitchen. Media: shut up!

The US has managed, under influence by the media, to escalate sanctions to destroy the Iranian economy, collapse its currency while blaming Iran for oil trade changes, and generate serious hardship for its 75 million innocent citizens.

By now, Iran has been encircled by the US forces and some of their allies such as Israel. Both the US and Israel have their nuclear weapons fully operational, ready to fire. They know Iran has none. In this regard, Iran’s army is of a similar level as the one of Iraq a decade ago. And it is the US and Israel to be the nuclear threats.

Iran’s nuclear scientists have been slaughtered on their own soil, their civil power plant facilities attacked with US cyber attacks, and groups devoted to the overthrow of their government have been equipped with weapons, trained and funded by Israel and the US.

It is absolutely legitimate for Iran to retaliate against any who initiates war on its soil. To this date, the right to engage war by the US or Israel has never been defined or even globally approved. When you threaten someone for years and years, for sure that person will become a bit aggressive. And that is exactly what the US is hoping for with Iran. So now the US is raising provocation by nearing Iran with their vessels, hoping for Iran to shoot first.

The Persian leaders would have “threatened to use a stockpile of ballistic missiles to launch those at U.S. targets.” For what reason? If for defense, understandable, otherwise it’s just a media mock-up. Same as for Iraq. Ten years later the US admits it was a “mistake” that war on Iraq. History says it was a mistake that war on Vietnam. Future will say it is a mistake the war on Iran. They do realize they were wrong to support those past wars, yet they stand ready and eager to support this war on Iran.

The American media actually heats up the fire in front of the US Govt in propaganda effort. This is a shift in a “democratic” mindset of the Americans who normally followed behind the Govt.

What is even stranger is that the media does not really cover any mention about the European perspective on Iran. How come that a whole continent differs so much from another whole continent? It is time for Europe to stand up and shout as loud as the US media. It is the absence of European noise, however, that may be more dangerous than the presence of US noise. Europeans are likely to back out when it comes to confrontation in the news media area. As a consequence, there is no real dialog between Europe and the rest of the world. They just go with the flow on the streams of money. Of course it could be that European news media are a lot more under control by politicians. In certain “democratic” countries that is the case. Nevertheless, the European attitude is weak.

Why do many US media voluntarily make their coverage available to widgets (embeds) for website inclusions, and Eur media do not? Why for example does Google offer only US based media embed content but not Eur based content? What is the matter with Europe? Do they sleep over there or are they cowardice? The Eur media are obviously scared of their inquisitive governments. They shit in their pants when it comes to conveying hard opinions. Media: speak up!

The US media, compared to the European media, tend to post with more straight forward content, and quoting names of officials and references. The European media merely post about their emotional position and that be it.

However, those journalists who never talked to the locals in a Middle East country, never got invited by an Arab for a meal at his place, or do not know how to spell the names of the country leaders in that region, I would strongly advise to shut up, rather than mocking-up sensational headlines about countries and people you have no clue of.

Making media noise, on the other hand, is not the same as communicating the right thing. More often than not it is blowing more oxygen into the fire to heat up war sensation. Of course none of the desktop noise makers would actually love to live in an area of real war. Most likely they never did, otherwise some more respect would be shown in their news postings. They have no idea what it is to live in total fear every day again.

We must not solely rely on only US talks. It is a world (read: global) situation. We are facing a potential world war. The media should assume responsibility, as their output may largely become input to military decision making. That is today’s reality, whether we like it or not. Let our politicians not fall into that trap.

A message to all media: Say something useful that the whole world can benefit from. Then you truly are a pro. Otherwise, shut up!