X-Files: News Apes Media Laptop Dogs Shut The Fuck Up About Iran

A nation that believes that power can only be achieved by destructive (read: military) force is on the brink of implosion.

The only way a nation can reach the state of power is by creating affluence. Military force creates merely the opposite.

War means: killing. Taking away lives of civilians. Destroying families. Eliminating the future of children. Stopping talent from developing. Slaughtering pregnant women and new born babies. Intestines popping out of bellies of photomodels. Fathers of young children being decapitated. Mothers hearing the laughter of soldiers who shot their sons. These are not subjects to take lightly!

If your little child is being murdered and dragged into a garbage pit by a sweating stinking spitting soldier who just pissed round the corner, how would you feel? If an exploding bomb breaks the glass of the window of your bedroom and a piece of glass slices through the belly of your pregnant wife to expose the fetus, your unborn child, how would you feel? If your leg is shot off by a cannon and your other leg is fried by a microwave blaster, how would you feel? If your grandmother’s eyes lay bare on the ground still looking at you, how would you feel? If the bleeding testicles of your friend are put into your mouth, while you are questioned about the whereabouts of Mr. X, how would you feel? If your wife or fiancee is dragged by her hair onto your dinner table by some soldiers who haven’t washed their penises for a month and who are raping her before cutting her pussy and her throat right in front of you, how would you feel? If your children get crushed by some tanks right in front of your face while you are half paralyzed and your body has lost most of its skin, how would you feel?

All these things, my friend, that is war. It could happen to you and your loved ones too. So don’t talk loose about war. Ever!

Now have your meal. Bon appetit.

Occultists know the true meaning of the power of thought. Also Scientologists know the power of postulation. They all know what I am talking about, as I am saying that anything people wish for may manifest in the physical world in one or another form. Even the Holy Scriptures say that even the thought of sin is the sin already done.

The mainstream media keep posting daily prayers to engage war on Iran, largely before anything has been discussed within the presidential premises, not based on real facts. Therefore it is all fiction.

This is the new trend of the 21st century: First the news media shoot war propaganda to the public. Then the public demands war to their leaders. Then the leaders discuss their job options. And so the bombs go fall down.

The news apes consider themselves as experts on war, twisting and pushing every word that has been exchanged between the leaders. They want “action”. Entertainment. None of these journalists really knows Iran. That is easy to read between the news lines. They never talk about Iran’s culture, let alone understand it. None of them ever got invited at someone’s home in Iran for dinner. Otherwise a whole different prose would be posted. There is not a speck of humanitary respect.

Expressions such as “war drums”, “rattling sabers”. “war imminent”, “terrorists”, “doom”, “satan”, “chickenhawk”, “chessmaster”, etc. are clear signs of absolute humanitary disrespect. Those idiot journalists should understand that the subject of war is not a game. Iran is not a PlayStation package. The Middle East is not a thriller movie.

A journalist who has really lived in war-time in a war-zone and lost loved ones in war would understand what I mean. I have been living and working there.

Shouting “war in Iran is imminent” reads the same as “Iranian children must be slaughtered no matter what”. What about slaughtering your own children? Of course you don’t give a shit, eh?

No, I don’t take party for any nation. In my view, all nations suck. For as long as nations involve themselves in destruction of any kind, they suck.

Iran’s way of living and doing is something Westerners do not grasp. Because it is strange and because it is not American or French.

When you talk with a Russian for example, almost every “no” that Russian is saying means “yes”, such as “no it is good” or “no that is exactly the case”. See what I mean? Now the “language” of an Iranian goes a lot further than that. For the average Westerner very hard to interpret. You’d have to have Iranian friends or close relatives to be able to learn and understand the language culture. And here we have one major basic cause of total miscommunication. The US president lacks that education, obviously.

If an Iranian speaks out a curse, just like a European does, it does not necessarily mean that he will do all in his power to make that curse happen. “I will kill you” is the daily phrase of hundreds of millions of people around the globe, but that doesn’t mean that each day hundreds of millions murders are committed. “I will fry you with the heavenly light”, same thing. It simply symbolically means, I don’t like you too much. Well, we all have the right not to like someone else too much. I don’t like Israel at all either. So what? Should I therefore be killed? Am I therefore a threat?

Of course Iran doesn’t like the US, because the US keeps aggressively pushing its Dollar currency for oil trade and pushing forth their hidden agenda, rather than doing their 101 oil trading homework. And now the sanctions. It is not getting any better that way. In fact, it is Iran now sanctioning the US and the UK. It’s their own fault. Go tuck the noose in the funnel at the gas station and you’ll know what I mean.

Western journalists write about Iran as though they know all about Iran. But they have never talked to an Iranian. They do not know one word of Farsi. They do not know how to greet an Iranian. They do not know what an Iranian means by the words (s)he says, even when translated. They cannot even pin-point on an un-annotated map or globe where Iran is located. Take them to the test!

If an Iranian invites a Westerner, waits 30 years, and the Westerner still does not show up, don’t expect the greatest love to keep flourishing. It’s rather an insult not to show up after such long time. Exactly 30 years ago, Iran invited Western scientists and inspectors to visit their nuclear facilities. To this day, no one ever showed up. Instead, the Westerners say that they “know about nukes in Iran”. They don’t know shit. Those clairvoyants have not even been there. No one has ever seen any video or photo of any nuke in Iran. There is not a shred of evidence. Just allegations. It is not true that nuclear inspectors got access denied to certain nuclear facilities. These are lies. Why not reading the genuine intel reports?

Suppose I am your neighbor, and I tell everybody in town that you have weapons and that you are a threat and a rapist who will put the neighborhood on fire, even though you have not any weapon or chemicals, how would you feel about that gossip? Would you like to be accused falsely?

Yet Iran is now nearly under attack. Iraq had not a single WMD. Neither has Iran. Iran complies with all treaties regarding nuclear development. Israel does not. And the US knows it. All unfalsified intel reports confirm this.

So, what’s going to happen next? False flag ops? Self inflicting attack? Staged terrorism act? Another 911?

A sinking US ship in the Gulf to be blamed on Iran will be the most likely scenario. Another scenario is a nuclear “accidental” explosion in a nuclear facility.

Iraq and Iran, the former Mesopotamia, have a long history. Iraq’s museums have been emptied already. Now it is Iran to give up their museums. Museums? Yes, they have no military target value, yet they (Iraqi museums] have been emptied, robbed. Not for currency value. In fact, the robbers left the contemporanean juwelry behind. They knew exactly what to rob and what to leave. They went for very specific scientific data. Genetic data. Artifacts on the origin of mankind. The Anunaki, the Sumerians, the Aliens.

So here we have a hidden agenda that not a single mainstream news channel is talking about. Mainstream channels are too stigmatic. They only talk about elections, oil and nukes. They yell like apes around a monolith. They don’t go to the core. Just superficial thrill talk. Nukes is not at all the real issue. That’s just the grand cover-up of the decade.

Isn’t it strange, to say the least, that Israel’s 400 nukes have never been checked? The US and the UN know about Israel’s nuke program for decades, but still consider Israel as a “no threat”. Israel has always been the big noise maker in the Middle East. Mainly because it could rely on the backing of the US, the only reason why Israel did not use yet their nukes. The moment the US takes-off their hands from Israel, Israel will use nukes. That is why the White House still serves coffee to Israeli delegates. After all, it is the US wanting to be the first to drop a nuke. No nation would ever be able to punish the US for such act.

There is no hotline between the US president and the Iran president. No red phone. It seems their secretaries click on Twitter and Facebook to keep the presidents communicating. What better way towards another Hiroshima situation?

The US has oil and gas reserves greater than the entire Middle East together. In Alaska, to be precise. Yet the US refuses to exploit their own oil reserves. Instead, the US goes for military power. Destroying nations is the dumbest thing a nation can do. Nazi Germany made that same mistake. And so did the ancient Roman empire. They all imploded.

A war on Iran costs the US about 2 billion USD a day. Say there are 100 million US tax payers, so the war will cost each tax payer 20 USD a day. Not too bad, right? That times 250 days makes 5000 USD. Iraq took roughly 2000 days, that makes 40,000 USD per tax payer in 8 years, say 5000 USD a year. All in all, the average US tax payer throws 5000 Dollars down the drain each year and gets nothing in return but a bad name. You too, journalist, every month you pay at least 400 Dollars for murdering innocent civilians. You can be proud of your country.

A pipeline grid throughout the US to distribute the Alaskan oil, solving all the oil related issues, costs not more than 20 billion. That is the equivalent of 10 days of war.

All US carriers in the Gulf have loads of nukes on-board. Various types. And that is not just for show. These nukes are ready to be delivered within the hour. All of them. And they really do not work with timers and gadgets like you see in the movies. I know this from an officer who is working there. I know what I am talking about.

A UK nuclear V-submarine is in the Gulf as well. No one is supposed to know, of course, it is top secret. However, easy to find out, simply because its location is unknown but its priority isn’t. Iran intel knows a lot more. That UK nuclear sub has nukes on-board. Ready to be delivered to Iran by missiles. Why else is Iran putting sanctions upon the UK? They know about UK’s “secret” (my ass) moves.

The sad thing is that the media are waiting and hoping for a war to break out. They want to shoot pics of kill. They want to top the headlines with dead bodies. They want that mushroom photo. They want another “Bagdad” movie. They don’t give a shit about hundreds of thousands Iranian civilians dying helplessly. But boy oh boy, if only one American soldier gets a bullet in the eye, oh wew, all mainstream news channels broadcast just that and suggest that the entire nation be in collective mourning. It happened with the war on Iraq, and it will happen with the war on Iran. Hundred thousand dead Iraqis or Iranians. No big deal. One dead American, oh what a disaster. Pathetic!

Sure the US military rather engage remote controlled destruction, pushing buttons. Of course no swords like in the good old medieval times. Cowards. Fighting is no more. War is not fighting anymore. War is jerking off over technological gadgets of destruction. Victory is determined by machines, not by human beings. If at all we could ever speak of victory after any war. So far, the US could not. The US never mastered the after war care. So there was never a good victory in the first place.

Imagine, a nuclear blast. Half a million people being evaporated. An entire city wiped out. Lots of airplanes exploding. Thousands of homes and offices burning. Tens of thousands of cars completely molten. A huge mushroom cloud throwing fall-out down the ground. Hundreds of thousands of people crying and wounded half naked, with torn off skin and their clothes on fire. Hah, isn’t that exciting? The war is won, yes?

Imagine, that city is Washington DC.

Oh wait, now this is different. Yeah sure.

Westerners have the common idea that human lives of Gulf people have little value as compared to theirs. This is easy to see, the way Westerners “respect” Gulf people. It is highly disrespectful to publish every day hints to engage war on human beings, children and babies. Why don’t you write something useful cq constructive? News channels should come up with facts, not with dumb opinions or loose war talk. And certainly not with disrespectful “war drums” or “rattling sabers”.

PS: If you really want to nuke, some better alternatives to targets to nuke are – after complete evacuation – for example: Washington obelisk, oval office and pentagon, Paris Arc De Triomphe, Gizeh pyramid, China white pyramid, England Stonehenge, Rome Vatican, Moscow Kremlin, Alaska HAARP, Buckingham Palace and of course CNN and BBC Headquarters. Oh I forgot: Hollywood and Scientology Flag Ship of course.

Nuking these targets would greatly improve world peace. Simply because some great roots of evil are destroyed.

This concludes my personal recommendation. Hey don’t take me wrong. I don’t hate anyone. I just do not tolerate intolerance.