X-Files: Britain Is The Cause Of ALL Middle East Problems

Britain Is The Cause Of ALL Middle East Problems.

Here is why:

Politicians, your attention please! There is a natural social-humanitary law about conflicts – and a formula to resolve them :

If several parties are in conflict with each other, then another party is the cause. That other party is always hidden, and even if revealed, considered innocent.

Identifying the other party can be achieved by tracking the communication lines between the conflicting parties and that other COMMON party.

That common party communicates things about another conflicting party to another conflicting party – without their knowing from each other (the conflicting parties) – but is itself not in conflict.

The only remedy to cure the conflict is to communicate between all parties, especially INCLUDING that other party.

It must be found out what exactly has been communicated by that other party, to whom, to whom not, and by whom.

That other party is the catalyst of the entire conflict.

Once the other party’s communications are clarified to all conflicting parties, the conflict is basically resolved. And that other party can be handled or expelled as to avoid new conflicts.

If parties are nations, then even within a nation a covert party may act as a hidden catalyst! For example a diplomat, a trading company, a bank, anything/anyone that all involved nations could communicate with in common.

So, as regards the conflict between the US, Israel and Iran, there must be another party on the background. That party is the one who communicates with the US and Israel and Iran. Tells things to the US about Israel and Iran without their knowing, tells things to Israel about the US and Iran without their knowing, tells things to Iran about the US and Israel without their knowing. All at covert political level.

And it is up to you, politicians, to assign your Intelligence Agencies with this piece of homework, to figure out who this party really is. But let me help you with my own intelligence: Britain. Thank you, Her Majesty Services.

Think about it. Which nation would that else be? Which nationals else have free access to both the US and Israel and Iran? Which bank else is between both the US and Israel and Iran? Who else is doing major business (trade) between the US and Israel and Iran, but not publicly showing off through the media? Think of oil, for example. Now we are getting somewhere. Who else is having coffee and chit chat with each and every involved leader? Maybe we should ask different questions too, such as which intelligence services are covertly active in the Middle East without ever being mentioned by any of the mainstream news media. Not hard to pin-point “MIx” for example. For you to substitute “x” by an integer.

The Middle East war threat may look like a military conflict, but it is not. There is a political traitor. And that traitor is the least expected or suspected. That traitor is the “common friend” of each conflicting nation.

And I identify as the only possibility: Britain, to be the primary cause of ALL Middle East conflicts.

Now, you check ALL the things that Britain did in the Middle East “legally”, such as regime changes. And even “harmless digging” activities such as archealogy (incl. relocating artifacts), news media (incl. 911 related), espionage (incl. secret services such as by mi5 et al), marketing and financial penetration (incl. banks), etc.