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(article reloaded about 20 years after actual) – I have been into Scientology at the Advanced Organization Saint Hill in the UK, also known as AOSHUK. It was a wonderful era for me, and I met wonderful people over there. I love the Scientology Technology and will always cherish this treasure the way it was in the beginning… But the Organization, carrying the same name of Scientology as the technology – which is a source of major confusion – did other things than just applying spiritual technology as originally intended by its founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Using Scientology spiritual technology I came to know that The Bridge of Scientology, or the Road To Freedom, is based on one and only one thesis: The spirit is not free.

In every auditing session, the Thetan (read: spirit) gets clearly reminded how un-free the Thetan is and how much auditing processing, “intensives”, has yet to be done in order to become free as a spirit. You can read that in all auditing processes of all levels. Every auditing question aka command implies “you are not free”. That is what I bluntly state.

In fact the state of any Thetan is exactly the other way around, as I found out. Every Thetan is already free. From the very beginning of all times. Not every Thetan knows that, even though they are made aware about anything that has to do with self-determination.

See, in our world of bondage and conformity we are treated as prisoners on our own planet. And all we get to know is how much imprisoned we are. Also in a Scientology Org. But it will never change the Thetan’s freedom in any way. It can’t. Thetan equals freedom. Has always been and will always be.

The time I was in that Org – that was from the period when LRH passed out – several new “courses” got released: The Key To Life and the Life Orientation Course, aka the KTL and the LOC.

The KTL was a very childish way to improve communication through the use of verbal language, i.e. at the textual level, i.e. ascii comm. The text-book was a Disney comic style picture book for 3 y.o. kids. And the language book was a dictionary to learn the basic language elements such as small words and grammar. Just an English language course for babies. Nothing more.

What was missing was the body language, a topic you would expect in a course that focuses on life essentials as the title would suggest. Not to mention other forms of comm or info transfer. See, in real life, human-to-human comm is 7% verbal (ascii text) and 55% body language plus an additional 38% for sensory expression dynamics & variations. Flunk! The KTL is absolutely missing the true working and meaning of human communication (and yes that includes all flows of comm). Okay, so now we comm 7% right and 93% wrong, not too bad.

You may learn the words, but that won’t make you learn the symbols, the subverse meanings, the traces on the time track. English is just one of the hundreds of languages on planet Earth. A Study Tech extension for English speaking students the KTL is. Nothing more.

Through endless clay demos the only focus was the definition of words. The win I had was a mere self-inflicting illusion of accomplishment after I went through all this stupid shit without being caught as an outlaw. The only key to my life was yet another lock and credit card debt! No airbrushed picture of outer space could make me conclude otherwise.

The LOC was a first class disaster. And expensive too. I had to go through the most ridiculous textual exercise, deliberately built-in the course that had absolutely nothing to do with the subject of “life orientation” other than having the students fail in useless English reading and to go back to square one, so they stay longer at the Org and bring in more money.

What the fuck about the foreigners? Why drag them through the English language nitty gritty shit, that only a shaken Brit could stirr a bit, rather than through their real case?

Throughout the LOC I got no clue whatsoever what my life would be oriented at. Every page put me right down to the mystery scale level. The course went nowhere but a fail. And that is exactly what the EP should be, fail, so the students sign-up for more intensives, because the LOC teaches them that they are unable to know what to aim for in their life. The true EP is being mind fucked. The only life orientation was yet another questionmark: Now what? Oh yeah, more intensives, special packages, more discount on overpriced services and more donations to the IAS.

The entire Scientology curriculum throughout all levels is designed to make thetans fail, feel trapped and helpless, and get them fully dependent on whatever course or session gets served. And boy, pay pay pay, or else. And don’t dare to skip that IAS whose sales folks keep kicking your door each time you have an EP.

My End Phenomena – EP – was : eternally pissed off. Yes I got my needle floating. No big deal. I as a thetan was free to move my needle the way I wanted. No Auditor would see the difference.

I did not complete the LOC because my time at the Org ran out a bit quicker than initially planned due to the following:

One of the last days of my stay at AOSHUK I had a silent confront with that little guy David Miscavige. I was the only one who did not applaud the night before during his speech and show when that Hitler gnoom was yelling at stage. I looked into his eyes and he knew that I knew. Next day I nearly bumped onto him as I moved up the stairs in one of the castle towers. He was running down, and stopped for a brief moment, as I did not step aside immediately. Again eye to eye contact, all kinds of “dingdingding” moving to & fro, and off he went.

Of course he revenged by sabotaging my case. And that is exactly what I needed to exit from Scientology. So we could literally speak of a Miscarriage.

And this (for me) unforgettable event helped me to figure out later on some meta info about the logo of Scientology and what’s behind it. The Scientology logo consists of two triangles and the S(erpent). The Triangles are in fact the Star of David (from ancient times), somewhat ripped apart to form the number 33, the top-level of Free Masons. The triangles are held together by the Serpent, the one who was in the Tree Of Good & Evil (Adam & Eve story). The symbol of Serpent represents a super (reptilian) race who is familiar with the creation of life (genetics).

Ordo Templi Orientis (the OTO) is a descendant of the German (Nazi) Thule Society, and is the founding body of the Skulls & Bones Society of the Yale University.

The OTO symbols play with symmetrical figures, stars and pyramids, such as on currency, flags, and ranks.

John Whiteside Parsons, the co-designer of the Pentagon, was a high degree member of the OTO and a good friend of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology. LRH named his followers OT, Operating Thetan. But the word “operating thetan” has no other special meaning than “someone who does things”. LRH deliberetaly chose the acronym OT as to “comply” with the OTO et al. The meaning “operating thetan” is just a cover-up.

Scientologists argue that the triangles represent the corner stones of human interaction, such as Affinity, Reality, Communication and Knowledge, Reality, Control. But that is just what these two triangles do not truly represent. They represent occult meanings directly related with secret societies related with Free Masons, Bavarian Illuminati, Skulls & Bones, Ordo Templi Orientis, et al. The two triangles form together the six pointed star Sirius.

Scientology is therefore not a religion, not a church, not a sect, not a company. It is a society along the similar lines as the afore mentioned societies. Scientologists in general do not know about that. Worse, they think they have nothing to do with those societies whatsoever. And the highest OT levels do not guarantee this truth to be revealed. Why else is Flag ship still at sea. It floats on an ocean of lies.

Now you may wonder why I make such a noise about a logo. A logo is just a drawing, a pictogram, nothing more. Wrong! A logo is the spiritual connection between present time and the past origin. Any scholar in occultism knows what I am talking about. In Scientology Org the word clearing won’t go that far in their acclaimed Study Tech method. Their “Key To Life” trajectory is just another superlative conditioning to keep Preclears, Clears and OTs stuck till the end of The Bridge that will never be really crossed. After The Bridge there is an abyss, by the way.

About the “abyss”: Even LRH himself needed considerable help of A.G. (who was his personal librarian) when he left his body for good, because his “tech” did not work the way it was written. LRH was in deep trouble after his disconnection. He fell into the abyss after his own Bridge. Finally it got resolved, more or less, but only with the express help of A.G. LRH thanked her and so he could move on. Some unpublished OT levels may reveal this stuff. But these docs are kept secret, because they reveal the truth about the Grand Failure of the Other End Of The Bridge. And frankly, no one would want to know that truth.

A.G. was an OT-8, I was told the very first OT-8, an older female friend of mine whom I frequented in Saint Hill many times in the 1980’s. May she rest in peace. I left the Org. And I started focusing on “how” rather than “what” to think. I owe her. Now, a quarter of a century later, I finally disclose this LRH’s “after life situation”. No futher details. It’s enough.

The two triangles of Scientology could be thought of as many different symbolisms. But only the Masonic OTO related meaning stands.

Anyway, during the last session I had at AOSHUK, I already figured out the truth about the true nature of the Thetan, yes thank you very much dear Auditor. Interesting that I was so easily allowed to do that.

I lied to the Auditor who fucked-up the sessions and failed to read the E-meter. I only needed some EP or end phenomena, which ultamtely I got: a persistent F T/A, floating tone arm, and that on the phrase “I just know”. The best of the best of my personal EPs. That done, I could sign-off without getting Ethics shooting in my ass, and so flew home the next day, kept F/N-ing happily ever after.

I got never contacted by the Scn Org ever after.

I was even more free ever since. I knew I was right. And Scientology was, is and will always be wrong. Yes, it took me hundreds of thousands of Dollars, a bunch of courses and intensives and some years of precious time to find out. In addition I paid with a broken marriage, lost job, and even a migration out of my home country. Yes, in that regard, Scientology works.

So my personal advice: Go into Scientology, and waste all your time, effort an money and any other resource as much as you can. Do not have sex (2D they call it) and do applaud for that little boy doomDave. Then you will be all freed. For those who have great wins at the Scn Org: Good for you. But the modern version is definitely not my pie.

I refuse to take part of a cult sect org where celebrities kill their own “imperfect” children and get away with that, such as Travolta with Cruise knowing about it. Yes, I know how to spot, also behind layers of truth, and I know that I know. I am beyond any OT level, so those idiot delusional sociopathic fake guys are easy for me to scan on my radar.

The Scientology Celebrity Center suggests that you are only successful if you are an actor. I have news for you: an actor is someone who shows anything but reality, and is therefore a puppet of fantasy. Yes they make lots of money, but none of them feeds the poor. Fantasy does not help solving problems on any dynamic.

Moreover, when an actor flies jets, well, good for him, but when this OT-7 kills his own child because of some disability problems and gets away with the perfect murder crime, backed by his ass fuck dick suck OT-7 buddy, then for me he is less than a pile of pathetic shit of the lowest possible level. I know a lot of helicopter and jet pilots who are not OT-7, not even Clear or Scientologist, and they largely outperform Tom and John in the cockpit.

Operating Thetans learn about living outside their body, so their body may seem pretty much lifeless at such instance, but they, the spirit or thetan if you will, are pretty much serene, i.e. at the highest end of the positive part of the scale. In other words, it cannot be any better. But is it really? Serenity may easily lead to doing nothing, just floating in a cloud of immense calmness and happiness. Heyas, they needle or tone-arm is floating, right? What a mind drug is that!

Scientology advocates that happiness is amongst the highest achievables. The higher on the tone scale the better. And what do we see? Have a look at the social media and the forums, and read the entries of Scientologists who are feeling so great with their floating needles, stating that they have achieved great wins. They are so happy. Then have a look at what these folks do? What do they do? What do they create? What do they accomplish? Other than being a bit more proficient in their job or relationship? Where is the OT who is a grand political leader? Where is the OT who is a grand inventor? Where is the OT who is a grand artist? Where is the OT who is a grand scientist? No, I am not referring to those Hollywood celebrity OT puppets who merely cover-up their crimes! These cannot be taken as good references. OTs are way too much occupied with their happiness, and it is exactly happiness that makes humans counter productive.

I tell you this, the greatest inventors, composers, scientists and artists, they all were low at the tone scale, very very low! And they were not OT, not even Clear, let alone Preclear. They were just depressed people in bad health and in poor living conditions. But they have been the ones to change the world and mankind.

So if you enjoy your EPs, rather than showing them off on Facebook egotrip crap like “oh my needle is floating all day” and that kind of dumbshit, why don’t you roll-up your fucking sleeves and do something for the people in need? I tell you one thing: The world sucks, so stop mindurbating like a David Miscarriage faggot! And please, throw your OT crap into thea trash can. It’s worthless, unless you wish to stay in total amnesia.

I say again: OT equals trapped in amnesia. That is “truth revealed”.


Some folks ask me: “What is your case level?”

Answer: “As I am not in Scientology, I have no case.”