WellBeing: Ultrasound Fat Lipo Cavitation Non Invasive Ultrasonic Fat Removal Scam Fraud

There are a lot of ultrasound or ultrasonic massage devices with one or more different heads or probes, whatever you call them, that upon contact with the skin are supposed to breakdown fat cells, which would result into loss of fat and getting slimmer.

And the one and only reason why all these machines are all marked “OK for home usage” is that they are indeed 100% safe but also 100% ineffective. That’s why they are approved by the FDA mafia.

They do NOT breakdown even one single fat cell. You will not lose one single millimeter of size, not one single gram of weight, and no lymphatic system will transport one molecule of fat to outside of your body! All those stories and scientific before & after photo-shopped crap pictures make up a huge pile of bull-shit.

Don’t let those YouTube scam videos fool you. They do not show the truth. Unless, of course, they embark upon the debunking of said devices.

Ultra sound means non-audible sound, beyond the range of our ears. So from say about 23 kilohertz and up any sound is supposed to be “ultrasonic”. Some manufacturers claim frequencies up to 1 gigahertz and over! They lie, of course, as the gigahertz range is microwave frequency, and to microwave your body is definitely not a good idea, unless very carefully applied by a skillful medical doctor in a monitored operating room. Why else do you think that microwaves cook steaks in seconds?

The intensity of the ultra-sonic heads is somewhere in the range of 40 to 60 milliwatts, which is comparable with the intensity of audible sound that comes from a small loudspeaker in your computer screen, according to their own specs.

That is less than a pair of walkman (oops, sorry, ipod) headphones that normally boosts many milliwatts more.

You should take the test: Put the headphones on a piece of fatty bacon, turn up the music volume to the max. After one hour, see the results. You will notice that the bacon has not changed one bit.

So now what to expect from such low intensity? Nothing at all. It is far more efficient to put a loudspeaker of your mp3 player or mobile phone at full volume onto your tummy. You will lose zero fat anyway.

So you see on eBay those wonderful ultra-sonic ultra-sound non-invasive liposuction machines, most of them made in China, some available in France, and their prices range from 200 Dollars up to 4000 or more. They all work perfectly, and they all cause no results. Perfect.

Usually the casing of these devices look very handsome, white and silverish, and give the impression that they are credible medical devices. But inside there are some cheap electronics, total value 10 to 20 dollars maximum, and that be it. More I could not make out of it. It is nothing more than a massage stick or a cheap sound generator.

You better spend your money on healthy food and a fitness programme. For 200 dollars you can eat healthy greens during one month and lose 10 pounds of fat.

Why is it that a pair of headphones does not cause your head to become slimmer, even though the output is stronger than that of a cavitation machine? If a cavitation machine really works, then your brains would have been melted long ago by your headphones, due to the higher sound wave intensity.

And whether the output is 50 kilohertz or 500 kilohertz, it does not make any difference, simply because the intensity is way too low. Try such a device on a peace of fatty porc or duck meat and see what happens. After a few hours, still the same fat will stay put till Hell’s Kitchen finals are long over.

Speaking about cooking, there are applications of sound in the range of 20 kilohertz to breakdown fruit into juice within seconds. These devices have a much higher output intensity, should not be touched at the head when active, and would be most effective in breaking-down fatty cells, however, also destroy other cells as well! That kind of technology is used for cleaning machines and for drilling holes. These devices are not for the regular consumer, not even for medical staff!

You just cannot apply any specific sound frequency that would only break-down fat and not break-down any other type of bio substance. That technology does not exist. If it did, then there would be no reason to limit the output intensity around the 50 milliwatts range. And the health authorities know this.

Moreover, the medical industry folks know that such devices bear no effect at all, so these folks won’t lose customers or revenues. All in all, it is a waste of time and money.

I sold my ultra-sonic toy for the same price (hundreds of bucks at eBay) as I bought it, after I re-assembled it, used that money to start simply eating half of what I was used to, and I am steadily losing fat happily ever after.