Social: Black Magic Curse Text For African Money Scammers

We all receive scam spams by email, in particular from fraudulent assholes from Africa. They have one common denominator: They try live at the expense of someone elses wallet, by stealing money.

Those fucktards deserve to be punished. But how? Which scammer ends up in prison? No one. Which scammer faces any punishment? None. Now I have been looking into some African culture, and lo behold, I found out that they are quite sensitive to black magic.

Of course you and I know nothing about that crap and don’t believe in that crap either. But the Africans do. A lot.

So I have gathered from the public domain some black curse text here and there and composed a wonderful email reply. Whenever I reply to a scammer with this text, I never hear from him anymore. Lovely! So this curse definitely scares them off:

You fraudulent scammer,

Please find below my eternal black magic curse upon you, your family, and your loved ones. Now you have seen your email, the black curse is in effect as of now, whether you read it or not:

Cursed is the ground for your sake; in toil you shall eat of it. All the days of your life. As I do your black spell on you.

Bring thine enemy 3 nights of hell. Candle black, black as night. Bring you pain of flesh tonight! Lesions on your skin will grow, Afflict you with painful blow, Sores and pain affict you now. For 3 nights you’ll wonder how. Dukes of darkness, kings of hell. Smite you, bring you hell. When 3 nights of pain have past. Make you die, well dead in misery at last.

Bones of anger, bones to dust, full of fury, revenge is just I scatter these bones, these bones of rage, take you the enemy, bring you pain. I see you before me now. I bind you, crush you, bring you down. With these bones I now do crush. Make you turn to dust torment, fire, out of control. With your hex I curse your soul. So mote it be!

I summon the elements, I envoke them, I conjure them to do my bidding, The four watchtowers shall lay their eyes and minds, there shall be fear and guilt and bad blood, there shall be submission and no pity. I point the threefold law against thee, against thee it shall be pointed threefold, a hundred fold, is the cost for my anger. Thou shalt be blinded by the fear, blinded by the pain, blinded by me. Cursed by me. So mote it be!

May you live in misery, get infected with aids, and die with cancer, ebola and pox, you dumb earth worm. Every scam you did onto another will be rewarded by sickness, pain and poverty. Every email that you send out to people who receive your fraudulent scams will be multiplying your black curse hex onto you. You will be dying very soon. Amen!

Et voila, just copy / paste this curse into your reply mail and click on send. The scammer will shit in his pants from now on.