Marketing: eBay BlockLists

Here is a complete verified list of fraudulent eBayers who cannot be trusted. I took the info from various verified and discussed sources such as forums and added my own.

Posted by Hardpress » Wed Jan 09, 2013 3:43 pm

10293, 1123chrisp, 11kis, 122benno, 135tankerguy, 1952adamh, 1966babe2007, 1987sweeney, 1yakdriver, 2005kruk, 21624528@deleted, 21956311, 2784shirley, 4445kent, 6172matt, 64485556@deleted, 7762cookie, 8880alan, 99stores, aand1965, abs333, acidshok, adrianb323, alinou87, animard, anthonym708, apacka, arajnai, ashley8624, asikiz81, aslabarge, atcc70, atransamguy2, audas25, aumbr80, avashtad, babybluepottery, baddawg6160, bbiller1947, bbobber3, bigu2fanxxx, blessings1998, blue1966falcon, blue_phatboy, bluemoonluck, bnserger, br1078cam, brettb614, buffone, bushguidepilot, c-de, cameljoe1979, carguy10126r00, cassyp815, ccraigfry, ceewilly, chdine, cheeyt, cherryred-2007, chipperchater, chiquitarocker, chris_b77, chrisziz, chung201, chupismama, cincostate88, cintaskas, clark1095, crazedbunny85, crazywebguy, ctp046, dakku7, darknamelessone, davec_76, de123na, dengaucher, devercin, dr_dave, eguzman28, elwoodwins77, emegan, emperor5, ewholesaledirect, familyguy5259, fitchet, flgatortown, fotek888, fotot1966, from2006, frozenrocket, funkymeup, gainguyen, gerryw1314, glenjen718, glou2, gonnej92, gopisk1, greengroovestella, guilas2332, happyhoni, hevnshil10, hq72hotmale, hu.zh, hungeek1986, ibsriv, idavilld, iheartyeti, ilovebonn, inventure1, j_deberry, j_treat911, jabaroo1, jake44bluedog22gofast14, japole1914, jasonrobo, jasonstein, jbaer1982, jdmblu, jean-gab, jfickman, jmaii, joeddogg, john-howard-pm, johnm3522, joseaa2004, jpenrod9, jsiress1202, juttagrossbeck, k3v05, karamelwaffel, karen0ng, kartracer71, kennethwalters, kfc4202002, kingquad2, kittyhazelton, kmaskins1974, lagdoro, lcdscreenservices, lescamera, leslie33_1999, libertytire72, lilanger, lionfeeder, lkfinds, lmc19531933, lupo78m, lv7959, machew76, maplevshoney, mariamtnguyen72, markplaubel, merlinthemagician0-0, mew719, mirage76, mishkakrisa1, mobydick34, mona7002, mrchristopherino, ms7379, msheldon05, mwhite1704, neibaf123, nelscomp, newtown1983, nikon_and_wine, nisimasa, norman505, novakmartina1978, nyak_0, obrock1, oscar5453, overstrand38, paige4846, paulalou, pcalafell, photosee, poorboy6179, poppa_ahwr, raksrakamus, randrchase, ray*massey, ray2107, rbptpred, reddfoxharley, redflamebluewater, reef***rat, regnantree, rhel3894, rjd8423, rods_garage_ivxx, rondom69, roxmac3, rthurlow48, rusann6667, sagent3000, saildragon, scudamor6, sekuv, serlomas, shirty35-2008, sierrareef, sj37bonsai, sjpaintball, smbuddy46, smedard, soterios2, special1kad, sssonia76, staggerlee62, steveitano, stoneddog, stopsasha, suspendedchroma, sutho1971, syllikesminiatures, tcohen41, tdc666, tha1ndonly, thehugeeug, thestoragelot, thisgillis, timbo1519, timweller, tnrosarian, toxx623, tvraider1, urbaninsights, v0orbugw1l, vegasclubsystems, wallywild2000, wasabijunkie, wlosiuol111, xpresscomputers1, yippee_yi_yo, youwilllearnitonthehardway, ziggyabc2000, zootog, 14561300@deleted

Especially eBay member id 11kis ( Feedback Score Of 0 ) is the worst of all. He bids and never pays. He uses this account to bid over other accounts (probably his) to keep them from buying. He comes from Hungary. I have put Hungary on the exclusion list as well.

Postby vladimir » Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:17 pm

These are Nigerian eBay scammers that I and my colleagues have been dealing with the past 2 years. Use this list to block them all!

12345berquist, 22voiceofmaine, 3853, alfu2u, appliedtop,, blueeyesmale49, chris02171976, coquot, dalia1770, debzhiddenfinds, dinkit, disciple177, drumron8929, eleon1776, hemingway5, hream2008, lldiemaster, manhattancables, marantz_guy, maria.lurdes129, metaldog66, paulweekley, pdpooch6, radioactive_project, rdn39828, revrandspook, rockman7420, sheepdogphilip, superaligizakis, sweateater

Postby Hollander » Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:43 pm


I am new here and my mother tongue is Dutch, In Holland there is a kind of auction site (owned by eBay) named I use that one to buy & sell things in Holland.

So far, I encountered 3 suspicious persons on the Dutch eBay counterpart named Marktplaats:

Mister B. Golstein, at Gemert in Holland, who wanted me to send a raincoat in advance and pay after. He returned the coat without paying my lost transportation money, and for no good reason. Sure he mailed that the size was too small, but when I offered a larger similar coat, he kept silent. Moreover, I checked his photos on the web and in no way the coat could be too small. He is a liar. Finally he returned the coat and it was damaged.

Mister B. Ferrer – – who sold a hat. On his ad it showed a Tilley hat, but after I bought it, it appeared to be a crappy cheapie disposable beach hat. I filed a police report on him. He is a Spanish expat in Holland and he is a liar.

And here a third one, a female bitch Corrie Franken, 6373 GB Landgraaf 2 in Holland, she ordered an electronic slimming device. I bought special package materials as to protect this device during transport by mail. Day after I got a mail saying that “oh poor me I spent too much money with other things” blah blah something like that. What a load of bullshit.

You should never do business with these people.

Postby thegood » Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:17 am

Here is what I gathered from my own and from my friends experiences. All eBay assholes whom you should not do any business with, so copy/paste them into your blocklist:

vinyl_lovers_only, $bigdaddee$, ***bates***, 04146243, 102050, 123.bradley.01, 12345berquist, 123angeloo, 123sahonta, 1450jad, 1501miles, 1967jm, 1chiefsteward, 1jgwin, 1stmardiv, 2-4runners, 2005markbulldog, 2007warm, 2009thalia, 2010calvin75, 206michaelw, 225james, 22voiceofmaine, 231046, 247329, 2586kenneth, 2805jasonc, 2hat, 2whippets, 305scoop9810, 30971359, 30pkabs, 3127tommy, 3581.junkyarddog, 361baker, 3853, 4-tune-teller, 406must, 415hilda, 434434, 4355ian, 45110sharps, 4602blair, 4oleg, 5050montana, 5224ana, 5293_drink, 555srs, 55hipster, 59020, 5captain, 6608clare, 6686lonnie, 702lon, 715sheldon, 7226charles, 74mrkol, 7868joshua, 8060steven, 822017, 83z28, 8661drew, 9202deborah, 9547philip, a.beaulieu, a1-record, a112go, a3kblocksoldier, abnartyguy, abojosalami3049, ackglenn, aclass3011, acrid, adacmusik, adamcurlyboba, adamguedj, addfish2, addydawson, adelsmu, afvn, agil61084z2s, agjls728, aintgotaclue26, ajrodrig09, aka_fuji, akamuzik, akihiko7272, akira.sp, aknellipowitz, alaingilles2007, alexandra, alexismijnbroer, alfu2u, ali-sh, allkindagoodstuff, alundi, amandac8520, amar5735, amazing_mr_g, amducious_ram, amsterdam1012, anbertin, andja07, andref465, angcobra, anotherbiscuit2006, anselmo2022, antinowhere68, antlersandwings51nu, anto$hik, anu86_2000, aragornwingfoot, arey1128, arierom, arvgotti, asamy123123, ascenseur13, asgrant2009, ashtonjaerielborja, askim1230536, aspectjm, astrohood2001, asu74asu, asuarez13, ataemaster, atkins_rx, atomic_daddy, aton9977, audrey391968, augdog75, aurimukas5, austhenry, austinboo, autonomy0, ayers1967, ayumana0515, b-truss, b.s111, babatiddlers, backin8d8, backtoblackrock, bad94toy, bakou84, bananaboy.62, bara_zani, barlev18, bassmasterman1969, baureihe0857, baz7105, bboy_panda, bcole68, bcyrus, be_individual, beaner$, bear731, beaverdam1, beckrock82, belflowerfaye, belli360frud, ben179, benge16, benputnam, bergym72, bernardrizzo, berrybowlboogies, bestiole-libre, beswick9119, betopen, bhazherper, bidderno8,, bigairboy7, bigbaz1977, bigbeardsrule, bigbuck-8, bigdawg7448, biggandwassie!!!, bigmetalglenn, bigraids, bigwavedave1971, bikewoody159, bird_hunter_guy, bjoerne03, bklyn4.2, bliphunter, blondeeva, bloodspray762, blu313220, bluecat1593, blueeyesmale49, bobbyjw1947, bobxmustang, boogaloofunk, boogiegreatsound, bookofballard, bootneyfawnsworth, bowstr, breamkiller58, briavoine, briseur-de-coeur, broadside138, brucie67, bryan4326, btcsr311, bu2fu2sw, budcharlie, bulmeniki5, burlingtonroy, bus58, buster9909, buzzumjo, buzzycards, bwil9835, bwpi95, bwwallace, c.liz, ca$h-flow0, cacey47, caioerenata, caldi123, calimero69500, camoboyrusty, canadianeh!!!!!!!!!!, canbuoy, capttron6l8a, cardiacjack56, carlosdeplaya, carlosgrla, carrot_1984, cass-bs-marina, casteelgl, castillo.enrico, catuzu2xx, catweazleman, catwoodbeer, cbrewer80, ccbussey, ced2troyes, centurian007, cfdsta14, chad_and_erica, chamm334578, chanies74, chaosorc, chasonandme, chattiebet, chazz613, cheapgamestuff, chelle292, chiaki1020, chicamitipo, chicken_of_power, chiefshotguns, chikky4ever, chinamanlim719d, chipolaman, chlllionion, chlo718, chris02171976, chrismyers1962, christanj2007, christopherh3530, chs944, chynadoll2000, cj_claus, cjs8771, ckayakker, ckirkman88, ckqristir, clandy44, clartgallery, clay470_0, clbhdspringer, cmdsmb, cocoarose, coconuts745, coeurenchocolat, collector4stuff, collin, coltsauer257, cometdog1angela, coolhatcoolgirl, copterdrvr, coquot, cornellian07, cortneyc78, coxxx009, crane885, cratediggin83, creations, cremmeke, crimedog72, crown-oak-kitchens, cshall999, ctcoa, ctelemaque, cujon304, cupcakes911, curio193, curriedbeatz, curtis4par, cw1brian, cycle1257, cyclonet1, cyril_the_french, d8492, dabergmans, dada91, dafilkins, daikohara1951, dainstein, daiva0779, damski666, danielcunha, danielmartinez40, danielo2367, dannyelmore, dannykyz, darkarpagon, darleenbrother, dash20050_0, dave-collects, dave39669, davey7mirk, daveyjoneslocker78, davidbrianmac09, dawsonswift1, ddumbb, deanleggett, deb8ter, deborahragonez, debra5081, debzhiddenfinds, degriff1,
deinekleinezitrone, democritus49, demon_thunder, dennis5852, dennisw627, depression77, derfunkmeister, descentlol3, dewarch, dgwyman, dickyone70, dig_it_record, dighirpar, dinadog, dinkit, disciple177, disclavoura, ditch914, dix2409, dj-thumsup, djdjing, djfbo, dkmii050402, doc.vinyl, doc1955, docborsos, doctor_bop, dodgechrgr69, dodger00712008, donene03, doobee1234, dopeonplastic, doukfon, dpearne1, drewster126, drg0416, drickguns, drogers6969, drsergioblanco, drumron8929, dsco12, dsp969, dtailzz, dublin24man, dwiny_123, eallen1379, earnhardt88car, eaz12374, ebmaxer, echo143rr, eclipse2025, eddym1307, eebsubj, efbb67b6aad4ee932189695, eiserner_felix, elcary3, electro1chem2, eleon1776, elkgrove07, elkhroubi, elodiewallace, elsa4, emarquez54, emeraldseas05, encore-lyon, enelia2005, ericn-73, erotic, esider63, ethansuh, etincelle21, eugdankbids85, evemcmaster, evercheerful75, evileira, evoe2, exa7574, faflarage12, faison_35, fallentree1, farmer_boy_records, fat_swede, faustinog2007, felixbarbosa, fenomen, fergrn37, fess454, feverone030, fftraines, fightdapower, finejoeart, finelfamily, fivewinx, florida456, flsts4fun, flycaster50, flycowmarketing, flyingsockx, fobama2008, fordstraat, fouad989, foxbite4, foxinfantry, francoifunky, francoisbilodeau, frankin8tor, franklindal, free_and_happy, freezuma, fritschsr, fuknskzy, funkpunkhippy, funky_muse, funkychem69, funkyfunky0_0, funkyuptight, fuseyz, fusionrecords4me, fuzos84, fuzzyadkins, fy126789, fyfanmusic, gabfab, gardnered, garydavisremix, garyk9550, garymc-123, gent111, geodjo, georgegero918, geranium765, ghandjr, ghettosofthemind, ghost2john, gifteroberts, gilberto2808, glenmarpiper, gloria.gottardo, gloverecords, gods_dangerous_creation, gogale, goharro, goldenoldiesseattle, golfjock1, goodwax2011, goofy412mom, grabthenet, grady2107, graham1547, greatlakes999, greenbuoy, grendel_us, grip_c, grizlyadamsofmt, grizzlang, grooveyard58, gs_sports2010, gsiy2, gsmith7003, gsxrfixer, guardian6c, guillaume13230, gunbutcherblue, guo_dong_cn, gwen8431, hagisoku_bmw318is, haig4439, hala1545, halny69, hannyhose, happygunscars, harald805, harley1647, harrytheschmuck, hayabuza2005, hayneskim, hbjf99, hcnmech, heatherlemaymiller, heavyvibes, heidi51980, helena1879, hellstones, hemingway5, henryhunter, herihor, hi_note, hibuyitall, higachitheboss, hillbillyspecial, hip2thegame, hiphopjoints, hiphopsoph, hippotomon, hkusp(45), hobo57, homekathy5577, hoocritter, hood4sale, hopstepjump, hot*lucky, hotball55, hotbargains4u, hotrod213, hream2008, hrzepeda44, humbugsneak, huntergw40, huntingjohn123, huntintoo, hvyiron, iamhere-gschwab, iamsoftware, iawe, ibuyufly09, idrinkjazz, ifishtoo, ihawtin, ikeda9rit407, imoldovan, infinity_audio, inrockuptible, irieland79, irish.501, iroczcamaro85, ironbuttroadwarrior, irr_lp, islander00831, istaoreetmarra, italia-fashion, ithinkijustwon, j_e_2009, j_man1469, jackmachine, jaf5549, jakubczyk.b, jamesrambo, jamielee2385, jamwoo35.513, jasminbaljinder, jasonk818, jasonkobe, jay_twist0, jazz_beatz, jazzalist, jazzman62, jazzman92037, jazztobonsai, jb2311, jbjosh444, jboley021671, jc1000247, jcrf00, jeana1962, jeeptruck64, jellybus, jenniferg4810, jer944, jerrsue1, jerwcollins, jessandjames, jessedmj, jessex1, jester52661, jet_star_19, jimbobaz, jimmy4string, jive20001, jjrrj, jknr7677, jkrancour, jmckinney27, jmpuma, jmzba14f2, joaochico, joe-rocket, joeburrows, joezinh_ok, joffesol, john.k.rote, johnashington, jonasbrotherslvr100, jonkanoo*, joolziz, jorgei789, josecurras, joshandpete, jpbuonomo, jpellone, jr1407321, jrg1701e, jthree_services, jtyner0335, ju213, junk_boy_360, jurgen99tt, justbejust, jw11273, k6onceagain, kactusman123, kamilm123, karl70499, karmell99, kashmun, kathy24272, kawabatayasunari, keithb8424, kelnraz, kennethfromct, kennynewtonjohn, kentdiesen, kevink030, keyfobwoman, kffenelon, kgtg2009, kiddle28, killster1, kimwhim, kinbouken, kirsty-02, kiwi.bloke, kiwind008, kiwishooter, kmotika03, knes504, knightrider88, kobayashitt-tk, konken1957, kotony777, kshipman420, ktk2401, kuromomo817, kut_jaclynn37, kverzani1, kyleandem, l.i.-girl,
laila1490, lamicalos, lange-1965, langfear123, larryjm13, latchman69, latinprincesa, laurianeplume, lbbrownyen, ldehart36, lee0010_1, lefeufollet2, legalgunshot, lharvey19, lhhilburn, lilou1239, lion_kalls_records, lippers, liquitious, lldiemaster, loeb807, louisen8840, lp2006, lp服饰, lsahart, lucasb67, luckyluke75017, luv2likeu, luvaint4me, lvgolfer1, m.o.b.s.t.a, m.trapezius79, maalin_99, maceandchase, mad-gunner, madjealous, maggielung11, magicmeyer1, mainman0001, maio31, malfoygurl66, malmed8, mambomstarr, manhattancables, manning87, marantz_guy, marble-mouth, maria.lurdes129, marissa5146, markgravel, marthmar_05, matam1989, matheusroots-br, mattdmcv, matthigg21, mattygirlkelly, mayrock, mbprimate, mcapps717, mcd124, mceaglefan5, mchackett1001, mcmillionmmichael, me34cham, medman96, meenthee, mehdi-rose, melchorcano, melodie_mystique, melonchops, merc32, metaldog66, metalheadsjeep, metrobudzynski, mevf, mgs_auctions, michaeldavid70, michaelryu, michelandsheila2010, midnight_star, midniight_star, miescpe, mike-s-photo, miked6700, millencolin3296, mimo164, mintmusiconly, mishka_dog, missiledefender, missoriginalspecies, mjah873, mjm092655, mjodriggers, modemflik, modernwebstudios, moejoewoe, mofati_88, mollydog35, mom2joeyandella, moment1983, mommyofdca, momofgamer2010, mongeral, monman42, monnie619, moon-child-1982, moonstorm10, moparplayer, moreshiva, morny356, mosem-e-gol, mountain-viper, moz_619, mpsawyer1, mr2_ed, mr_englishshooter, mrcash3778, mrtroudbill, msavsa, msgcajun, msr-16, musc1, musemil, musicologue, muskielureaddict, mutant_86, muttburger, muzzleloaderjpd3, mye1996, mynet1234, nadieshop, nana464, nanotechrnd, napagigi, nash2010, nautilus412, navdivrcwo4, nc_adonis, nelsong73, neu-rich, nevers5, new_note, newtention, nfatuad24, nfl-legend, nickthedeath, nikhil0406, nino51380, nitro4blood, nmkty, noemarquez, nums74, nut, nuvation, nxccj, occultrecords, ofeldman, ofthemirroreye, okame819, old-178, oldcollectiblecloseouts, ondemand12, oneasterik, osmosisrecords, otooto88, oulouloux, oxmop, p.r.s.s, p451245, palla58, pan7636, pancellipennell, pango301, paologerih, paradisecity7462, parishilton2022, passeira2007, passelfot, pauldoane, paullakedistrict, paulweekley, pcfriar59, pdpooch6, peaceunity, pearldragon5, peatol187, peddler633, penguinsoldier87, pennysoldstuff, perichon, petrus36, pfscomp, pheiyen, philton024, pietrod91, piscop0, pjross2, pkf1, planet_crew, pleasepayhere, plot38, poison_creek_man, pondbranchpurdies, porsch996, pottsy10, preampli2, premierhunter, premiumvinyl, prestoncappspc2010, pretty_somethingz, primeav, profesional33, proteus315, provideo3, prunero-vinilo, pteigs, punkrocker197, puppymagic, pworthfamily, rachelnuttell, racingdale8-3, racingmike2005, radioactive_project, ragtopcruzin, raidrfan1695, rainbow-mountain, ramblin_bob, randyandypandy1981, rapidsseller, ras_reyna, rasnattyfred, rasyak, rdn39828, recordslover, rectory777, redbone311, redkioo, rehmugs, remchi13000, retro35, revrandspook, rhinoklown, riartwork, rich_o, ricktennisace, ricky-7988, rino492, rjthrice, rjzingler, rlb21chevy, rmaynard60, robarr55, robbinhood231, roberto864, robertocasio, robertrandt2006,, rockkstar15, rockman7420, rocksoldier., ronr615, roofgrizzly, roohoare83, rose*ryan, ross9475, round, rov_the_cat, rowboat610, rrt2266, rsc2448, rudalega, rude_boy_scott, rudylangley, rugburn2, rvixlv, rzhangwm, s.gmay, s3bug, s40285, s_larsen, saibot, sajid163, sakkasarisgr2, sakura1207jpjp, sakyskm, salesjcs1108, salrmomvirginia, sam050305**, samattolicoiii, samnigel2233_123, sandbar51, saogald, sapphiresolutionsltd, sarkofunk, sato-chan48, saund56, savingmyangel, sawman2682, sballance, schnorpel, schoolofspool, schoopafly187, scott14880, scottishdriver, sdhealy, seco06, setbox, seth2139, sethmont, sfguard, sgkercan, sgtgodsmack, shaina12345, shak2345, sharonjohnston, sharpshooter40, shawn_w, sheepdogphilip, shiv*, shohetubodek, shooter500guns, shulcs, sicknick63, sidekickguru, silverruby10, simale-73, sinacom777, singlesourcebargains, singten, sjb_624, skarm7, skaubjonn, skinncl, skyraider001, sl0010,
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Re: More To eBay Blacklist

Postby thegood

And here two more in detail:

premiumvinyl left me three neutrals because he did not like the records I sold him/her. I tried to contact him/her but (s)he never replied. I left positive feedback as soon as (s)he paid.

jeverage10 is a noobie. Bought something and did not pay, yet still had the time to ask me things, you know, before he won. I never heard from this asshole again.

Postby facecook » Mon Aug 05, 2012 6:46 pm

My pet asshole ebay bidder is one JOHN HORTON from Reno, Nevada. He now bids under the ebay identity of his boyfriend Rich Lembi (rlembi2012 which displays as m***m). His two previous ebay IDs (skyboyyy and evaccards1) have both been blocked for excessive unpaid strikes).

Ebay has removed all negative feedback to give a “positive” appearance to this deadbeat. He picks and chooses which auctions he wants to pay for. And he ALWAYS has excuses for non- or slow payment: A death in the family, a medical emergency, credit card won’t work (obviously when you’re bankrupt or don’t pay your bills), problems with his Paypal account (perhaps if his credit cards weren’t declined or his bank accounts overdrawn). I have kept all emails and correspondence with this jerk over the years and now collect the same from other ebay sellers that have issues with him. He has been reported repeatedly to ebay. What do they do to “provide and safe environment”?…Not a damned thing.

Postby thegood » Wed Jan 04, 2012 9:01 pm

And now another new eBay asshole is coming into the picture: dubaieshope (Turkey). That one is no longer registered at eBay and is trying to do transactions outside the eBay system. His email addresses are

“Ali Boyaci” aliboyaci2012 AT
“maysam abdola” dubaiseller2012 AT
“Maysam Abdola” nmahmaudi AT

Three different accounts for the same guy. He seems to live in Dubai, not in Turkey. Or he conspires with another person with that other identity.

This guy manages to have people pay him directly through PayPal and not via the eBay interface. As a consequence, eBay payment is not recognized, therefore no buyers protection. And PayPal Resolution Center does nothing, as usual. You pay, he gets the money, you get nothing.

I can’t warn other eBay members through the feedback option, because this seller is no longer registered.

Summary of facts:

1) Seller “dubaieshope” has the following identities, all used in the transactional process:
“Ali Boyaci” aliboyaci2012 AT
“maysam abdola” dubaiseller2012 AT
“Maysam Abdola” nmahmaudi AT
2) I have ordered the item through eBay at seller
3) I have paid for the item to seller through PayPal
4) I have not received item after 5 weeks from seller
5) eBay refuses to support me in case escalation
6) Seller is no longer registered at eBay

And yes, not only eBayers suck, but eBay sucks as well.

It is sad that online buying is not the kind of trusted experience. One of the alternatives for transactioning is the escrow option. COD is generally not opted for due to the high costs. Socalled “Buyers Protection”, that eBay and PayPal promote as their strengths, usually do not end up in favoring the one who is at the losing end. These are the hard facts. And the bad folks listed above know that.

DHL sucks too

Postby eurobaypal » Wed Jan 09, 2013 9:47 pm

Yep, moving a parcel from one planet to another in a Starfleet 1701 space-ship is quite expensive. But sooo fast.

I bought a mobile phone through eBay from a Hong Kong supplier. to have the phone send to Holland in Europe.

4-6 Weeks of waiting time was not an option for me, so I paid a few bucks extra for express mail. Wew, it came by DHL instead of EMS:

Result Summary

Waybill: 3047706561
Scheduled for delivery as agreed Sign up for shipment notifications

Friday, November 23, 2012 at 19:46

Origin Service Area: HONG KONG – HONG KONG – HONG KONG

Friday, November 23, 2012 Location Time

13 Recipient delivery AMSTERDAM – NETHERLANDS, THE 16:32
12 With delivery courier AMSTERDAM – NETHERLANDS, THE 13:35
11 Arrived at Delivery Facility in AMSTERDAM – NETHERLANDS, THE AMSTERDAM – NETHERLANDS, THE 12:32
8 Clearance processing complete at AMSTERDAM – NETHERLANDS, THE AMSTERDAM – NETHERLANDS, THE 10:33

Thursday, November 22, 2012 Location Time

6 Departed Facility in HONG KONG – HONG KONG HONG KONG – HONG KONG 23:04
4 Arrived at Sort Facility HONG KONG – HONG KONG HONG KONG – HONG KONG 17:34
3 Departed Facility in HONG KONG – HONG KONG HONG KONG – HONG KONG 04:54
1 Shipment picked up HONG KONG – HONG KONG 02:50

This speed is fabulous. It’s even faster than local mail in town. My goodness, from Hong Kong to Holland in less than 2 days. They obviously did not hire the Wright Brothers for this supersonic airmail delivery.

But hey, I had to pay an additional 25 Euros VAT. WTF, that DHL crook. But okay, I forgive all sins and I am double happy with my new toy.


The phone appeared broken. The screen glass was well damaged, showing an eternal cobweb.

So I contacted DHL. Their statement was that I cannot prove they damaged the phone. Dirty Hypocrite Lousiness! Of course it was DHL who destroyed my phone! Those assholes throw & smash any package as hard as they can! It’s not their stuff anyway and they can do so completely unpunished. They behave like idiot disrespectful garbage workers!

Now I don’t know if there was a Chinese Kung Fu fighter using the parcel as a dummy, or a Dutch hooligan using the parcel as a football, but I do know it was DHL kicking my phone all the way. I know dammit! I wish them lifetime misery. Thank you. Welcome.

Okay then. I contacted the Seller, named Super Luxury Phoneshop in Hong Kong. First by eBay messaging. I sent some pics as proof. Well, the Seller was very friendly, even phoned me (!) and helped me out. Can you imagine, he phoned me! I was so impressed and pleased. His eBay nick is superluxuryphoneshop2010, and I really recommend you to go there if you need any phone. This Seller is amazing. I just gave the Seller not 5 stars, but 20 stars!

We agreed that he would send me two spare screens and I would fix it onto the phone. For me that is a piece of cake (or is it pie?) because I am used to fixing things by myself.

Anyway, the bottomline is this, my personal advice: DO NOT SEND ANYTHING BY DHL! DHL destroys your property, and on top of that, fucking mafia DHL requires you to pay a fee and VAT and what have you! DHL sucks!

And yes, DHL is quick and dirty. I strongly advise you NEVER use DHL!

And many others of course. Pffff, getting tired…

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