Feeling: Lovely elbow fight

On the street there are no rules. You have to fight mean. Use at least your elbows when you are grabbed.

The downward elbow can be smashed into the face, throat or sternum when you lever your attacker slightly backwards by grabbing the back of an attacker’s hair, then driving an elbow into the sternum followed by an inner or outer leg reap is a great combination.

The downward elbow can also be used to great effect on the arms, If grabbed by the lapels. You can smash the point of the elbow right into the top of the biceps, splitting the muscle to paralyse the arm and instantly neutralizing the grip.

Your elbow can also strike furiously the triceps muscle on the back of the arm where it inserts into the elbow joint, again to paralyse the arm or to dislocate the elbow joint. It’s a great technique to disarm against a weapon too.

The horizontal power elbow is next up. It can whip in to strike the temples, the jaw or the neck from the front, also the sternum or the solar plexus. If you change the angle slightly, it can cut in a downward arc across the temple to the chin or the other way from the jaw hinge to the nose.

These hard cold hot blows, again from close quarter grabbing attacks, are extremely effective and difficult to stop. They batter their way through very nicely.

The upward rising elbow at close range can be an unexpected and powerful shot – the target area is the end of the chin. It can cause your attacker chipped teeth, a bitten tongue or neck whiplash or even an instant knockout. It can also be used as a strike to the sternum bone for a set-up to a throw or lock.

A surprise move with this blow is either when you are on the floor or in a deep crouch.

You bring the blow up in the same rising fashion to slam between your opponent’s legs up into the testicles for a lovely finishing move.

The downward elbow can smash into the back of the skull and the cervical vertebrae of the neck or between the shoulder blades into the thoracic vertebrae of the spine, emptying the lungs of air and paralyzing the attacker, usually after a firm testicle shot to set him up.

Enjoy elbowing! Better to elbow than to bowel (nice word for shit).