Alien UFO Bases: Abductions by Government

Many humans are abducted, most of them never return. This explains the fact that humans have disappeared, are missing, and get emulated (someone else pretending the original one, for example by mail or by phone), all done by Aliens and Humans in order to get the necessary bio resources they need. It is estimated more than 10,000 American children have been brought to Montauk, New Jersey, for experiments on human minds and bodies. The total number of people that they misused at the 25 stations was about 250,000. These abductions are not done by Aliens, but by the Government.

This is a figure for just one lab. And then we do not yet count abductees for a hundred other places of covert research. A few million abductees to date is a conservative estimate.

By whom & for what Aliens also need human biomass. They need blood to prepare their food, organs for genetic engineering. They need, and get, complete living bodies, in particular of young females, to breed Hybrids (combination or mix of Aliens with Humans or other entities), and most such women are forced to pregnancy many times. For their scientific and political work, Aliens also need human scientists and political leaders.

Political leaders are abducted, get implants and their mind reprogrammed, and returned, usually without awareness about the abduction. Scientists, in particular in data analysis (Humans are better in that than Aliens), languages (Aliens want to know all languages as to integrate themselves in our society), education (to analyze and alter the education at schools, universities, etc.), psychology and economy (for reasons of ganing power over Humans through confusion and weakening of primary life conditions) and people considered ‘useless to society’ (only their physical body is needed), usually do not return from abduction. For them it is a one way ticket. Attempts to escape are rewarded with death.

We, Terrans, do similar things with animals in our laboratories, don’t we ? So, let us not put all the blame on the Aliens only.

Government responsibility Abductions are always meticulously planned involving identity emulation, brainwashing (forgetter & replacer), RNA carriers (viruses) to modify DNA, cells implantation, drugs, timing & means of transportation, MIB, and so forth. At least a part of abduction planning is done by Terrans, i.e. the Government, and it can be safely concluded that returning abductees have received a good brainwash. Also, the Government uses an imago of the Aliens as a cover-up for their abducting of humans to replenish their supply of guinea pigs for experiments on the human body and mind in their underground facilities.

It is one of the treaties between the Terran Goverment and the Aliens, to exchange life-forms of all kinds.

In body & out of body If you ever dream about taking a ride in a UFO, be aware that you most likely will not get the chance to tell anyone about your experiences.

Ever been wondering why during a moment of relaxation, such as sleep or nap, your head or even your whole body seems vibrating like electricity, hearing a kind of buzz-like noise ? And even get “detached” from your body, even though you managed to escape from being pulled-out by waking-up yourself ?

Ever been wondering how the sounds are produced that make you wake-up suddenly, like beeps of alarm clocks, or crackles, or a bang, or whistles, or voices, sometimes echoeing ?

Ever woke up with a bleeding nose or a strange scar ? Or having the sense of lost time ?

You might have been visited by them, but most likely you have been subject to psychotronic wave radiation or even simple household electricity radiation and/or radio wave and/or mobile phone wave radiation.

This be not confused with voluntary or natural out of body experiences. Although the sensation of “electricity or vibration through the body” is very similar. In fact, the aforesaid radiation can provoke involuntary exteriorization, i.e. going
out of the body.

There are also activities going on to create artificial abductions via electromagnetic mind control techniques, using psychotronic wave technology. In other words, many socalled abductions may not be real, even though the victims show indicators on the polygraph or under hypnosis. Such psychotronic projections are most likely done for reasons of propaganda, related with cover-up and suppressive acts by the Government (or the organization above).

Scars & implants People who find themselves at exactly the same location before and after an “abduction” should first investigate whether they are sensitive to electricty radiation, radio waves or micro waves, because this radiation, apart from the psy waves, can also cause dispruptions in the mind. Scars should be investigated only after a few days, as they might fade away rapidly, because these might be the result of physical reactions on psychotronic projection.

Individuals who claim to be taken as an “abductee”, usually left at another location after the abduction than before the abduction, are usually victims of alien religious rituals.

The tiny objects that are implanted through the nose into the forehead are mind control devices, called SBMCD’s, or Spherical Biological Monitoring and Control Devices. They represent an organically enhanced synaptid processor powered by a micro-positron flow that controls or mimics the functions within the human nervous system with micro relays that duplicate brain operation or engram patterns.

In general, Aliens “track” people by totally different means. And, the Government has extensive databases, accessible by the Aliens, and those databases are also coupled with central cell-phone roaming computers, so at least the approximate geo-position of anyone carrying a cell-phone is known. Except for anonymous pre-pay phones of course. Very simple.

Mutilation & dumps If Aliens need human bodies for their experiments, whether at their labs or at your home, they get them from the Government. And vice versa. Simple as that. No need to send for hunter saucers to fly to some chalet in the forest.

Besides, why would Aliens, who are so advanced, just drop mutilated animals and humans down on the ground even though they knew they were violating some treaty ? Even without the treaty, why would they bother flying back just to dump bodies on the ground, rather than feeding them to the sharks ? In other words, all remains of cattle and human bodies ever found are dumped by Terrans, not by Aliens. Another propaganda and cover-up game by the grand Conspiracy, whom the Government is working for or part of. “Blame it on the Aliens, so people’s attention gets shifted”.

Human scientists are involved with longevity studies using adrenalyn. They have developed altered adrenlyn, and drugs called cordrazine, cortropinex, formazine, and hyronalix. All of them have an adrenalyn base. The only way to get the large quantitites of adrenalyn is to get them from cattle. Some of the substances they develop affect psychic development. Other drugs have physical restoration properties. Aliens use cattle for the biological materials as well. They use the materials in their breeding program and for the construction of cloned individuals.