Relationship: Cherish Save Your Relationship

Here are some romance items you should have available at all times to help you to be spontaneous and romantic. Do you want to romance her, spark her libido and ignite her passion? Then here are some romantic ideas and some romance supplies you should have:
Romantic Candles. Get the kind of candles that come in their own glass jar with a lid. They are safer than the tall candles, won’t spill wax all over the place and when you put the lid on they go out without filling the room with smoke. Choose scented candles with mild scents like vanilla or melon – or your wife’s favorite scent. Here’s a romantic idea: light them all around the living room – at night, get a relaxing drink and just sit on the couch and talk with her – run your fingers through her hair as you talk – and don’t “expect” any action – if you remove the pressure, she will relax and come after you!
Romantic “I love you” Cards. Get about 15 different “thinking of you” and “I love you” greeting cards. Then – over the course of a few months, whenever you have the idea of leaving one in her purse or car or mailing one to her work, you can do it before you forget. Just write a short personal note in each when you send it. Here’s a romantic idea: send her a card a day for a week and then personally bring flowers to her at work at the end of the week as a romantic surprise. She’ll love it!
Romantic Bubble Bath. Get scented bubble bath for your wife – but don’t give it to her – yet. The cucumber and melon scents are really relaxing. Romantic idea: make her a bath, use the romantic bubble bath and put some romantic candles (above) around the tub. Then just leave and let her enjoy some peace (unless she asks you to join her). She’ll melt with relaxation.
Romance Incense. Incense can really make your home smell nice and create a relaxing atmosphere. Some incense in really powerful – I personally don’t like those. I get the Angelic Series from Shoyeido Corporation – they are really mild and romantic scents. My wife loves them – and the gift box set from the last series has lasted us over 3 years now.
A Blanket can be Romantic. Keep a blanket in your trunk. That way, you can do spontaneous romantic excursions like stopping, laying on the blanket and looking at the stars on a clear night or just enjoy relaxing under a tree on a warm day.
Your Romantic Cell Phone. Yes – your cell phone can be romantic – just call her out of the blue just to say hi and “I love you.” Romance idea: send her loving text messages at random times in the week.
Try to do something small two or three times a week for her – such as a card or note or a call or e-mail. Try to do something medium for her at least once a week – such as bring home flowers or make a nice dinner. And try to do something big for her at least once a month – such as a full evening without kids that includes a nice dinner, a bath and a massage – all truly from your heart with no obligations attached. Mix it up – make nothing routine.
Every once in a while, go a week or two without doing anything romantic except calling or e-mailing to keep contact. Then start romancing her again. She’ll appreciate it more that way – it won’t be the same ol’ thing.
So many jump into relationships wanting to fly to the heights without having any understanding at all of how to build a solid foundation that will allow their relationship to stand strong. However, just as an architect knows and respects the laws of gravity, we too must know and work with the basic laws of love. These laws operate unfailingly. They are the cornerstone of all relationships and guidelines for the human heart. Once we learn and apply the basic laws of love, it is truly impossible to fail at love. No matter what happens.
Unfortunately, rather than learn these simple laws, most have absorbed many myths and fantasies. They then suffer greatly when their dreams do not come to pass and either blame themselves and others. However, it is extremely important to realize that the only thing that causes hurt, loss, or distress in relationships are the fantasies we hold onto. Once we replace these fantasies with the simple laws of love, a whole new world opens. Confusion is cleared up and we naturally see the right steps to take.
To begin with, let us absorb this law #1. It is impossible to fail at love.
No one is a failure in love. Our mistakes, losses, confusion and mishaps do not arise because of love. They arise simply out of our ignorance of who we are and what love truly is.
In order to recognize real love, we must move onwards to law #2. There is a difference between real and counterfeit love.
Counterfeit love is based upon the idea that love is an emotion, a wonderful feeling, not a way of life. In counterfeit love, when we have strong feelings towards someone, we immediately assume that we are in love. But all feelings naturally change, that is their nature. Many feel that love is leaving when this happens. They do not realize that it is the nature of feelings to change, and that this is also the nature of counterfeit love.
Counterfeit love is confusion between excitement, dependence, attachment and love. Real love does not fluctuate. We do not reject the other person if they do not meet our needs. Real love grows through action. It is love is a verb, upon deeds of kindness, value and respect. It knows that the foundation of lasting relationships is built something deeper than feelings that come and go.
Love brings fulfillment, healing, kindness, warmth and inspiration. Let us separate truth from error here. If this is not what’s going on in your relationship, it is not an expression of love. But it is easy to save your relationship. Let us learn how to build relationships that are based on a strong foundation. Once you learn and practice the laws of love you will not only save your relationship, but become all you were meant to be.
If the cliche familiarity breeds contempt is starting to take shape in your relationship then you might want to try a quick and easy relationship fixer. Get you and you significant other to go to a romantic getaway that will surely get you in the mood for some much needed quality time. Here are some great romantic getaway hotspots that you and your honey can hightail to even for just the weekend.
1. Jersey Shore, New Jersey
New Jersey, highly known for its Beachy Glitz, is the place to go for couples who love to go clubbing all night long while spending their days in luxurious long sanded beaches. Down and out couples will get a chance to enjoy and relax themselves and hopefully even bond with the various great beaches and fast-paced casino action. A recent addition to the many wonderful attractions in Jersey Shore is the Vegas-worthy Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa whose presence has surely livened up the whole Jersey Shore area. A quick insider tip from Jersey Shore is that bands from the ’80s have always been headlining the shows at Atlantic City, try checking out Ticket master on what’s available during your visit there.
2. Lake Tahoe, California
For nature tripping couples, a great weekend getaway will be in Lake Tahoe in California wherein you will surely get to experience nature’s best. From the most pristine lake that you will ever see in your whole life to the most picturesque mountains, nature loving couples will surely get a kick out of this whole romantic getaway. Also, when you start looking for other Lake Tahoe attractions, you can start going around this adorable little town or enjoy a bit of gambling at their fantastic casinos. The hippest resort in Lake Tahoe is the Mammoth Mountain especially in the fall wherein you will surely feel like having the place all to yourselves since the skiers who frequent Lake Tahoe would not be arriving ’til winter.
3. Monetelago Village, Nevada
Considered to be too cool for Las Vegas, Monetelago Village in Nevada is actually only 17 miles from the world famous Strip. But unlike Vegas, the atmosphere here in Montelago Village is a lot more laid-back and completely the opposite of the fast-paced scene that you will find in Las Vegas. This romantic getaway hotspot is filled with relaxation that will surely get you in the mood for some loving. From various spas, to boutique shopping, even cobblestone streets as well as jazz on the lake performances and romantic yacht rides, there a lot of romance filled activities that you and your honey can enjoy in this romantic getaway. If you opt to take this romantic getaway, you can either stay in a condo or in a casita (a little villa) that is actually a whole lot more affordable than renting out a condo. Great food, views as well as wine flights await you and your significant other at the Sunset and Vines restaurant
4. Central, Pennsylvania
Here, you can find a place great for some rural romance for your romantic getaway wherein you can head off to Hershey, Pennsylvania wherein you can book a room for your romantic getaway at the historic Hotel Hershey. You and your loved one can enjoy various chocolate-themed body treatments at the newly renovated spa at the Hotel Hershey as well as cocoa-infused entrees at the Hotel Hershey’s restaurant. You can also relive you childhood at this romantic getaway by taking fun rides at the Hershey park. An insider trip for those who are thinking of going on a romantic getaway at Central, Pennsylvania, you can take a highly interesting trip to Dutch Country that is home of Pennsylvania’s Amish community and is only a 30-minute drive away from Hotel Hershey.
5. Saugatuck, Michigan
For a coastal cool romantic getaway, head off to Saugatuck, Michigan wherein you can find nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan as well as the Kalamazoo River this great romantic getaway resort town. This is exactly the perfect place wherein the two of you can just mellow down for a couple of days to enjoy the vintage char of this charming little resort town. From an unusual collection of galleries to various restaurants and shops as well as the top-rated beaches in the United States there is really a lot of things that you can do in Saugatuck during your romantic getaway here. Also, Saugatuck, Michigan is considered as the Bed and Breakfast Capital of the Midwest so expect some good old homey hospitality from the locals. A good time to stop by Saugatuck is during the month of October wherein you and your loved one can have a few brewskis during Octoberfest.
You know, these are just examples!