Dating: Bad Date Survival

Bad Date Survival Tips
Occasionally, a bad date happens to one person at a certain point in his or her life. One should do some assessment before writing off the person for life. No sparks at all? Too nervous to open any topic? Is he or she being rude? Here are some things that you can do.
How to deal with a bad date? Or when you are the one who’s about to make it bad…
1. If you are feeling too nervous opt for a date over coffee. You will have less time fidgeting due too overnervousness since after finishing your coffee you can easily bid your date a quick “ta-ta”.
2. There is no excuse for a date that is obnoxious and rude. Walk away Renee.
3. You and your date are not on the same wavelength? Endure the date, maintain your composure and leave politely. If your date asks for an extension, say an after meal drink, you can always politely (again) say no.
4. If you unintentionally insult your date, simply apologize then move on. If your insult is not that severe, your date might just forgive and forget.
5. Never provide entertainment at your expense. Humor is cool, self-bashing is not. It is not worth it to make your self feel uncomfortable trying to impress your date.
How to move on?
1. Don’t punish yourself for a date that went horrible. Save it somewhere in your mind that is remote. Or better yet, commend yourself for being able to go through it. Learn from your mistakes.
2. Share the details with a friend. This way you can treat it more of a laughingstock than something that will haunt you for life.
3. Get occupied with other activities so you can forgive yourself and forget about the bad date. Exercising, eating something sweet or watching a movie will make the bad vibes go away sooner than you expect.
4. Honesty and kindness are a good combination when it comes to turning down a bad date that would like a second round. Say something a bit blunt but peppered with some praise — is that an oxymoron?
5. Now, if you think that the person still deserves a second chance, by all means, give him or her the second try. You can always laugh the bad date incident away when you are more comfortable with each other.
Bad First Date Ideas And Other Things You Should Avoid Doing
First dates can be really stressful especially when you’re the one planning it. You’d want to make it as simple as the conventional “dinner and a movie” setting but this is often considered a bad first date idea. You may feel uncomfortable sitting in front of your date while eating because you’ll be conscious with the way you chew your food, the way you speak, the way you sit, and anything else in between. Letting out a big smile might show some of the food stuck between your teeth or while talking, huge saliva might spray from your mouth. These scenarios are major turn-offs. First dates are supposed to be about first impressions due to the fact that this may determine if there is a possibility of a second date.
You have to avoid making your first date a movie date because this eliminates the crucial ingredient of communication. You’ll be sitting side by side silently in the movie theater and your date might think that you’re not interested in knowing her. Also, avoid first dates involving your group of friends. Instead of focusing on your date, you might end up gabbing about the latest basketball game with your guy friends. These are bad signs for establishing a supposed relationship.
Another thing to avoid if you are still on the dating stages of the relationship is sending naughty sms to the girl you are currently courting. These naughty sms might send negative signals to her. She might think that instead of making her laugh, you might just be after her physical attributes. In short, you just wanted to get it on with her on the bed. This is a big no-no especially if she’s the conservative type of girl. Just reserve your naughty sms when she’s your girlfriend already.
If you wanted to impress her with your wits using your mobile phone, why not send her funny sms, love sms, wise words messages, good morning sms, good night sms, love quotes, and anything that provides a friendly or neutral tone. You don’t want to scare her off with naughty sms, always remember that. You can also send her funny egreetings on her email address to make her smile even if you’re not with her.
Always remember to make an impression. You can do this by sending her a sms message that makes her feel important. You can ask her how she’s doing, wish her a great day ahead, and even tell her you’re looking forward to your next date. Impressing a girl with a simple message is easier than you thought and sometimes this can be the way to her heart.
You might be stressed out but you have to think about what will be good for you and your date. First dates should involve communication, entertainment, and loads of fun. If you’re nervous, chances are your date is nervous as well. Admitting that you’re nervous will enable you and your date to relax and before you know it, you might be chatting about all the things that you both enjoy. Listen carefully for some hints of second date ideas so that you won’t be stressed out planning it. Remember to have fun, to be honest and to show your humorous side.