Dating: Success On First Date

Dating – How To Get Big Success On First Date?
I have read many questions from worried daters about how to get success. They do not think about getting success on the first date. Unfortunately they are worried so much about their success that they feel they would be happy if they manage to get success after many attempts. Why such negative thinking and such low goals? Let me tell you how you can get big success on your first date itself.
Dating and worry do not go together- please understand that worrying about the result of the date will spoil your success chances. Why get worried? You are only going to meet a person of opposite sex for some time. Whether the chemistry develops or not, what do you have to lose? Why worry so much-the sky is not going to fall.
Dating and confidence is a success mix- are you a failure in life? Are you a loser? Are you not intelligent? Are you not a deserving person? Are you not smart? If you are all that, why do not you feel confident when you date? Let your partner worry, why are you worried? You have to be won over and not vice-versa. Go for the date with confidence. Your confidence will help you handle every situation.
Dating requires open and honest communication – why act and think of dialogues that are not your own. Similarly why think about lying? Be honest and open about everything. Talk as if you are talking to a good friend. Confidence should ooze out of every word you speak.
Dating needs charisma- yes; charm or charisma makes a person very attractive. Show yourself as somebody very desirable. Your body language should be that of a charismatic person.
Dating can be success if you do not worry about it and show yourself as a very desirable person. For once, let the other party worry if he/she can win you over. You will get success right on your first date.
Dating – How To Impress With Confidence
Many people find it stressful to go on a first date. You feel under pressure to impress, you feel that you are under scrutiny and your faults will be exposed, you feel that some chance remark you make could be enough to ruin the entire evening. The effect of all these things can be greatly reduced by boosting your confidence. If you give out self confidence, this will be more attractive to your date and you’ll enjoy the evening more. So how can you make yourself more confident?
Having confidence is just a state of mind, and it’s more a matter of what “stories” you’re telling yourself than it is about any good qualities or skills you might have. By this I mean that you keep telling yourself you are one of those people that are always the centre of attention. You know the type – the person that everyone is looking at and that everyone wants to talk to. If you tell yourself you are that kind of person then you are more likely to become that kind of person. So picture yourself as a confident person, work on keeping that mental image of yourself at all times.
Remember that it’s only a date after all. It’s not a matter of life or death. It won’t decide the whole rest of your life, unless you end up marrying the person
you’re going on the date with! So just enjoy the date for what it is, and keep telling yourself that’s what you’re there to do. This kind of thinking can take a lot of pressure off you, and make you seem more relaxed, which in turn will make you more attractive.
Tell the truth. Ther’s no point in trying to pretend you are someone you’re not or that you can do things you can’t really do. For one thing it’s hard work remembering what you’ve said when you made things up. Also, if you go out on another date with that person, eventually they’re going to find out that you didn’t tell the truth. This can be awkward at the very least and might lead to the loss of a potentially nice relationship. So just be yourself.
Of course, you want to play up your strengths and play down any weaknesses you might have. That’s only natural. But don’t do that at the expense of telling the truth. here is a difference. Your date will almost certainly be trying to highlight their own good points as well, that’s just one of the rules of the dating game.
If you tell yourself that you are a special person, and an attractive person, and you talk yourself into confidence in yourself, it’s more likely than not that your date will have confidence in you too.
Dating – How To Look Like A Prince Or A Princess?
Look at a blue-blooded price or a princess. Apart from looks, you will notice a quality that you may not be able to define, but you can notice. That is the quality of cool confidence. Every royal person need not be a great looker, but the attraction can still be magnetic. If you develop such magnetism, do not you think that you will attract prospective dates in droves? Let us discuss and find out how to do that.
Body – Taking care of face is not enough. Your smallest body part, the toe should be equally clean and well kept. Every body pat should be given equal attention and like a true royal your body should look like great. This need not cost you a lot. We pay more when we visit beauty salons. You can carry out all the treatments except few at your home. The idea is to keep yourself absolutely clean and take great care of everything that nature has given you. You need not be a great looker but every body should notice that you know how to take care of what nature has given to you.
Posture – Keep a straight posture. Learn the art of walking, sitting, table manners, hand movements and such from an expert. This investment will fetch you very good returns. Good posture makes a huge difference. Please do it as soon as possible.
Voice and Talking style – Be careful about how you speak, your choice of words and your tone. Do you expect a royal to use dirty words or common slang? Avoid them. Imagine that you area prince/princess and use words and modulate your voice accordingly.
How To Win The Best?
I believe that enough is being written about what you should do and what you should not in dating. Let me ask you another question – whether you deserve the best partner available out there? Is your answer is in yes, or are you getting scared with the thought? If you are a man, do you not think that you deserve to get the most beautiful, intelligent and loving lady? And if you are a woman, do not you believe that you deserve a prince and nothing less than a prince?
Not many of us think of this at all. We have all developed habit of satisfying ourselves with our low self-esteem and low desires. We dare not think of what I said earlier. Why not? Do you not think that you are good? Are you not the best? Unfortunately most of us do not believe that we are the best.
What stops us from thinking that we are the best? Money, physical beauty, personality, intelligence and reputation in society are some of the factors that make us believe that we are not the best. When we look around, we find people better than us in all these departments and that dampens our spirit. This is where we all make a mistake. Not many people have all the qualities combined. And believe me, that it is your idea that the best person out there is looking for somebody with loads of money, beauty and intelligence. You may be surprised to know that they may be looking for somebody like you.
The first requirement is to stop calling yourselves average. The second requirement is to make improvements wherever possible. And the most important requirement is to change our thinking and start believing that we deserve the best person out there. Please do what I have suggested. You may get a pleasant surprise.