Dating: The Waitress

How To Ask The Waitress Out
If a person is attracted to a waitress and would like to ask her if she would like to go out on a date, be sure that the manager is not around. It is all up to the person on how he will approach the waitress. There are instances where the waitress can be busy on her work. Those persons that would want to date a waitress can find it hard to convince the girl because of the hectic schedule that a waitress has.
Asking the waitress out for a date can give the person a hard time. She may want to come but she might not have the time for dates. Here are some ways that can lessen the pressure in asking out the waitress out for a date:
1. A person can get the telephone number of the waitress. Ask for her home telephone number or get the restaurant’s number. The option of calling her first, than inviting her personally can be a good alternative in asking her out. Before leaving the restaurant be sure to ask her on what time she will be at home, this will give the person the idea on what is the perfect time to call the waitress.
2. The person may try to call the number given by the waitress. He must be sure that the waitress would be at her house before calling her. Stay calm and be composed. She might be a little tensed too if she will notice that the person calling her feels some pressure. Ask her on the telephone if she would like to go out with him for a date. If she reject the invitation, do not feel bad there could be other reasons why she could not come on the date.
3. Ask her again if she would be available on a different time. He should have a plan set, once the waitress have agreed to come on a different schedule. The person should tell the waitress what his plans are for the date. He should inform her on what time she will be picked up and ask her on how much time she will be lending on the date so that he may have the idea on how he will maximize his time on the date.
4. If phone tactics does not work, it is more advisable that the person should have the courage to invite the waitress personally. It is a better approach to ask the waitress face to face. It is recommended that the person introduces himself first. He may tell the waitress that he is a regular customer on the restaurant she is serving. The waitress should have an idea on the person asking her out.
5. He should approach the waitress with confidence. He must be sure of himself that he looks presentable and gorgeous when he asks the girl for a date with him. A nice and decent approach with a proper attire would just be enough to convince her. He could make the waitress be impressed on the way he approached her and that might make her say “Yes” on the invitation.
6. If the schedule of the date is already set, he need to make sure that he calls her back to confirm if she will come for the date. If everything is already clear between both of them, the man should come on time for the date.
7. The man should observe chivalrous behavior while dating. Be a gentleman and observe good behavior towards a girl on a date. Even without prompting, the person should be aware of the needs of her date. He should take the initiative to open the doors for her and slide the chair before she sits.
8. A man should also take the chance to know her better. He can ask questions about anything that he would like to know. Girls love to tell stories about themselves. He should take the time to listen and assess if the waitress’ personality is compatible with his. He can try to evaluate the personality of the waitress if he would invite her again. If there is chemistry between the two, they may just end up being lovers after their second date.
Ask a waitress out for dinner is not hard as long as she is free with her schedule. There is nothing wrong in trying to convince a girl out on a date. A waitress, just like any other girl, would like to be treated fairly. It is only right that they should be given the right treatment and attention.