Dating: Get A Girlfriend Easily

How To Get A Girlfriend Easily
Ever wondered why it is easier for some guys to get a girlfriend and harder for others to get one? With all things equal, looks, status, intelligence, attitude and personality make the difference. In fact, most girls even go for the personality than for anything else.
It is actually quite easy if you just overcome the initial fear and anxiety. Here are some tips on how to get a girlfriend in the easiest, most pain-free way possible.
Get out there
One of the most basic tips on how to get a girlfriend is to go out there and make yourself available. You will not get a girlfriend sitting around in front of the television set on Saturday nights or burying your head in a book when you should be going out with your friends or joining organizations. The more people you meet, the more likely you will meet someone who you like and who likes you.
Be approachable
Walking around with a forbidding expression on your face will not get you a girlfriend anytime soon. Nor will constantly wearing a frown on your face. Smile, experts say, is the number one rule in how to get a girlfriend. Look approachable. Talk to people. Of course, do not overdo it. There is a difference between being friendly and being a psycho. Trust me, the latter will not get you a girlfriend.
Be yourself and like what you are
The term “be yourself” may be so clichéd, it wouldn’t be cool to even think it but it is a sound advice. To get a girlfriend who will like you for who you are, make sure that you do not pretend to be someone you are not. Put your best qualities into the forefront. If you are good in the Arts, develop your talent. Girls like guys who have their things going on.
Fix the body language
Whether you believe it or not, communication is 25 percent verbal and 75 percent nonverbal. Your body talks more than your mouth does. This can help you get a girlfriend, that is if you have your signals right. Sometimes, you might be saying one thing but your body is showing another. On how to get a girlfriend, guys should know how their bodies talk.
Know the body language
Just as you are sending body signals, so does your potential girlfriend. One of the few things that you should master in how to get a girlfriend is a woman’s body language. Know when a girl is interested or not. Study their body language, how their eyes meet yours and how they lean towards you.
You will never get to know the person and will never get a girlfriend if you open that mouth and strike a conversation. Make an effort to talk to her. One good conversation starter is probably an assignment in your class or a book review that you both have.
Find a common ground
Getting along with another person will be easier if you two share something in common, be it a TV show or something that you enjoy doing. At the risk of being a stalker, observe what she likes doing. Is she into sports? What kind of books does she read? What does she do with her free time?