Dating: Hiding in Cyberspace

Online Dating: Hiding in Cyberspace
The Internet is changing the way we interact. Chat rooms, instant messaging, and webcams all allow for quick and easy communication with family, friends and total strangers. You can log on anytime you wish to chat to anyone you choose, for however long you need to. Perfect!
What’s more, it can also change the way we feel about ourselves. People all over the world are discovering the online dating craze; how to meet people behind a screen and chat for ages and ages; how to express themselves in a completely different way than what they’re used to. And it can wonders for your confidence!
The benefits of anonymity
It’s easy to feel safe and almost blanketed by the Web. You can allow your true inner self to shine through. You can share a part of yourself that’s entirely positive, someone you’ve always wanted to be. This doesn’t have to be misleading to your chat partner, but instead it can be a way of sharing a huge, perhaps hidden part of you in a world where self-consciousness need not play a part.
What’s more, there doesn’t have to be any pressure involved. You don’t have to meet your chat partner if you don’t want to. You can continue to chat online, feeling comfortable and less-inhibited than if you were face-to-face with someone. Many people find a certain appeal in not knowing quite who they’re talking to: it’s the pull of the unfamiliar. Also, chatting with someone you like on the Internet can take you away from any problems at home or in your daily life into a room of excitement, curiosity and change.
Of course, there are also downsides to not seeing the person you’re talking to. Awkward misunderstandings can arise from a sarcastic comment or a long message which may need dissecting and analysing, only to uncover something confusing and upsetting. The key is to go at your own pace and ensure that you have good communication with your chat partner at all times. Work with what suits you. If you need some time to yourself, the beauty of Internet chat is that you can just ‘brb!’, grab a cuppa and plop down on the sofa to relax.
Make the most of it
Take advantage of the fact that you can be who you want to be over the Net. Enjoy yourself. Get in contact with as many people as possible to increase your chances of finding that special one. Once you find someone you click with, you can then begin to build a relationship with them which could blossom into something special. You may even want to meet eventually!
So Flirt! Pay and accept those compliments! Get pouting and posing on that cam! You are free to explore a whole cyber universe of guys and gals who want exactly the same things as you do: some kind of self-fulfillment, the freedom to be who you want to be and, above all else, a bit of fun.
With the sharp increase in the number of internet users, online dating has likewise continued to thrive. Online dating is currently occupying the largest proportion of paid up advertisement on the web. With more than a thousand dating sites available today,competition for matchmaking has become an all important aspect of the big players in the market. It is imperative to note that when a big player in finance, technology sets sight on online dating, then there is money to be made.
Initially the idea of dating on the internet was associated with alot of social stigma.It was thought of as a way for social misfits to meet. Come the 90’s and following the release of the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan box office hit “You’ve Got Mail”,online dating started being regarded as an effective and intelligent way for people to meet and even start relationships. Online dating become a favoured method especially for busy career people who had little time to socialize. With time it has caught on not only as a matter of necessity to meet people but also as a trendy thing to be involved in.
In traditional dating people are restricted to talking to people present in their social setting and people who one has no idea about their likes and dislikes or even their personal compatibility. Online dating provides the element of selectivity where the users are able to browse their potential partners profiles before actually communicating with them. There is also the advantage of not having to struggle with breaking ice as a simple hello in most cases often serves the purpose. There is also the option of selection, as there are thousands of people to choose from.
There are, however, some obvious dangers associated with online dating. The most common of these are false profiles leading to misconceptions and disappointments about potential partners and security issues such as date rape and kidnapping upon meeting people initially met on the internet. This does not make online dating an unsuitable choice as the same risks if not worse are encountered by those who stick to the traditional modes of dating.
All said and done, this fast growing dating method has brought a revolution to the world of dating as we know it.