WellBeing: Tongkat Ali Potency Herb

Tongkat Ali: The Asian Viagra

Impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem among many men. It is an ailment that poses a threat to the self-esteem of men and their ability in terms of physical intimacy. Erectile dysfunction is not only a medical condition. It is also seen as a social problem since most men are embarrassed to talk about this sexual ailment. Studies show that one out of ten men around the world suffer from this condition. Because of this alarming statistics, men are constantly searching for supplements, drugs, and herbal remedies that may help them in their dilemma. A number of individuals prefer to use herbal medications because these products are supposedly free of side effects compared to prescription medicines and over-the-counter drugs.

One of the most popular herbal medicine out in the market is Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma Longfolia. Known as the “Asian Viagra,” Tongkat Ali is a flowering plant that can be found in Malaysia and Indonesia. The plant helps improve libido and increase testosterone levels. Weak libido and low testosterone levels are among the most common causes of ED.

Tongkat Ali has been used for many centuries in Asia as an herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems. Many users of the plant say that it has helped increase their testosterone level ad gradually improved their sexual performance. Testosterone is a hormone that is required for sperm production and the development of male reproductive system. It is a natural steroid hormone that is needed for the proper function of the immune system, It also helps increase a man’s energy and bone strength. Such decline in the production of this substance in the body causes, tiredness, depression, loss of strength, and low sex drive. Tongkat Ali also stimulates metabolism, increases the formation of red blood cells, and reduces the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. In addition to these benefits, this herbal product helps fight fatigue or physical exhaustion, In many Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, extracts of these herbs are contained in many brands of coffee and tea.

However, like other alternative medicine, side effects can also be encountered when Tongkat Ali is used for long periods of time. Reported side effects of this herb include anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness. Because this herb increases testosterone production, it should not be used by men with breast or prostate cancer, diabetes, and disease of the kidney or liver. According to the Journal of Immunology, another side effect of long-term use of Tongkat Ali is that is weakens the immune system.

Sexual dysfunction seriously affects the well-being and self-esteem of men. For that reason, men should explore the different treatment methods and determine which will be safe and effective for their specific condition. Men are strongly advised to consult doctors or other medical specialists in order to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of medical and herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction.

Aside from taking Western medicine or alternative treatments, men should also maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. Good food choices and staying away from alcohol and cigarettes will help improve a man’s health, including his sexual performance.