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Brands are an important influence on our lives. They are central to free markets and democratic societies. They represent free choice.They also have a profound impact on our quality of life and the way we see our world. They color our lives. They reflect the values of our societies.Global brands can even embody the spirit of many nations, if not the spirit of an age.

Most importantly, strong brands bestow value far beyond the performance of the products themselves. Brands that do this possess an idea worthy of consumer loyalty.The more inspiring the idea, the more intense and profound the commitment. And the more the consumer believes in the brand, the more value the brand returns to its owner.

Good logo designers are not only able to design you a professional logo, but they will also make sure that your logo is distinct and unique so as to create a long lasting impression. Therefore the question that now comes to mind is, do we really need logo designers or can just anyone design a corporate logo? The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems. While the obvious answer may be no, the fact of the matter is that we do need professional logo designers because they are specialists in their field and are able to produce quality work that is distinct and one of a kind.

In recent times the term ‘logo’ has been used to describe signs, emblems, coats of arms, symbols and even flags. In this article several examples of ‘true’ logotypes are displayed, which may generally be contrasted with emblems, or marks which include non-textual graphics of some kind. Emblems with non-textual content are distinct from true logotypes.

Logo designers therefore are of great importance to any business as they can help create logos with a powerful impact and reach. Think about Apple’s logo or the logo of Windows, besides the obvious there is more than just what meets the eye. These logos are not only powerful because they represent a company, but they are powerful because of what they stand for. Good logo designers know how to capture and depict the essence of a business in a single small image. They realize that a solid logo design communicates a company’s identity simply, clearly, and powerfully all at the same time.

I Design Your Esoteric Occult Symbol Logo Name

You are in charge of securing a logo or symbol or name for your company, and you are looking for a logo specialist. . You now have found the right person to design your logo.

Half a century of experience in other worldly thinking has little competition. There are countless logo designers, but only a handful of them are properly schooled in the science of subversive subliminals based on occult meanings of esoteric symbols.

Anyone can design a logo. There are software packages that do that in a way that any kid can do the job. To design a name is a lot less obvious. Only a very few can design a logo or name that has a multi-layered deep range of meanings that can stand the times to come in this era of volatile data pandemics.

If you have read my books, perhaps all 27 of them, then you know by now that I know how symbols and logos work, and how the ancient thinking fits in today’s world. Some of my books go very deep into that subject, in particuar the books “Unlike Social Media Like” and “The Alien Prophet” (excerpts below).

Since the 1970′s I have been studying various disciplines in the the realm of mind and spirit, such as astrology, theosophy – the secret doctrine, alpha control, scientology, and this century the more modern studies such as systems design, marketing and management. All these ingredients I have made my own, to have the ability to go down through the truth layers of symbols and subversive data, needed to come up with your logo.

My principal profession is that of a author/writer of books. I am not a celebrity neither a well-known logo designer, which is a good thing, because that underscores how discreet and how discrete I am. I work in stealth mode, so no one ever knows who is my client. I do not publish these endeavors on any social media facility, where I only promote my books and my music.

I am not going to give any example in my website, of the logos and symbols and names that I have designed, for the simple reason that I keep all my clients absolutely secret. I respect their privacy and I refuse to exchange any information about them, no matter how much you pay me.

Never will I copy/paste a stock logo and try sell it for big bucks. Such act is way below my ethical base.

Your logo or name will be unique, and exactly matching the subversive meaning that you or your company want to bring forward. A good logo can survive centuries, can position your company on top of the attention levels, can awaken the consumer’s mind, can bring in more sales.

My way of working is not to choose from stock symbols. Never, ever. Young kids or designer rookies do that, to try make quick money the easy way. But that is not the way I respect the needs of the inner of your company.

In general, a logo is a picture, however, could very well be a word, a syllable, or a smaller alphanumerical unit.

Sometimes a client tends to evaluate the final logo against some superficial references, something in the order of “it looks weird” [I hope it does], “it’s not what I had in mind” [it’s what the business needs], “I would have this detail a bit like that” [are you a logo professional?], etc. I understand the human mind, and I understand how mainstream thinking patterns may get disrupted when something unusual comes across. But you must know that every pixel in a subversive logo has e distinctive function.

Before I start working on designing a logo, I need to have a two way communication with you, as to make sure that I (and you) understand the background and purpose of the symbol. I must know exactly what the logo should represent. That may take some time, depending on the history related with your endeavor.

My Skype is “George Philip Birney” and my email address is mail AT iqnyte DOT com. Please feel free to contact me for a free informative consultation.

As soon as we agree on e logo project, we can discuss the price. Normally 50 percent payment in advance, 50 percent payment on delivery. I do no work on a no cure no pay basis, because the effect growth of a logo may span quite some time, just like for example re-branding a product or service. A client who does not want to pay will always say “no cure”, and even a court of law won’t resolve it. So I work on the basis of personal agreement.

I do file all my designs at “i-depot“.