Sexuality: Erectile Dysfunction Can Cause Psychological Damage

Erectile Dysfunction can cause Psychological Damage
It is very possible for a man suffering from erectile dysfunction to suffer psychological damage. The longer the situation goes on the more difficult it can be for them to recover from it. For many men, erectile dysfunction affects their self esteem. The view they have of themselves as a man is dramatically changed. This is often due to the fact that sexual behavior is such a big part of the focus in our society.
Some men fear that they may be homosexual when they suffer from erectile dysfunction. Since not everyone out there is accepting of such a choice this can result in emotional turmoil for them. As a result they continue to do all they can to hide this particular situation in their lives.
A man that is afraid he can’t perform sexually is going to withdraw emotionally from intimate relationships as well. In fact, some men start to fight with their spouse just so they don’t have to deal with the real issue. For those men that aren’t in a serious relationship, they avoid them. They may make excuses not to date so they aren’t put into a situation where they have to attempt to perform sexually. Some men will blow off wonderful women after a couple of dates so she doesn’t have a clue about his concerns.
A man can start to withdraw from people in other respects as well. The issue of erectile dysfunction is going to continually be on his mind. As a result he may not find pleasure in activities he once did. This can be sports, social gatherings, and even his job. It may be gradual at first but then escalate into a more serious concern.
Some people may choose to remove themselves from the presence of a man suffering from such psychological concerns. They may show emotions of anger and their personality has changed. When that occurs other people may not feel comfortable around them like they used to. As those relationships end it only compounds the overall issue for these males.
Depression can result as a man continues to struggle with the physiological damage from erectile dysfunction. This is a very serious psychological result of erectile dysfunction. For some men it can even go to the point where they consider suicide. Keeping the real problem hidden becomes a significant burden that they just get tired of trying to deal with day after day. It can take a long time to get to this point so identifying the problem early one can prevent it.
When a man is psychologically damaged due to erectile dysfunction it can lead to health problems. He may not be sleeping like he should or eating properly. It is also possible that alcohol or drugs are being used to help lessen the feelings associated with the real concerns. This in turn is only going to create more problems in his life.
Some men end up losing their partner or their family over the psychological damage caused from erectile dysfunction. This is generally due to their unwillingness to share what is really going on with that person. Yet they may view it is their partner left them due to the inability to get an erection. Most partners are very supportive of such concerns if they are included in the discussion about it.
It is very important for men to realize they aren’t alone when they suffer from erectile dysfunction. It isn’t a determination of who they are as a man or as a person. Getting early assistance from medical professionals can help to offset the psychological damage from erectile dysfunction. It may be necessary for counseling to take place in order for a man to get back into a healthier frame of mind.
The more information men have about the causes of erectile dysfunction the more likely they will be to seek help. Suffering from the psychological damage it can cause isn’t healthy for a person. It can create an array of negative problems for them to deal with in their daily life. Knowing there is help for erectile dysfunction means they may not have to deal with them.